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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Peggy Noonan - The Time Of Our Lives

I originally read this a few months back via NetGalley.
Though I lean Right, I'm more of a Gregg Gutfeld (really miss him on Red Eye) person. I'd never read Peggy Noonan (sorry Ms. Noonan!)
However, I truly loved The Time Of Our Lives.
Her book is really not so much about politics as it is about character (something we lack today).
She tells a wonderful story about Joan Rivers (I did not realize Joan was Conservative!).
There, of course, are insights about Ronald Reagan.
The Time Of Our Lives makes you feel like you're sitting at the table at Sunday Dinner - warm, loved; that even if all is not right with the world, we can learn from what has worked, and try to imitate it.
On a personal note, Ms. Noonan is really a woman to look up to; she worked her butt off and came from a working class family, yet she doesn't wear her feminism around a bullhorn around her neck.
The odd thing is...though I am a fan of Greg on tv, I actually liked Peggy's book much better than I liked Greg's new book!
Just being honest here (sorry Greg)
The Time of Our Lives is a great wonderful read to curl up with at the end of a frustrating day; kinda like a glass of wine; it's soothing and inspiring.
Loved it.