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Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 13 - Back to Reality

After yesterday's debacle/hangover, I'm up 3 pounds. 3 FKING pounds. Granted, it's probably because I'm bloated from the movie popcorn (did I mention I had Twizzlers too?) which was nice and salty and had all that fake oily yummy in a delusional way butter!
Did I mention The Fighter is a fabulous movie?
Ah, well, that was yesterday - this is today - it was great getting back into the gym. I started doing Todd Durkin's workout. No one was in the gym so I had it all to myself which was GREAT because I had to re-read instructions in the book and use equipment I rarely used before (Kettle balls, resistance bands). But after I was done, I felt awesome and so glad I was back in the gym.
I headed to Barnes and Noble afterward to read a few more "fitness" books (I'm still toying with the idea of trying out a years worth of "fitness/diet" programs month by month), then rushed home as I promised I'd babysit for friends.
I ran into trouble because, in all my rushing around, I neglected to eat. And then a package of Christmas cookies arrived from my mom. And well, of COURSE, I had to sample the Crinkles and rum balls (were they better than mine?? I'm a competitive cook/baker and won't lie when I say it gives me a special thrill to beat my mom's cooking/baking). Then off to babysit. And guess what? On the counter was money and a note that said the kids love take out pizza - and the kids also told me the love beer batter onion rings and fries. Sigh. I probably could have had more discpline had I not broken down and had the cookies earlier - AND, also in the back of my mind is knowing that we're going out to dinner on Wednesday, and then Thursday is the Christmas Eve FEAST. So, what is one little tiny (read GIGANTIC) slice of pizza gonna do? And a few onion rings.
Well, what it did was made me feel bad for a little while. After of course, the initial yumminess of the gooey, stringy, tangy cheese was devoured and appreciated.
But then I got over it. I had one slice, for Gods sake - a few onion rings - it's not like I ate a whole pie and a whole bag of rings!
Tomorrow is a new day. The last day of the Birthday Fitness Blitz. It hasn't been perfect, but it's been a huge learning experience about what I'm capable of - and offered some surprising results.

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