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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

GoodBye Bacon and Butter: I'm Going Veganist.

Goodbye Ham Reuben from Pumpernicks.
I swore I was going to stop reading diet/health books. But it's becoming like a damn addiction. I can't help but be teased by these skinny authors whoring their books on talk shows. I've spent as much time baking in the kitchen as I have reading "diet" books.
I was going to give it up, but after a week on the Belly Fat Cure (Jan 11, week 1) and seeing crappy results, I went Slow Carb (felt GREAT, had good results) and then it was the weekend of debauchery. Family Party, Beef and Beer Fundraiser, Flyers game pregaming at Dante and Luigi's (fabulous authentic Italian in Philly) and I fell HARD off the diet wagon. Funny thing, it wasn't so much that I ate horribly while attending this functions, it was that I DRANK martini's and then the next day, felt like I needed hangover food to chase the fog away. Then there was a family illness, then there was SNOW SNOW SNOW, (read: EXCUSES). And I swore off this year long diet experiment. But I'm not ready to let it go. I really do want to know: Will I feel better w/o dairy? How about cutting out grains? Meat?
I read Kathy Freston's Veganist  and while I still think eating farm raised meat/eggs is okay, I've decided to give a month of NO MEAT/NO Dairy (oh my God, is wrong that I cried a bit when I hid the butter and bacon in my freezer?). I'll be cutting out as much processed food and white food and trying to keep to the 50 protein, 30 fat, 20 carb rule of thumb (as I learned from Slow Carb) because I seem to have the most energy with that.
The only dairy I'm really going to miss are eggs and butter.
Oh. And sour cream.
And creamer.
So, Feb 1st, I'm going Veganist. And today I ate a ham hoagie - ah parting is such sweet sorrow. But I think next month I will try the New Evolution Diet because I'm anxious to see what it will feel like to eliminate grains!

Yours in an unending quest for best of everything,

Laura "Quirky Girl" Freed


  1. Hi,

    I just found you from your Amazon link. I like your blog!! We are a lot alike! I am always looking for the next diet...I just requested the Veganist from the publisher for review on my blog. Please stop by if you can -

    I can't wait to read your next post on this! How's it going???????

  2. Kristi - Going very well! Much easier than anticipated and feeling like great. I think you'll really enjoy the Veganist - Kathy is very likeable and not preachy like some Vegan authors I read prior to Veganist!

  3. Best of luck to you on your vegan journey. If you stick with it, and eat healthy, I promise you'll feel a lot better about yourself, others and the impact you leave on this planet.

    Also, I'm a vegan and a huge fan of reubens! You can make them with marinated tempeh, or try Vegan Dad's corned "beef".

    And if you need support or some inspiring recipe ideas, you should join us on the PPK ( We're all quirky and friendly folk, too and most of us have been doing the vegan thing for a long time.

    Again, best of luck!

  4. I too am going in that direction along with playing with Raw foods as well. I guess I am vaganish, raw foodist. Trying to see what makes me feel good. I just love Kathy Freston, I have her previous book Quantum Wellness and often refer to it.Found your blog via amazon.

  5. Such awesome support and kind comments. Thank you!