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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Would You Like To Donate To....

As a customer, I really, really, dislike constantly being asked if I'd like to donate some money to (what ever it they are raising money for): Sick kids, military, cancer, to buy american flag for a dollar (and it's sooooooooooo cheesy).

As I cashier, I also really dislike asking you to give a donation to the troops over seas. Not because I don't want them to have money, but because it puts customers on the spot. Every where they shop, they are getting the same question "Would you like to donate..."
The Customer: "I did yesterday!"
"Well, I understand, and we appreciate that, but we have to continue to ask each time you shop."
"I feel guilty if I don't."
And she donates a dollar and sighs.
I know how she feels; it's how I feel.
In a world where everyone looking for money is using KickStarter and GOFund me - let these groups do the same thing.
It's tiring always being asked for donations everywhere I go.
And it's tiring (and I feel almost rude) asking customers - even when they use self checkout!
Not to mention, customers often bring up the fact the CEO of the non-profit's we try to help, are flush with money. Most of the CEO's are making close to half a million dollars, if not more.
It's more of a business, not a charity.
I know you hate always been asked.
And I hate always asking you.
But if I don't ask, I can be fired for not doing my job.
So, look, I won't judge you for not pitching in a buck if you can't,
if you won't be mad at me because I asked you.
And if you, like me, think all these "DONATE demands" are getting out of hand, please don't hesitate to tell the manager. And also make sure you drop a note to the CEO of the company. Most people already donate to their favorite charities, most people are involved and volunteer for their favorite charities.
They don't need to feel guilt-ed and shamed into parting with yet more money so the CEO of charities can afford to drive a top of the line car and drive first class.