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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shit Sandra Fluke Says

Sandra Fluke is a law "stud"ent at Georgetown U who claims that she can't afford birth control and feels that America owes her free birth control pills so she can have sex. She testified in front of Congress that she had to spend 3,000 dollars in 3 years in order to buy birth control and that she just can't afford it (sob). Estimates using the price of the pill (from 5-50.00 depending on where you buy it- and if you're REALLY broke, you can get it for free at Planned Parenthood) and condoms - shows that, by spending 1,000 a year on Birth Control, Sandra must be having sex 5 times a day (you GO girl!). Rush Limbaugh picked up on the story and said that if our Govt PAYS people to have sex, then, by all accounts, Sandra would be a prostitute, (someone paid to have sex). In an economy where gas is almost 4 bucks, almost HALF of Americans are on Food Stamps, business are shutting down left and right - the Left want you switch the focus to law students having sex and boohoo...they can't afford birth control?? What the fuck is happening to this country???? Hello, people, I think no matter what your political beliefs, our tax $$ could be spent on people who truly deserves soldiers, firemen, police, children...WAKE UP AMERICA!!! JUST SAY NO TO BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT!!!!


  1. Absolutely, Laura! WTGO. You have nailed these whiners, perfectly.

  2. Im not sure why Limbaugh apologized... she is a slut *scratches head*

    anyway I just found this sight and it seems awesome