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Monday, March 7, 2011

"There Is No Magic Hand" - Amanda Hocking's First Blog Post

Hmmmm, is Amanda Hocking a Creative Badass?
I, along with other curious Indie authors/agents/publishers visited her website recently and I scrolled all the way back to the first post she wrote on April 29, 2009, titled "There Is No Magic Hand." 
Basically, what Amanda is saying is that there's no magic formula - it's all about hard work.
And she wrote it 2 years ago. So, between then and now, she has been working her ass off.
But I read something underneath all her words, I found there was some magic that perhaps she didn't see: self confidence.
Amanda didn't come off as an egomaniac (something I worry about constantly because - I sort of am) - she came across as someone passionate about her work, her dreams, and would plow forward no matter if anyone was listening to her or not.
And for a long time, they weren't listening to her.
So, is Amanda Hocking a Creative Badass - hells yeah! Someone who recognizes that dreams don't just materialize,  it's a long hard lonely road, but it's worth it.
I know she's doing the  right thing by being open and friendly with agents who once rejected her - but hot damn, there is a huge part of me that would love to see her tell them to go suck it like a lollipop.
The last line in her blog is wonderously prophetic:
"This WILL happen. It's only a matter of time, and I've got time. So here we go. I am my own magic hand."

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