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Friday, February 28, 2014

The Happy Mixer - (Because Sugar is Quicker Than Liquor)

Happy Mixer Peanut Butter Delight
As fabulous as Wegman’s bakery is (the cutest decorated cupcakes & sugar cookies you’ve ever seen at the Montgomeryville Store!) – they do not make gluten free cakes.
However. There is a relatively new bakery in Chalfont that does. It's called the Happy Mixer.   I'm in loveee and I don't care who knows it (movie quote)! 
I don’t need to eat Gluten free. But I’m always up for sweets. So yesterday, I popped in (because it’s right next to the Wine and Spirit’s Store, HELLO!!)
It’s a very small bakery. But good things come in small packages (seriously, don’t believe the hype about the bigger the better!). I tried the peanut butter delight. OMG. It tastes just like a Tastykake Candycake. It was sooo good, I told the cashier in the wine store about it (he knew and agreed).
I also tried the crème filled cake donut. OMG. It tasted just like a powered donut with rich cream filling. So good! The kiffles (strawberry, raspberry, apricot) were just ok for me. I do like the kiffles at Wegman’s a bit better.
Now, remember, I am not ‘gluten’ free – but for me, the doughnut and peanut butter delights were superior or just as good as ANY I’ve had.
I’m excited to go back and try everything else!
Don’t let the “Gluten Free” stop you from considering a visit to this “sweet” bakery!

Love it!!! 
ps- I have no idea if sugar is quicker than liquor. It rhymed and we all know I love a good rhyme. Because I'm super fine. 

The Happy Mixer - Gluten Free Bakery
New Britain Village Square
4275 County Line Road, Chalfont, Pa 18914
phone 267-663-7209

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Town That Refuses To Work With Assholes

Living It Up in Whitefish Montana. 
Last Summer, John and I vacationed in the FABULOUS small town of Whitefish in Montana. It's like a Doylestown only cars actually stop and allow people to cross the road and their police reports are some of the funniest reading material I've ever come across. 

I loved and adored everything about Whitefish. EXCEPT. 

Except everywhere we went, they only served Pepsi. I would rather drink water than Pepsi. We have thought about moving to Whitefish...but I worry about the winter (hate the cold) but even more, I hate the Pepsi. 

Finally, at a pizza place (and this pizza place was called like Jersey's Pizza or something - oh, and GREAT pizza!) they had Diet Coke. I was quite excited. 
 I asked the waitress (who turned out to be the wife - co/owner of the place) why no-one carried Coke products. 

"Because the Coke sales rep is an asshole. The only reason we serve it here, is because my husband loves Coke and so we grin through it and do business with the jerk." 

And yet, another reason to love Whitefish. 

They realize the power of sticking together and using their voice ( this case, their wallets) send a message that assholes won't be tolerated. 

They don't look to the government to solve their problems. 

What consenting adults do in the privacy of their homes is not my business. If a cafe doesn't want to serve me a bacon cheeseburger because I'm a girl, that's fine, I'll go to a place that will serve me. If someone believes in God and sells only crosses and communion wafers - awesome. If someone believes in Allah and feels bacon is evil, who am I to point out their obvious lack of good taste?

We were voices and the power to make choices. Running to the government is handing over your power to effect change. It's like being 35 years old and calling in your mother to come to your office and confront the co-worker who ate your wheat grass granola free granola. 

Man the fuck up, America!!!!  

Monday, February 24, 2014

Cutter's Mill Sold To Concord

I loved Cutter’s Mill.
I say “loved” because Cutter’s Mill has been sold to Concord.
The odd thing is, I didn’t know this until about a week ago when I popped in and the store was re-arranged (so frustrating. Seriously. Wegman’s seems to have a really hard time keeping things in the same spot and I find this so annoying). There seemed to be this odd vibe (seriously, not making that up!) and I realized I hadn’t seen any “coupons” in my email for quite some time. Also, the area usually filled with inexpensive chews was empty. The empty bins did have price tags, however, and they were far more expensive.
When I went to checkout, I wasn’t asked if I had a Cutter’s Mill card. I mentioned that I hadn’t been receiving coupons and that’s when I was informed Cutter’s Mill had been sold to a company called “Concord.”
I was kinda devastated.  
The coupons have disappeared with promises that “our prices will be lower.”
I haven’t seen the lower prices yet, though the Chalfont employees tell me it’s because their computers are the last to be “upgraded” and we will ‘soon see lower prices.’
The last time we were there, we weren’t asked to “round up” and donate the extra to the SPCA. I generally HATE being asked for donations (I can’t seem to shop anywhere w/o being asked to round up or donate a dollar to help someone, something… (ever notice that the CEO’s of these non-profits make like, almost half a million dollars?) – HOWEVER- I never ever mind being asked to donate and always round up for the SPCA. What can I say – I love animals – generally, they have no ulterior motives. They want to be fed and loved – I’m down with that!
I’ve noticed my favorite employees have been MIA but don’t know if it’s just bad timing (when I shop they are off) or if they’ve been let go or perhaps moved on to different (hopefully better) options.
But, it’s really not even about the prices or the layout. It’s about the general spirit of the store. It doesn’t seem to be as welcoming, as friendly. Cutter’s Mill wasn’t just a store, it was a shopping experience. Concord just feels like a plain ol’ store.
Oh, AND Cutter’s Mill had a fabulous return policy. Now, with Concord, you can only return for a store credit.
I am so bummed. I’m going to give it another month or so, but judging from all the complaints on the facebook page, it seems like Concord says “We want to listen to customers and keep all the things they loved about Cutter’s Mill” but what they say and what they do don’t jive.
A very sad goodbye and thank you to Cutter’s Mill. You are missed.

This is video from a few years ago at Cutter's Mill when we surprised Katie with a new puppy. We had dropped off the puppy and Rich had made a tag that read "this dog belongs to Katie." When we dropped in to go shopping, we were admiring the cute puppy and Rich asked Katie to hold him. Then Katie read the puppy's tag. She later said she couldn't believe this adorable puppy was actually part of our family (however, she quickly changed his name from Bob to Jack!). 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How To Stop Nomination of Debo Adegbile (cop hater, race baiter)

Putting Debo Adegbile in charge of Civil Rights is like putting Woody Allen in charge of a daycare. 

Short Story: For those in Pennsylvania-please please call Senator Bob Casey at 202 - 224- 6324 and leave a message or tell his staff to vote NO on the Obama radical nomination of Debo Adegbile to head the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.  Tweet to Casey using @SenBobCasey and use hashtag #NoDebo
If you're reading this from outside of PA, please call your Senators tell them No Debo and tweet #NoDebo (thank you!).

Debo Adegile voluntarily took the case (after the conviction) of Mumia "Cop Killer" Jamal only to profit off race baiting. He slandered murdered Officer Faulkner and his family.  Democrats blocked Faulkner's widow from testifying. Read more here. Or listen to a great interview Chris Stigall did with State Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick here.
The nomination of Debo passed the Senate Judiciary Committee - with all Republicans voting NO and all Democrats voting yes. The next step is a vote in the Senate. Of course, it's not being made public when (and if) this vote is going to happen. Like everything ANTI-TRANSPARENT the Obama administration does, they are trying to squeak this by, which is why it's so important to make some noise and let them know we're watching.

Long Story. What does Obama, Oprah, Beyonce, Collin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Halle Berry, Denzel, Chris Rock, (I could go on, but you get the picture) have in common?

All successful black people.

Democrats, however, have made a living preying on minorities. Why? Because to obtain power, to get people to vote for them, they must make people unhappy so they can then "fix" it.

Democrats never point out the fabulously successful black people (hello, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! But yet they profit from claiming black people still have "a long way to go?")

Please. Is there still hate toward blacks? Yep. And there is hate against whites. Jews. Conservatives. Women. Fat People. Skinny People. Sara Palin. Kardashians.

Should people be prosecuted for hate crimes? Absofuckingutley. But let's start prosecuting the black people who are targeting Jews, Women, and White people in the "knock out game."

Why does the media only report white on black crime? Because it serves the Democrat narrative of victim.

Because Democrats seem to believe black people are too stupid to stand up and say, "Stop TAKING FUCKING ADVANTAGE OF ME!"

And that's what Debo Adegible is doing - preying on minorities, exploiting civil rights in order to cause anger and hatred and doing it by putting politics over police.

We need to send a message to ALL politicians and media that we are tired of being exploited, tired of hatred and disunity being rammed down our throats. And stopping the nomination of Debo Adegbile is a great place to start.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Criminals Targeting Democrats - Liberal Looting

When your bumper sticker and voter registration makes you an easy target for violence...

Next time you see a person climbing out of a car with an "Obama" sticker plastered on it (ever notice those cars are often top of the line cars? You'd think they'd drive clunkers since they are keen on everyone being treated the same and that signs of wealth are vulgar!) - you might want to warn them about the new crime wave targeted at Democrats.

According to an anonymous source in the Philadelphia Police Department, criminals are following cars with Obama and/or Democrat (Pro-abortion, Global Warming Is Real, Hillary 2016, , etc.) stickers on cars, knowing that the owners of the car don't own guns and the only self defense they know is to cower behind the couch and scream, "Take Everything!!"

The Philly cop said they initially called it "Liberal Looting" - but they are starting to notice a pattern of violence and think it may have escalated as a sort of hazing into the gang(s) (targeting Democrats).

There are also (allegedly) crime waves occurring in the suburbs of Montgomery and Bucks County of registered Democrats. Crafty Criminals  are circulating voter registration logs. Cops think it began with the drug addicted thug of an Organizing for America (Obama's "grassroots' volunteer organization) copying the list (ALL political parties keep and work off the county voter registration rolls). It soon became known that Democrats were the easiest targets and required the least effort.

I have to admit - there is a part of me that wanted to remain silent and allow the anti-cop; pro criminal, anti self-protection; pro-big-govt afflicted Democrats to learn the importance of the second amendment - but then I would feel guilty if that old white haired man driving his Audi was beaten and robbed because I let him drive around with his Obama/Biden 2013 sticker leading criminals to his house like a beacon in a fog light. Or like Miley Cyrus to a bag of blow.

Please pass this information on to the Democrats Driving In Cars and leave it up to them if they want to scrape off the stickers on their cars. Or to re-register Independent.
If they care about their family as much as they care about making a political statement, they'll put the safety of their family first.  If not, well, I can go to sleep at night (or nap during the day) knowing I warned them they are the perfect targets for criminals.

Irony Alert: Democrats have fostered a culture of being lazy; rewards without work - and now even criminals have found shortcuts for less work, more stuff!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Leanne Bearden Dead, Charlie Parker Moron?

Leanne Hecht Bearden was found. She is dead. She was found less than a mile from the house she disappeared from. Police state that they did not search the area because her husband had said he had already searched it. 
She is not off "finding herself" as her husband gave as a possible reason for her "sudden" disappearance. She was not trying to re-invent herself as Charlie "GumShoe" "Hey, I starred in the movie IMPOSTER" Parker concluded. 

The Short Story:  – After arriving back in USA in December, 2013 (couple had taken 2 year honeymoon around the world) Joshua Bearden reported his wife missing on January 17th. Leanne and Josh had stayed with her family in December 2013 and then went to Texas (where she went missing as reported by news outlets, after they had an argument…hmmm) Joshua stated Leanne was having a difficult time adjusting to life. The family hired Charlie “Gumshoe” Parker and after examining the couples shared computer, P.I. Parker concluded she had ran away. Parker took to Twitter saying “We’re coming for you Leanne!” 

After watching the movie “Imposter” in which Charlie Parker “starred” – I was quite positive this case was doomed from the start and after a few hours of research on Parker, Leanne’s family, the social media sites set up for Leanne, and watching (with growing horror) the comments Leanne’s husband made on the Facebook Page devoted to finding Leanne, it didn’t take a someone with half a brain (yes, I have just half, I admit it, but my half is obviously far greater than some really empty heads running around the world) to figure out that Leanne’s family had been duped.

Long Story
Joshua Bearden told police Leanne had left for a walk, that she was having trouble adjusting to life back in the states. He told everyone this. Repeatedly.
Enter Charlie Parker, PI. Some guy who worked in the lumber business but (20 years ago) became a “volunteer” investigator (kinda like community policing) and he and a group of people got together to try to “solve” missing people cases. Charlie has a Twitter Account, and in his timeline, he would tweet all about the movie “Imposter” and articles that swooned over him.
I watched it. HOLY SHIT PEOPLE, this movie is EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD. It is the TRUE story of a family that is duped by a FRENCH brown eyed black haired dude Frederic Bourdin, passing himself off as a blue eyed blonde hair  abducted 13 year old boy named Nicholas Barclay. Not only is the FAMILY duped, but the government is duped.  How. Can. People. Be. So. Fucking. Naïve.
Because they want to believe. It’s quite that simple. People don’t want to be wrong. It’s an ego thing. And we are wired to think anything is possible (if not – why would we attempt to do things that seem impossible, like climb in a huge machine and “fly” like a bird). And in America, we have fostered the idea that criminals are somehow victims and “be nice to criminals – they have feelings too!” Oh. Really?
Anyway. It only took minutes before Charlie Parker really grated on my nerves. It was clear Charlie was all about Charlie. “I did this, I did that…I’m the smartest person aliveeeeeeeeeeeeee!”
There’s a great quote you should memorize (well, I’m not telling you WHAT to do, I don’t work for the government, so I’m merely suggesting) – “The more he talked about what an honorable man he was, the faster we counted our silverware.”
If you don’t know what that means, please make a donation to Anita Charity – she is makes a living through generous giving.
Oh Boy. And then, after the French Criminal was exposed (Charlie wasn't the first guy that made the connection, if you read old articles, specifically the article by Nick Davies, you'll discover other people had been questioning but the movie paints Charlie as the smartest PI aliveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)  the criminal told Charlie and the Govt. Official that the FAMILY had murdered the boy (Nicholas Barclay) he was pretending to be. And Charlie believed the criminal. He actually took a shovel and started digging in the house the family had  lived in, SURE he would find the missing boy’s body. (He did not).
I could not believe what the family had gone through, and  now, here is Charlie and the government official trying to claim that the mother murdered her son!
What. The. Fuck.
In the movie, Imposter, Charlie claims it was Bourdin's ears that made him realize he was NOT Nicholas Barclay. Because "something I learned by watching Scotland Yard movies."
Buttttttt, when I did some research on Charlie, I found that Nick Davies articles from 1998 in which Charlie claims it was the boys eye color that tipped him off.
So, somehow between 1998 and the making of Imposter, the story changed.
I don't know why...maybe ears seems to be a bit more 'educated' than realizing eye color doesn't match. However, as anyone in the wrestling and boxing world will testify to, ear shape can change. So, put that in your PI pipe and smoke it, Charlie. 
Charlie Parker’s website is a joke. It is old and clunky. There are a few “Missing” cases that boast “SOLVED!” but they never say exactly how they were solved or who solved them. And then when I researched a few of those cases, it became clear that one of the cases was solved because a serial killer admitted to it after he was caught. Charlie Parker had NOTHING to do with the closure of that case.
After Charlie Parker was hired to investigate Leanne’s disappearance, he came to the conclusion (after examining the SHARED laptop computer of Leanne and Joshua) that Leanne had left on her own and was trying to escape. The Leanne Bearden Facebook page went from her family pleading for help to find her, to pleading with Leanne to come home – because they, too, were duped by not so brainy Community Sluice GumShoe Charlie.
Charlie tweeted about going to homeless shelters looking for Leanne. Coming home with heavy heart when he didn’t find her.
Given the absolute horrid website design; that Charlie believed the lies of a serial fraudster, and his education in PI work comes directly from Scotland Yard tips he’s picked up over the years, I knew it would probably be very easy for Josh to play the grieving husband and, being a “shared” computer, it would be very easy to create a internet “history” of researching how to run away from your own life, and then planting that seed in Charlie’s head, and in Leanne’s family.
No one wants to believe that a husband is capable of killing his wife. People don’t want to see the truth that is staring at them (see the movie Imposter – Netflix). We truly want to believe the best in people. But that’s exactly how people become victims, and how people get away with…well, murder.
I wish people would start truly caring about their community – because if they did, they wouldn’t allow crooks, frauds, bullshit artists (or, as I like to say, Whorons) to prey or exploit their friends, their neighbors, their family.
I don’t believe Charlie Parker is purposefully evil. He certainly is not slick (see Obama for definition of slick). I think Charlie really does want to think he is doing good. But I also think Charlie continues to profit from a moment in his past (long, long ago), and because of this, he gave false hope to the Hecht family and friends of Leanne.

Let’s wake up, people. If it smells like shit, and taste like shit, it’s certainly NOT bacon.
If you truly value community and want to protect our each other, it’s time to stop making excuses for the crooks, the frauds, the fuckers, and start making noise.
Put the predators on Notice.
Leanne Bearden was a victim not only of a murderer (her own hand or someone else), but also of a (my opinion) an incompetent Private Investigator. Leanne's friends (the Hecht side) are also victims - pointed in many different directions (the clue is in who did the pointing) and they should NOT be blamed for picking up the "she escaped her life" narrative and running with it. (We all want to believe the best case scenario).

The Garden Ridge Police department released a statement that Leanne hung herself.
Well Ok.
This is coming from a police department that searched 23 miles but somehow failed to search a property less than a mile away.
From a police department that ruled out the husband almost immediately (and took his word he searched the area).

"You do not know Joshua Bearden! He could never ever hurt anyone," A family member had stated.

To which I would reply..."But didn't you also state that Leanne would never ever leave her family so abruptly?"

So you of these statements must be false.

Anyway, it's sad, it's tragic, but the reason for this blog post comes back to Charlie Parker - and how easy it is for people to be duped. The Barclay family was duped by a habitual criminal. Charlie Parker was duped by the criminal. Charlie Parker dupes desperate people. And either Leanne Bearden duped her family or Joshua Bearden did.

Lessons to learn: 1. If you're going to commit suicide, leave a fucking note - send it in the fucking mail so your fucking family doesn't get blamed for it and your family doesn't go bat shit crazy.

2. Don't hire a Private Investigator that tweets what he is doing.

update: 2/17/14 - The Facebook page for Leanne has been since been deleted.