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Monday, August 27, 2012

2016 The Movie Reviews And A Lavender Pear Martini!

Sunday, August 26th - a group of Patriots joined together to rally at the corner of 611 and County Line Road in Warrington Pa.

It was a gorgeous sunny warm day and our small group waving flags and signs that supported Romney and Mike Fitzpatrick got many many honks and thumbs up. It was great to hear and see.

Then we went to see the theater to see the movie 2016.

Wow. It was done extremely well. It was produced by the Gerald Molen, the award winning producer of Schindler's List and Rain Man.

After the movie - a bunch of us headed over to Ruby Tuesdays and I had the most fabulous lavender pear martini! Ruby's has really updated their cocktails and I was really happily surprised!

We all agreed the movie 2016 was quite fascinating and a MUST SEE, a real wake up call. No conspiracy theories - just facts - facts Obama talked about in his memoirs. But the producer/director took Obama's past (as reported by Obama) - visited his family and traced his history and then weaved into what is happening in America under Obama's Presidency. It doesn't take a brain doctor to figure it out, but what it does take is a willingness to wake up, to pay attention. Ignoring what Obama is doing only gives him more power.

If you value the nice things you have: iPods, iPhones, computers, owning a home (or dreaming of one) - if you value your freedom, if you believe that hard work leads to rewards, if you want your future kids to flourish (not be saddled with debt and few opportunities) and that America was the best land because of our freedom and diversity - you need to see this movie, fire Obama in November, and start paying attention to politics so this sort of thing never occurs again.

Ruby Tuesday Gathering
To sum it up, after seeing the movie - Obama's actions now make sense. And what is frightening is the many people who choose to ignore what is happening to our Country at the mercy of this Kenyan man - a drunken, violent (he killed a man!), polygamist (he had five wives and was essentially a globe-trotting sperm donor), anti-colonialist radical.  Obama is not a traditional Democrat like Bill Clinton.  Obama isn't a left-wing liberal like John Kerry or Jimmy Carter.
This was the most AWESOME lavender pear martini 
Obama is Anti-Colonist. He was raised by a mother who hated white people (though she was white) and hated Capitalism.
Traditional liberals want to redistribute wealth in America: Obama wants to redistribute America’s power  throughout the world.
Obama wants to use his power as the American president to rid the world of colonialism … starting with downsizing the very power of the U.S.A - and the movie points to the actions Obama has made that is doing  just that:

On Oil:
He stopped the building of the Keystone Pipeline (which would have brought us oil and jobs).  He's blocked and hampered USA oil production: Alaskan drilling is off-limits, oil-shale development on Western lands is forbidden, oil-and-gas development off Virginia’s coast is prohibited, and almost all new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is thwarted. Those Gulf energy fields, which long have been the nation’s most productive, remain blocked even after a federal judge found the administration in civil contempt for its refusal to allow more permits. According to Energy Information Administration estimates, Gulf oil production this year will be 130 million barrels fewer than pre-ban levels yet funneled 2 billion dollars into Brazil for oil exploration.

On Economy:
What was the goal of Bin Laden/Al Qaeda when they killed thousands of people in the 9/11 attack? They chose the World Trade Centers as both a symbol of attacking capitalism/wealth and wanted to destroy our economy. In the 4 years Obama has been President - he's raised the corporate tax rate the highest in the WORLD, causing businesses to flee the country. He's added almost 6 TRILLION dollars to our debt - the highest since WWII. Unemployment has been steady between 8%-9% - the highest since the 1930's. 45% of public debt was held by foreign countries when Obama took office - he's now increased the loans and we now owe 72%. If Obama continues the path he is on if re-elected, the USA will be at 100% - the same level as Greece causing the economic meltdown leading to violence.

On Foreign Relations: Obama's refusal to aid Syrian rebels against the Assad regime, but supported the toppling of the Mubarak regime in Egypt, and Mubarak was an ally of the United States!
Why support the overthrow of Mubarak, but not the democratic movement in Iran?  Short answer: What does Kaddafi and Mubarak – what do they have in common? They only have one thing in common.  They are either doing business with or allied with the United States!

During a recent British stand off with Argentina over rights to The Falkland Islands, Obama supported Argentina. The first American president to do so, and despite every single inhabitant of The Falkland Islands holding a British passport and considering themselves to be British citizens. The UK lent its full support to the US in their wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and has seen their young men return in coffins as a result, and they continue to do so. It should be remembered that the British lost 255 soldiers in 'The Falklands War' in 1992, Obama's lack of gratitude or respect is more than apparent.

American Security: We had an arsenal of 5,000 nuclear warheads. Obama took them down to 1,500 with a goal of 300 and eventually zero. Yet has done NOTHING to prevent Iran from building nuclear arms. Obama also also wants deep cuts to our military.

Anti-Jewish/Pro Islam - Many of Obama's policies have made it more likely that we will see the development of the United States of Islam within the next four years. A land mass stretching far to the east and west of Israel covering an area twice as large as China. The motivating sentiment being that Israel and the US are Occupiers or Colonialists, and that we must be gotten rid of. Very much like how Germany viewed the Jews during the Hitler era

The movie reveals that Barack Obama’s dominant motivation is to strengthen and spread Islam while decreasing the power and influence of the America.
Barack Obama wants to see a “Global Caliphate” or an “United States of Islam” emerge in the Middle East. If he gets a second term, he wants the monarchies of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arabian Peninsula and Gulf States to be toppled by groups like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  There’s a reason Barack Obama refused to aid the revolutionaries in Iran and it’s because he wants to see Islamic theocracies spread across the Middle East with the ultimate goal of destroying Israel before 2016.  Obama sees his presidency as the window of opportunity for Muslims to wipe Israel off the map,which goes back to his father’s thinking that Israel was a “mini-colonial-empire” and that it had to be destroyed by Africans and Muslims.

One of the first things Obma did as the new President in 2009 was to to give back the bust of Winston Churchill that was in the Oval Office. 
Over and over again, the movie shows just how much both Barack Obama Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham hated the British and all colonial powers and how they taught their son to hate the British too.  It’s no wonder why Barack Obama immediately removed the bust of Winston Churchill when he became president and took over the Oval Office, and while after that he continued to order little slights against the British throughout his term such as giving Prime Minister Gordon Brown a box of DVDs from Best Buy during a state visit ( and handing Her Majesty the Queen an iPod full of Obama’s own speeches on the Obamas’ state visit to the UK.  Both of these acts were to show the British that Obama thought they were nothing special.

Can you IMAGINE the media outrage if Mitt Romney was good friends with these people:

Frank Marshall Davis, pro- Soviet, communist journalist, a known pedophile and  radical who was on the FBI and CIA’s Most Watched Lists - Obama talked greatly about him in his memoir and how Frank was a father figure to him growing  up.

Jeremiah Wright, the radical liberation antisemitic theology minister - Obama sat in his church for 20 years, considered him an Uncle, offered to bribe him to keep his mouth shut during 2008 campaign.

Edward Said, and extreme leftist anti-Israel and Western professor - Obama was great friends and said he admired this professor. Said told Obama he needed to distance himself during the 2008 campaign because if their relationship was unveiled, it would harm Obama's chances.

Bill Ayers Domestic Terrorist  - who, along with Bin Laden, bombed several American Buildings. Ironic that Obama takes credit for killing Bin Laden, yet his first fund-raiser was in the home of Bill Ayers, who planted bombs in the same building as Bin Laden. 

Some people say there is nothing different about Mitt Romney and Obama.
I beg to differ.
It all comes down to character - Mitt Romney has incredible pride in America, has no ties to antisemitics, domestic terrorist, or communists.