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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Secret Thrift Store in Bucks County

KT & I before Halloween party.
 People often compliment me on my clothes (when I’m not running around in sweats and sneakers) and I always respond by, “Thank you, I got this at a THRIFT STORE!”
Almost all the clothes I own, I buy from thrift ‘consignment shops.’ I have Tommy Hilfiger black boots that kick some serious fashionista ass, I have several Benetton sweaters, and numerous name brand stylish skirts/jackets.
I’m always on the search for a great thrift store and was happily surprised to find not only a great thrift store 5 minutes from my house, but all the proceeds go to benefit women and children of domestic abuse.
Full Circle Thrift Store is located in New Britain, and as far as thrift store goes, this one is most fabulous. 2 spacious dressing rooms. The store is brightly lit and roomy. One of my favorite things about the store is that everything has its own price!  ALL shoes are one price. ALL sweaters are one price (7 bucks I think). ALL coats are one price (18, I think!). So if you see something you like, you don’t have to fumble around searching for a price tag.
Now, here is my absolute favorite part – on Thursdays? ALL WOMENS CLOTHES/SHOES are half off!!! I’d arrive early though, because it has a tendency to get crowded.
They also have other days where certain things are half off (Mens clothing, kids clothes, house wares).  Make sure you check on the door when you arrive because the schedule is listed on the door.
ALSO! They carry Halloween Costumes that are mostly donated from one of the local playhouses. These are most awesome costumes. I bought a Bollywood Princess outfit that included beautiful sparkly long swishy skirt, top, jacket, head scarf, bracelet, earrings, and two necklaces for 38.00 !!! They also have everything from Victorian costumes to Flappers to southern belle.
Not everything in the store is designer, but most is really good quality and with a little creativity and a good eye, you can be a fashionista and still have money left over for important things like martini’s and red velvet cupcakes!
*****Also, be sure to check out the book section. It is small, but HELLO, hardback are a buck and paperbacks are .50cents. There are some recent releases (I spied the latest Janet Evanovitch) as well as awesome cookbooks.

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