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Friday, February 17, 2012

Bryn and Danes Horsham - Healthy Fast Food - And Mason Jar Lamps!

We just happened to walk into Bryn and Danes in Horsham on the day they opened. What makes this place unique to the area is it's "fast food done healthy" AND offers a drive thru.
However, I would highly advise eating in at least one time - if only to sit under the "trees" that have mason jar lights hanging from them! The place has such a fresh vibe - not overly artsy fartsy - just clean and welcoming with Jack Johnson playing over the speakers.
I had the Cabo Taco wrap - one of the most popular wraps I'm told. While it was good, I guess I thought it might have a little more kick. KT had the chicken fingers and said they were the best she's ever had. And she eats a ton of chicken fingers. So - for a teenage girl to say "these are the best..."
 We tried the popcorn and sweet potato fries. Nothing spectacular in taste - however - the popcorn is served in a paper bag and there are a variety of spices you can shake into the bag - ranch, BBQ, crab, sharp cheddar...I'm probably missing one or two...but we tried the ranch and cheddar - both very good!
One of the things I love best is the natural soda. Bryn and Dane's uses the same company the Melt Down uses New Hope Premium Fountain which has no crap you can't spell in it - and comes in awesome flavors - watermelon is my favorite - followed by the skinny root beer which has this awesome spicy zing to it!
I can't wait to try ALL the wraps and salads and breakfast items.
One bone of contention...sorry...and this will hopefully change...I checked the  site looking for store hours - couldn't find any info. I tried to call the number listed - it was disconnected (215-554-2796). We decided to stop by anyway at 10:30 - walked in and was told (politely) they don't open until 11:00.
In a world of mobile media/social media - it seems a big mistake not to make sure your website and FB page have all the details needed (correct phone and store hours). This is often the first impression a customer will have and I can't count the number of times I go to a stores website and have to search around to locate the hours and or phone number. It should be on the landing page - easy to find!
That said, I have no doubt Bryn and Dane's will be a hit in the Horsham area!

Friday, February 10, 2012

To Lose Weight: Bacon And Chocolate Cake Breakfast Diet...

Now THIS is a diet craze I can really put some effort behind: New study shows that low carb dieters vs dieters who also consume a slice of cake chocolate cake for breakfast lose the same amount of weight initially (33 pounds) after 16 weeks. But during the next 16 weeks, the low carb cakeless dieters gain back 22 pounds while the cake eaters go on to lose 15 more pounds. The thinking is...that after some time, the people who are restricted and can't eat sweets, feel deprived which causes them to cheat habitually, while the breakfast cake eaters feel satisfied and burn the calories off during the day and stick to their diet.
Here's a link to the study...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Obama to Ban Bacon

Don't believe the media spin, people. This is a violation of the 1st Amendment. The Federal Govt has no right to tell any religious organization what they MUST do, especially if it's against their fundamental beliefs. This is not a Catholic Issue, not a women issue, not a health issue - this is a freedom issue - and if you allow the Federal Govt to impose their beliefs on any group, it's only a matter of time before they tell you that: Video games should be banned, bacon should be banned, books should be banned, rap music/country music/rock music/dubstep should be banned, ziplining should be banned - and disguise it as "concern about your health."

Please don't become a zombie. Investigate and educate yourself on politicians before you vote. They often say one thing and do another (case in point - OBAMA!) And please, if you value freedom, vote.