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Monday, January 20, 2014

Meet Anita Charity - And Help Bring Awarenss to Occasional Seizure Disorder of Chocolate Labs!

When I walk Jack, I listen to Entrepreneur on Fire. I started listening because it was a nice change up from politics and for the most part, inspiring. People making a living pursing the American Dream. Occasionally, however, there would be guests who were obviously nothing more than snake salesmen (women!). And I was like, "people are stupid enough to give these morons money?"
And then one day there was a chick on and her "business" was making money off of "Bringing Awareness to the Sex Slave Industry Day." She had tried other ways to make money, but hit pay dirt when she created a "charity."
And then there was the chick who majored in Gender Studies and Poetry in college. And her she came up with the brilliant plan to "start selling even before you have a product."
Some of this stuff was so ridiculous.
One day I was thinking of names I would choose instead of my own name and John suggested, Anita Martini (or, it might have been Bacon). But I loved the idea.
And then, somehow, Anita Charity was born.
And so I hope to entertain you AND bring awareness to how people make money off blind compassion/stupidity/ignorance (it's quite outrageous the amount of money CEO's of "charities" are making -who's REALLY getting your donation."

Anyway, I'd like to introduce you to Anita Charity - she's quite the character.