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Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 10 - Birthday Fitness Blitz - What Mike Says

Back in the gym after a day of rest. Couldn't wait to get back to working out! I did 20 minutes treadmill @ 11 incline @ 3.7 mph. Worked my back and biceps.
I talked to Mike about all the different books I'd read on fitness and nutrition on my days off. Mike is the manger of Snap Fitness Lansdale who has been a back up guitar player with a major rock band, an MMA fighter, a pro-football player sidelined by injury, a professional skydiver, and travels to third world countries to set up basketball courts/programs. He's been an extra on the sets of many action adventure movies and wrote the theme song to TRON.
What I appreciate about Mike is that he is down to earth. Tells it like it is. "Most of those guys are snake oil salesmen. If someone says something natural is BAD for you, like oranges or carrots, that's crazy." (I'm totally paraphrasing here).
Mike makes it clear he's NOT a nutritionist. "I'm not a nutritionist. But I can tell you - you can spend a million dollars buying a ton of books that each contradict the other. Or you can just eat in moderation - fruits, vegetables, whole grains. Limit your sugar. Try to stay away from processed food. Exercise. It's really as simple as that."
And that's one of the things I love about Snap Fitness Lansdale. No one is pushing vitamins or protein drinks. Mike says "Hi" and "Bye" or "How's it going?" but that's it. If I have a question, he's available. If not, he leaves me alone. I appreciate that when I'm shopping (God, BATH AND BODY shop is the WORST. As soon as you walk in you're attacked by 3 women smelling like grapes and strawberries that want to HELP you find something in a store as big as a living room) and when I'm at the gym.
Today I had scrambled eggs, a slice of whole wheat toast (with butter!) and a chicken spinach salad.
Feeling GREAT! When I first started, my energy at the gym was low, sluggish, I had to push myself each day to go. NOW - I have a ton of energy (both at the gym and outside of the gym) and look FORWARD to going!
PS- Mike is not actually ALL of those things. He is only ONE of those things. But it's up to you to figure out which one.

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