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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chess & Taub Family Dentistry - For Dentist Phobs Like Me!

I had been a patient of Dr. Chess years ago but then left the area. I despise dentists almost as much as of dental pain - no new dentist when I moved.
Fast forward 5 years and a bad tooth later.
I had had a great experience at Chess & Taub BUT they are almost 40 minutes away from my house now. And I hate driving too (I swear, I do like most things though...) so I made an appointment with a dentist in Chalfont.
I liked the office staff (though they only had guy magazines in the waiting room!) and the hygienist was very nice but  the dentist made me feel like a big baby because I asked about nitrous oxide or anything they could give to help w/ anxiety. Then he told me I needed 4 teeth pulled. What??? He sent me to an oral surgeon (that they work with). The oral surgeon also said 4 teeth should come out. I was only having a problem with one, and when he showed me the xrays - I just didn't see why ALL 4 had to come out. I just had a gut feeling that something wasn't right.
Though they are far away - I decided it would be worth the trip to re-vist my old dentist and made an appointment with Dr. Chess and Taub to get a second opinion. 
They made me feel like party of the family as soon as I walked through the door. Ally (Allie?) my hygienist TOTALLY put me at ease and so did Dr. Chess. Dr. Chess is totally relaxed, and you know how you just get a gut feeling a person has the best intentions? That is Dr. Chess. He looked at my xrays and teeth and agreed that 2 teeth needed to be removed, but that the other 2 were very much salvageable. He didn't force the issue and maintained total professionalism and never came out and said that the other dentist was wrong - just that they could easily work with the teeth and it's better to keep your teeth as long as possible - but ultimately he  said the decision was up to me.
Yes, I admit I'm a baby when it comes to dental work, but Dr. Chess and Ally and the whole staff made me feel like it was no big deal.
It's totally worth the 40 minute drive for my peace of mind and they almost make dental work something to look forward to. I have another appointment this week and I'm not apprehensive at all - THAT IS A MIRACLE!!!
I can't recommend them enough.
I seldom go home and write a review within a few hours - but I wished there had been more dentist reviews when I was searching locally - so I'm hoping this helps someone.
Bottom line - I would highly HIGHLY recommend Dr. Chess (and the office staff is also totally friendly - rare to find great doctors and great office staff!).

Chess & Taub Family Dentistry
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Jenkintown, PA 19046
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