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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 6 - The Vegan Experiment - And a recipe for Caponata

Okay, I know the picture does not do the recipe I'm about to give you justice, but TRUST ME when I say this is a most fabulously tasting veggie/vegan dish that can be served with tortilla chips, russian rye bread, over pasta, or straight from a spoon.
Rebecca Forster a talented legal thriller author shared this with me, and I'll be honest. I had no idea what "Caponata" was when she gave me this recipe. I also had no idea who to cook an eggplant (hey, I'm mostly a BAKER and as far as vegetables go, unless it's green or red, chances are, I didn't try it!). Also, she didn't give me specific directions other than chop, stir, add a pinch, eat. And guess what, it worked out fine. So, I'm not going to change a thing other than to tell you, I forgot the celery, added more red wine vinegar (love that stuff) and think this might be one of the best dishes going. I've been eating it by various methods for three days and am still not tired of it.
It fills the house with the most glorious aroma - what I imagine Sicily must smell like around dinner time.
Oh, and one final suggestion, enjoy a nice glass of red wine while you're preparing it. And then when you eat it!
One quick word on the "Vegan" front - while my scale say's I've lost a pound, my jeans are a wee bit roomier. I feeeeeeeeeeeel lighter. I've been educating myself more and more about  the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle and the other day I spent half the morning looking up farm raised chicken/beef/pork in our area. I've been educating myself on "both" sides - and while there are many wonderful benefits to being vegan, I feel (right now) as if I might belong in the "clean" eating (as farm fresh as possible/minimally processed food).
Because, let's face it, I think about tearing open that bacon in my freezer every single day!
Anyway, this recipe for Eggplant Caponata is something I will treasure and keep eating long after the Vegan experiment is over! Thank you, Rebecca!

Rebecca Forster's Eggplant Caponata

Chop up eggplant, celery, red pepper,onion, lots of garlic - saute all in a little olive oil. Add a can of diced tomatoes (2 if you want) capers (lots of capers), sliced green or greek olives, salt and pepper, dash of red wine vinegar, pinch of sugar. Let all cook down for a lovely caponata.

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