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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jamison Pour House - yes Yes YES!

Every since I moved from the Abington area, leaving behind the Drake (love the long windows that open out to the street – food can be hit or miss, but when it’s hit, it’s grand) and the Vintage (owners are fabulous, bartenders great, food always a hit – but small and too dark) I’ve been searching for a ‘replacement.’
Someone recommended the Jamison Pour House and though it took us a few months to actually get around to going, I think I’ve found my replacement (if only it wasn’t a 20 minute drive!).
Do not let its small stature on the outside fool you. When you walk in, there is a nice dining area to the right and a bar to the left.
Of course, we headed straight to the bar. The bar area is filled with windows (love). It was a sunny day, the blinds were closed, but it was still bright without being distracting. There were many tables in the dining room, but we sat at the bar. Many TV’s throughout – with great crystal clear pictures- this would be a great place to watch sports.
There was a juke box (a MUST for me to be truly satisfied!!) and the bartender knew how to make a “wedding cake martini.” – so it was shaping up to take the lead for my ‘new favorite bar.’  Then the food arrived .
John had mussels in white sauce – which he said was excellent. One feature that I love about the Jamison Pour House is that you can mix and match (half of one sandwich, half of another) your pub sandwiches for a buck extra. 
I had half the porchetta – slow roasted pork with provolone and peppers and half roast beef w/ provolone. John had half roast beef and half cheesesteak. We split fries, and the fries were crispy and hot and seasoned just right! The sandwiches were fabulous and they are known for their porchetta and now I know why!
Service was speedy and the bartender was attentive without being pushy or annoying.
Most excellent place. I can’t wait to return!!!!

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