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Friday, February 4, 2011

Applebees - FAIL

I don't know WHAT I was thinking. Ummm, maybe CHEAP?
I usually don't like chain restaurants. I prefer cozy family owned pubs or diners with white haired waitress's who still smoke Pall Mall's.
And then I heard an add on the radio (see, I should have been listening to my iPod) for all you can eat Applebees salad/soup bar for only 6.99. Factor in my dinginess - I confused Applebees with Ruby Tuesdays. Ruby Tuesday's has a somewhat cool salad bar. NO where near as fantastic as Wegman's, but, hey, for 6.99? And since this is a Vegan month, I thought it sounded good.
So, off John and I go to Applebees in Montgomeryville.
Here's the thing. As a "Vegan" - there was NOTHING on the menu I could eat. I thought I could eat the tomato basil soup. Ah. But it came sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. And half way into eating it, I realized it probably was made with milk. Sigh. And then we have the plain salad. Sprinkled with cheese (probably fake cheese at that). Um, oh, and the honey mustard dressing? DUH, Laura, surely it has some form of egg. But I ate it. And as far as quality goes. well, you get what you pay for. Add to that, a young waitress who kept referring to John as "Sweetie" (this should only be done by those white haired waitresses I mentioned earlier.) Add to that, the screaming baby throwing food everywhere with an oblivious mother and grandmother (hint, ignoring him may have worked for you, but it sure as hell didn't work for us).
Now, a positive thing about Applebees is that they support and donate to the military.
Other than that, I discovered how frustrating it is to eat "out" and that when it comes to cheap food, you get what you pay for (or, more accurately, what John pays for).
To make it up to John, I'm taking him to Honey. The best cozy foodie restaurant in all of Bucks County. Though they actually do have Vegan/Vegetarian items BUT we'll be going in March so I can feast on the 
Black Tea Glazed Spare Ribs (Twice Cooked Berkshire Pork Spare Ribs, Pine Nuts,
Toasted Sesame) with Spicy Ginger Ice Cream.
Because sometimes, you get better than what you pay for, and when it comes to Honey in Doylestown, you walk away with a happy belly and feel like you just robbed the place - it's that fabulous!


  1. Honey is also off-limits so be careful of any kind of sweetened dressing. Sorry!

    One more book rec: Urban Vegan

    If you can get past her constant references to being a CITY GIRL then it's one of the best books I've read on the subject. It's a cookbook with vegan recipes, not preachy, just a whole lot of fun. Plus, she's from Philly so yeah, I had no problem giving her my money. :)