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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quirky or Weird? Cheese on Pancakes

Ok. So.
The other day, Mr. V comes in to Astrino's Cafe. He is a regular customer and owns his own plumbing business.  He has dimples and just has the sweetest smile, a face you can trust.

Well, anyway. Mr. V orders 2 pancakes, with 2 slices of AMERICAN CHEESE placed in between the cakes and an over easy egg on top.

What? I asked him if he was pregnant.

Hey, though. Too each his own. I have my quirky food things: I put pork n beans on my hotdog or hamburger at picnics, oh, and I eat them cold. I put bacon in my brownie batter. Hell, I try to fit bacon anywhere I can. I mean really, I can't think of ONE THING that would taste bad with bacon in it!

Anyway. Sara tells me that the cheese in the pancake thing is not so unusual. She used to make sandwiches out of pancakes (much like the one pictured above). Still, to me, it seems creepy.

Any strange,  quirky food habits? I'd love to hear them!

picture from NYC FOOD GUY

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  1. It is not at all weird or quirky.

    I grew up in the Netherlands, and the Pancake restaurants there have on the menu cheese pancakes, a pancake with slices of cheese melted on them, and sometimes I have ordered it with ham or bacon in the pancake.