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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 12 - Hello, Hangover!

Coconut Cake from Phils Tavern
OH. No.
The good news is: I only had two martini's last night (but because I've been eating clean (for the most part) I think they really knocked me out.
I didn't order any dinner - which was awkward as we were with family, but, I HATE ordering dinner, getting this HUGE plate, having a few bites, and then hauling it home. It seems like such a waste of money. The truth was, I just wasn't hungry. So why order because "it's the thing to do."  This is why I like tapas. Small plates. Variety.
Also- my eyes landed on the dessert menu and COCONUT CAKE (which I was thinking about making for Christmas Eve dinner!) and I KNEW that was what I wanted to eat.
I only had a few bites because it was soooooooooooooo sweet that a few bites was all that was needed.
Now, today, I am hanging like a dog.
I'm thinking if I'm going to be serious about getting in shape, I'm going to have to limit myself to one martini. It wasn't my time OUT that threw me off, it's the next day. When I can barely move off the couch and know I need to eat in order to sop up the alcohol effects on my system. So I ended up having chicken salad and about a cup of gnocchi. Also a few more bites of my cake (brought almost ALL of it home) - and then we went to see The Fighter (which was FABULOUS) and I got a free popcorn with my Regal Card (which was GREAT since I was dying for something crunchy and salty).
So. No gym. Horrible food choices. Was it worth the 3 hours of giddiness the night before? No. Not at all.
Lesson Noted. Learned? I have no idea. We'll have to wait until the next dinner outing!

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