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Monday, February 21, 2011

Bad Review On Yelp Leads To Firing of Manager

I'd given Manhattan Bagel in Chalfont a one star review in August 2010 because, though the food was very good, the place clean, most of the staff was extremely nice, the manager was rude (and to ME, the FourSquare MAYOR of Manhattan Bagel!) and embarrassed me in front of a busy store.
After I wrote the review, I stopped giving MB my business. It made me and dog Diablo very sad because it was a fun place to walk to (and I did love the Whole Wheat Everything Bagels).
Fast forward - February 19th, 2011. On our way to walk Diablo at the park,  KT was dying for a bagel and I swallowed my pride, parked in the MB lot, and, thinking no one would recognize me (actually, hoping no one would recognize me, I was wearing baggy sweat pants/sweat shirt, no make up), I ordered a chocolate chip bagel with cream cheese (it is better than it sounds). While waiting, someone recognized me. OMG. And asked if I brought my dog with me. "Uh, my dog was banned." I said.
And then, the heavens opened, and  a light shone down on a man who left his place behind the register and walked toward me.
He lifted his arms and sang, "Praise you, baggy sweat pants girl, and your dog, and the bad review you wrote on YELP."
Then, the people working the grill pulled trumpets from below the counter and played while he said, "The person that was rude to you was fired 2 weeks after your review. It wasn't just you, she was burnt out, and rude to other people. She needed a change of scenery,and we let her go. Your dog is welcome in Manhattan Bagel."
"Who are you?" I whispered as confetti swirled down from the ceiling and the sky, which was gray when I walked in, and was now a brilliant blue. "Are you Jesus Christ?"
"No. I am the owner, Don Bradley."
And so it was, on February 19th, 2011 - Dog Diablo was no longer banned from Manhattan Bagel.
I learned two very valuable lessons that I hope to pass on to other reviewers:
If you have a bad experience, don't hesitate to contact the owner. Had I contacted Mr. Bradley, I have a feeling I would never have given a one star review initially, and I would have enjoyed bagels all winter long.
If you are as vain as I am (probably impossible to be as vain as I am) - DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE LOOKING LIKE A SLOB. EVER!

****I may have exaggerated actual details in this story (I WAS wearing eyeliner).


  1. I never leave the house looking like a slob just in case Jason Statham is hiding behind a bush waiting to rain confetti down upon me and ply me with boxed wine and daisies before sweeping me away to Lambertville Station for dinner. Momma didn't raise no fool. :)

    This was so funny and how refreshing that an owner actually cares enough to be at his own franchise to see how things are run and that his customers are happy. Praise be Jebus and Diablo, too. Great job!

  2. Thanks Lisa!
    Note to self: Must try Lambertville Station. And if I see any confetti on the floor, I'll know you skipped dessert!