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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bottom Dollar Food Chalfont - A Hit In My Book!

OMG - 2.97$ That's CRAZY GOOD!
Oh Joy. Any foodie knows that the opening of ANY food centered place - whether it be a pub, a cafe, or, in this case, a grocery store, is an exciting day!
Yesterday, The Bottom Dollar Food  store opened in Chalfont and I was there to welcome them to my community!
Small but well lit, bright, pleasing to the eyes. This is not a Foodie "Heaven" like say - Fresh Market where they have things like wine ice cream and practically every spice you could ever want - but it's a great place to swing by if you need to pick up eggs, milk, or snacks. They have an assortment of brand name items -from Breyers Ice Cream (HELLO HELLO $2.97 for a half gallon!!!!!!) to Fritos to Kraft to Chef Boyardee. A small but nice produce section. Limes were 19 cents each - I know at Wegmans they usually run about 3/1.99. The meat looked fresh and appealing.
 They have just about everything - from spices (limited to the basics but much cheaper than the big stores) - to pet / household items - baby items - dairy - frozen - etc. No bakery - but a nice selection of baked goods. Remember people, it's a small place. It was packed yesterday (opening day) and I have a feeling it's ALWAYS going to be packed as long as the staff remain friendly (they were - I tried to go "in" the "out" door and the guy bringing the carts in didn't laugh at me (at least he didn't laugh IN FRONT of me, lol) - and opened the door for me even after I realized I was staring RIGHT AT THE "OUT" sign. DUH), as long as they keep it clean (it was spic and span) and as long as they keep it organized.
Now, after you're done picking up some food for home, hop on over to Astrino's for a slice of pizza (it's most excellent) which was formerly Webbie's (also there tuna wraps are the best in the area) - or Skyline Tavern (also with new owners) for a nice martini or beer.
Excited to see Chalfont growing. Now, if only we could get a fabulous bookstore...

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  1. Great assessment. In addition I learned what retired men do.....they go to grocery store openings with their wives did you miss Turkeyhill Ice cream for $1.88?