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Monday, August 13, 2012

A Tale Of 3 Romney Victory Centers and Baseball Pennants

Rep. Todd Stephens & Congressman Meehan
Saturday I had a busy day scheduled and when Brian from the Romney Victory Center in Horsham called and told me Congressman Meehan was going to be at the RVC - I was like..."No, sorry, can't make it."
And then five minutes later I threw on my cute favorite skirt and shirt and slipped into my sparkly flip flops and headed over. Because WHY NOT!!!
I've been to the Bucks RVC and the Conshohocken RVC - and had been meaning to stop in and visit the Horsham Center.
If you don't know what goes on at the RVC's - basically - it's filled with phones and you call predialed numbers, read a short (very very short script) and ask a few questions. You can also sign up to knock on doors (which, I first HATED the idea, but now, it's actually one of my favorite things to do...I love talking to people and finding out what issues are important to them).
One of that I'm very visually driven. For instance, I prefer Target over Walmart because it's so spacious and bright and aesthetically pleasing.
So, when it comes to volunteering at Victory Centers - I'm the same way.
What I've found at all 3 RVC is they are manned by young, highly enthusiastic and friendly, people.
The only real difference is the buildings they are in.
The Goodie Table at the Horsham Romney Victory Center
The Doylestown RVC is located in the basement of the GOP headquearters in Doylestown...right across from the courthouse. Parking is a snap (and free) if you use the county parking lot - it's just a short 3 minute walk to the building. The basement, however, is...a basement. Totally unappealing (to me). Another great benefit, however, are all the fabulous pubs/eateries that surround the RVC - so after you're done volunteering, you can shop and eat!
The Conshohocken RVC is located in a strip mall. Parking free - and so easy to get to! It is brightly lit - windows galore - and by far, the most aesthetically pleasing to me. Also, there is a 5 Guys a few doors down. HELLO??!!!!!
The Horsham RVC is a BITCH to find. You can either enter off of Welsh Road or off of Dresher Road. It's in a business development and there are so many buildings it can be quite confusing. If you plan on going, it might be a good idea to have Brian's number handy and give him a call if you get lost in the complex. However, once you are there (parking free here too), you won't have any problems finding it again. It's not as spacious nor as bright as the Conshy RVC - but I like it better than the basement in Doylestown.
Now, what's great is...if you decide to door knock - it doesn't matter which location you are in.
And they always seem to have food/snacks/beverages on hand and I know Blake from Doylestown will bribe people with pizza (and other goodies of you're of legal drinking age!).
It's fun to go and meet other people who share the same values/ideals as you...the phone banking is really easy and once you get over that little voice in your head that says, "I hate BOTHERING people by calling them!" - it is quite fun. Esp. when you get the people that WANT to tell you how they feel about Obama!!!
So, Saturday I found my way to Horsham...and phone banked for an hour. Then Rep. Todd Stephens and Congressman Pat Meehan stopped in and spoke about the big news of Paul Ryan joining the Romney ticket.
One thing that Meehan said that  really stood out, "My old baseball coach told us that pennants are won in August, not in October. The same holds true for the election. It is won in August - by working hard to assure a victory on Nov 6th."
I love that.
I hope you'll drop in at one (or all!) of the Romney Victory Centers - make new friends, have some fun, and lead America BACK to prosperity and freedom!
Don't forget - you can also call from the comfort of your own home using the Freedom Works Phone Banking System and making calls for Tom Smith (we REALLY need to get his name out there and WIN Casey's Senate seat). Here's the link to get you started:
And here's the link to the addresses of the Romney Victory Centers in Montgomery and Bucks County:

Cheers To FREEDOM!!!