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Friday, May 20, 2011

Cheese Fry Pizza - Oh. Yes. They. Did.

Roma II is relatively new in our area and I grabbed a take out menu when I was shopping in the Town Center. This review is for pizza & delivery service only.
Normally, we try to eat somewhat healthy but then I had a craving for pizza. I pulled out the Roma II take out menu and when I saw CHEESE FRY PIZZA and BRUSCHETA PIZZA - I about fainted.
Not only that, but when I called they said "Yes, we can make half cheese fry and half bruscheta pizza."
Oh. Hell. Yes.
It was delivered quickly (and free delivery I might add) by a polite, well dressed, young man. I mention this, because how often do delivery guys show up with long greasy hair wearing clothes that look like they were pulled out of a dirty hamper - sadly - too often!
And the pizza? Oh. Hell. Yeah.
The fries were crisp and drizzled with cheddar cheese sauce. I mean, truly, it's having your cheese fries and pizza too.
And the bruscheta - while it wouldn't win any awards for appearance (chunky raw tomatoes on a white pizza with a green basil/garlic sauce - it would win an award for taste! It was fantastically fresh and bursting with flavor.
I loved the pizza and loved that they have, of course, the traditional, but also include Taco pizza, buffalo chicken pizza, and Roma pizza (chicken, BACON, mushrooms, honey mustard), as well as many others.
Of course, they also have a wide arrange of other goodies: hoagies, wraps, stromboli/calzone, burgers, as well as chicken piccata, francaise, marsla, etc.
One bummer? No website. (yet).
I can't wait to try more food - and will report back when I have.
For now though, I can 100% say, as far as pizza goes - This Place Rocks!!!!
Oh, and next time, I'm totally adding bacon to my Cheese Fry Pizza!!!
Roma II
416 Town Center
New Britain Pa
215 - 340-1440

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  1. Oh man, that sounds awesome and then adding bad, but so good. Send one out to AZ!!