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Monday, April 30, 2012

Breitbart in Action - Unity in Individuality

When Breitbart first died, I, like so many others, felt the loss deeply. I immediately wanted to reach out and start a "Team Breitbart" - an army of Breitbart believers. But then, somewhere along the way, I realized that being Breitbart is not about being part of a "group" - it's being part of every aspect of the conservative/libertarian movement. Breitbart did collaborate in order to expose the hypocrisy of the left - but just as often as he collaborated, he did things on his own - like showing up at Liberal events wearing rolling skates while holding a video camera.  
That is the beauty of being Breitbart - just like our country was initially founded on INDIVIDUALISM - so too is the act of "Being Breitbart."  Taking individual action makes you part of the Breitbart community.
Being Breitbart means you don't need to wait for permission to take action, you don't need to wait to rally a group, you aren't afraid to speak out against your own "party" if you disagree with a topic.

Breitbart is NO FEAR. Breitbart is unity through individuality. Breitbart in no rules.
I hope that every single day you can do at least one thing to bring awareness to the fact our freedoms are eroding - under Obama, under the Democrats, under those Republicans who misrepresent conservative ideals.
Twitter, Blog, talk up cashiers, leave post it notes, stand on a street corner with a NO OBAMA sign, roller skate your way into a Liberal event!
You don't need to belong to a group to be Breitbart - yet when you step out and take action - you automatically are part of the Breitbart community.
Carry on Breitbart soldiers - I mean that literally and figuratively!
We must always remain vigilant - no matter who is sitting in the White House.
Do It For Freedom. Do It For Fun. Do It For America. Do It For Breitbart.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Mika Brzezinski Parody Makes FOX News!

I was in the kitchen, about to take Jack for a walk, when I heard a familiar voice, my voice coming from the TV in the living room. I walked in and there I was...on Fox News Watch! Very exciting. Now if they'd only play my Mika parody on The Five (I'd love to hear Bob Beckel's reaction) - my life would be almost complete.  (When Obama is voted out of office - then my life will be complete!)
Below is the clip from Fox, below that is the full parody, and finally, below that is the clip from MSNBC's Morning Joe who first played a clip of my parody and Mika was a great sport about it, calling me "hysterical."

Day 28 - Breitbart In Action - Patriotize Your Hobby

Walking around an outdoor flea market the other day, I was struck by what it was lacking - a vendor selling only Patriotic goods.
I've mentioned before I live in an area that is yuippe - "yuppie + hippe" - and the Obama/Biden bumper stickers outnumber No Obama bumper stickers (I hope to change that!).
There is no place I know around my area where I can go and purchase a NO OBAMA sticker/t-shirt/merchandise.
I'm considering setting up my own booth at the flea market to sell these types of items - and it really got me to thinking how one could not only help spread Patriotism but also make some money while doing so.
Do you make pillows? Purses? Jewelry? Signs? Shoes (I would love to find some red/white/blue boots or better yet, heels!).
It's so easy to open a store on and sell online. You can join a flea market in your area or ask local craft stores to sell your merchandise.
I really believe that the bus Obama has thrown us under is waking up more and more Patriots. I believe we are entering a new wave of Patriotism and what better way to show that we are United and Proud and we WILL not be silenced than using a hobby to prove we are all lions for liberty and we will not bend nor break no matter how hard Obama tries.

If you do (or perhaps you already have a small business or know someone who does) decide to use your hobby to create Patriot Proud wear or jewelry or lamps get the picture - please let me know and I'd be more than happy to provide a link for you on my website!

Do It For Freedom. Do It For Fun. Do It For America. Do It For Breitbart.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Breitbart In Action - Day 26 - Get Involved - Support ALEC

I received an email about supporting ALEC and had no idea what ALEC was.
I Goggled it, and of course, the top 20 or so stories about ALEC were from Liberal sources - stating that ALEC was trying to suppress voters rights and was *behind* the killing of Trayvon Martin because they were advocates of Stand Your Ground Law.
Finally, I discovered a neutral article about ALEC in Forbes: (Link)
ALEC -  American Legislative Exchange Council  was founded in 1973. ALEC is a group of state lawmakers who meet to share and spread conservative policy ideas. ALEC's main focus is fiscal and economic policy, notably at the moment pension and lawsuit reform, tax and spending limitation, and advocates free market policies.
ALEC has come under attack by former White House aide Van Jones and various left-wing activists and media. Van Jones and his tools are bullying big business to cut off ALEC's funding. So much for free and open debate!
Michelle Malkin wrote a great piece on ALEC and the liberal hypocrites trying to shut them down by .

It’s not enough for conservative consumers to avoid cowardly businesses that cave to Van Jones and company. Beating back the anti-ALEC mob means getting ahead of them. Color of Change and its “hundreds” of callers are now pressuring State Farm (tweet them here) and Johnson and Johnson (tweet them here) to join the spineless herd and cut ties to ALEC.
I’ll say it again: Silence is complicity. Speak now or surrender your ground.
Michelle writes that one way to stop the Liberal takeover is to tweet or contact some of the companies that still support ALEC: (link)

The latest company to be attacked by Van Jones and his Color Of Hate Group is Amazon. Please tweet/call/email/or send letter of support to Amazon.

Tweet @amazon
Email (this is the owner of Amazon's email address) - Place "I Support ALEC & AMAZON in subject line)
Write: 1200 12th Avenue South Suite 1200 Seattle, WA 98144
Call: (206)266-1000

Malkin writes: 

It’s not enough for conservative consumers to avoid cowardly businesses that cave to Van Jones and company. Beating back the anti-ALEC mob means getting ahead of them. Color of Change and its “hundreds” of callers are now pressuring State Farm (tweet them here) and Johnson and Johnson (tweet them here) to join the spineless herd and cut ties to ALEC.
I’ll say it again: Silence is complicity. Speak now or surrender your ground.
Let me repeat:
State Farm and Johnson & Johnson are getting pressured by Color of Change to withdraw their ALEC memberships. Are you a State Farm policyholder? Are you a mom who uses J&J products? Are you allowing Rashad Robinson to speak for you?
Tweet State Farm.
State Farm’s chairman is Edward B. Rust.
More contact info for State Farm.
Main office:
State Farm Insurance
1 State Farm Plz Bloomington, IL 61701
(309) 766-2311.
Tweet Johnson & Johnson.
Leave a message for Johnson & Johnson via their website.
Main office:
One Johnson & Johnson Plaza
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08933
(732) 524-0400
Do It For Freedom. Do It For Fun. Do It For America. Do It For Breitbart!

Monday, April 23, 2012

My Parody Of Mika from Morning Joe Gets Talked About On Morning Joe!

Sweet Brown Remix "Aint Nobody Got Time For That"

In case anyone has missed this Sweet Brown news clip...funny remix:

Day 23 - Breitbart In Action - Kindle It

Back on day 9 of Breitbart in Action - I suggested Patriots try their hand at writing a politically themed book and self publishing it on Kindle.
Peggy Knutson had already done this with her book "The Many Lies of Harrison J. Bounel" which I've talked about here before.

Please use today's "Action" as inspiration to consider writing a book with a Patriotic theme for the Kindle (and Nook).
If you love a good comedy, please try a sample of "The Many Lives of Harrison J. Bounel."  (only 1.99!)
And if you like the samples - support these Patriots by buying their books!
Do it for freedom. Do it for fun. Do it for America. Do It For Breitbart!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 22 - Breitbart In Action - Wake Up Friends - Don't Vote For Obama

When I made my Post It Notes and business cards urging people to save America by NOT voting for Obama, I send them to the website . It's a great website that explains exactly WHY people shouldn't vote for Obama and what he has done and what he continues to do to weaken our country.
I also tell people to Google "218 Reasons NOT to Vote for Obama" - it's a great resource and each reason is backed up by a link (source). I also link 218 Reasons from all my blogs and WakeUpFriends also has it linked on its website.
Please send these links to these websites to any and all sheep you know. Ignorant tools won't bother to read it, but we all know sheep follow the crowd and many sheep are looking for greener/free-er pastures these days - hopefully can help lead them off the Obama plantation!
Do it for freedom. Do it for fun. Do it for America. Do it for Breitbart!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 21 - Breitbart In Action - How To Junk Mail To Your Advantage

Yesterday I received a "special offer" from the Philadelphia Inquirer - the newspaper has had financial problems and was just sold. You know why it has financial problems? Because like so many newspapers - it's liberally biased. We stopped reading it years ago - when they couldn't stop drooling over Obama.
So I responded to their generous offer of a 1.00 a week subscription - and told them why no one reads their paper anymore - and then I stuffed a "No Obama 2012" card into the envelope and mailed it off (in their prepaid envelope).
Which game me the idea - HELLO!- Take all those ridiculous offers you receive in the mail, write a note about how Obama is pushing America into decline (or whatever your sticking point is - the deficit? Unemployment? Gas prices? Taxes?) and send it back! Could you imagine if everyone started doing this?
I'm looking forward to my junk mail now!
Do It For Freedom. Do It For Fun. Do It For America. Do It For Breitbart!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Peggy Knutson is Breitbart

Peggy Knutson is Breitbart.
Peggy wrote an extremely hilarious parody of an Obama Diary told by "Obama" and his alias "Harrison J Bounel"  it's called "The Many Lies Of Harrison J Bounel" and it's available for Kindle for 1.99. - I read it, loved it, recommend it! She is also the author of 3 fiction books. Peggy is a Veteran - and I asked her if she would answer some questions for the "Team Breitbart Profile."
I'd like to say, thanks for serving our Country Peggy (both you and your husband!). I loved your answers! Keep on Being Breitbart!!!!

“When did you become politically aware?”
Hmmm. My husband would probably tell you I’ve always been an opinionated pain in the ass when it comes to politics.

But my political ”AHA!” moment was TARP. TARP? Yes, TARP. The moment I, as a Conservative-Independent slash Libertarian slash Deep-in-My-Soul-Patriot, realized “We are totally SCREWED!” I never had that jarring awakening from liberal/progressive brain-dead slumber to conservative common-sense awareness. No. I had the jarring awakening that I could no longer stand by the sidelines cloaked in my “But I’m a Libertarian” smugness and watch as the Republicans and Democrats presided over the destruction of MY Country when Congress passed TARP. It doesn’t seem like an event which could trigger an epiphany so I must explain my evolution.

I have considered myself more “Patriotic” than “Political” most of my adult life. I was raised by a staunch Republican in a predominately Republican community (my high school English teacher went on to become Reagan’s Secretary of Labor). When I reached majority age, I dutifully voted Republican, but, like so many young people, I really didn’t pay much attention to the issues.

And then a strange thing happened on my way to a GOP-straight-ticket life. I enlisted in the United States Navy and was struck profoundly patriotic.Whatever reasons moved me to enlist became secondary to the sense of patriotism instilled in my heart. Right now I am trying to find the words that might convey the soul-deep, heart-and-mind gripping love of country which I felt, and still feel. The one moment that captured that overwhelming mixture of love and duty occurred at the start of the very first Blue Angels Marathon in Pensacola. I stood in the middle of the broad runways of the Naval Air Station, next to my husband and among a small group of Sailors and Marines. We faced the flag, every hand over every heart, as the National Anthem was played. I was overcome with a suffocating, heart-stopping, lump-in-my-throat love. Everything I truly loved, and that made up the fiber of my life, was represented in that moment. My family, my country, my service, my life.

Life in the military, however, is a double-edged sword. I was transferred to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, 25 square miles of land and 20 square miles of water surrounded by fences, land mines, and sea. Life in Gitmo was contained and controlled. There was one grocery store; the produce plane arrived on Thursdays and everyone lined up to buy their food on Fridays. The were two stores, the Marine Corps Exchange and the Navy Exchange; but you needed nothing beyond your uniform. Housing is allotted according to need and paygrade. Single persons live in barracks, married persons are assigned housing units. Officers’ quarters are bigger and nicer than enlisted quarters. In my first weeks, waiting for married housing, I lived in a room in the barracks. As an E5, I was assigned a two-person room. An E6 would qualify for a single room. When my name came up on the married housing list, I was allotted a small one-bedroom unit in one of the enlisted housing areas, and my husband was allowed to join me. A friend, also an E5, with a spouse and two children, was allotted a three-bedroom house. My friend was a cook in the chow hall. I was an electronics technician maintaining the surveillance radar guarding the mouth of the bay. For the first time in my life I truly understood “From each according to their abilities; to each according to their needs.” This was life in a totalitarian system (but with free movies on the weekends).

And thus my life in the military created a schizophrenic juxtaposition of love of country and fear of government and liberated my Libertarian self from my former Republican self. (In the interest of full disclosure here, having been trained as a surveillance radar technician, I became an FAA technician when I left the military. I used to reconcile my anti-big-government views with my career, telling myself the regulation of the National Airspace System is a federal function, much like National Defense. I’m not so sure I haven’t been lying to myself.) Over the years, I would vote for Libertarians, if there were any who made their way onto the ballot. If not, I would vote for the lesser of the two evils, the Republican candidate. But I was never politically vocal.

Until the Troubled Asset Relief Program - TARP!

I had already realized what Obama was - farther left than Senator Bernie Sanders, an avowed Socialist, and arising from the murky sewage of Chicago politics. When the sub-prime mortgage “crisis” hit in September 2008 and McCain suspended his campaign to rush back to Washington, I had welcomed the opportunity for him to show some leadership. I expected him to argue against dumping 700 billion taxpayer dollars into an unallocated slush fund. Instead he not only voted for TARP, but lobbied other Republicans to vote for it. 700 billion was an unfathomable amount of money and here they were, Republicans right along with Democrats, blindly throwing it away. I believe the day George W. Bush said “I had to abandon the free market system in order to save the free market system” was the day the TEA Party was conceived, although it would not be born until the following spring.  It was also the day many people like me found their political voice. It came out as a scream.

"What does it mean to you to be a Breitbart?"
To be a Breitbart means to be bold and loud and courageous, to shout The Truth. I don’t possess the brashness, the combativeness, or the quick wit of an Andrew Breitbart. But each of us can, in some way, spread The Truth. As my Harrison J. Bounel persona (a purported Obama alias) on Facebook, I attempt to use humor and satire to lampoon Obama. I try to stay current and topical, although I am not a journalist or a reporter. Most importantly, the page also offers a forum for any of the 4,000+ friends to post articles, converse, and meet like-minded people. Plus, Harrison offers everyone an opportunity to ridicule ‘The One’.

“Is the USA half empty or half full and how can we make it better?”
The country has been barreling down the Big Government Road for a century and it will be extremely hard to put on the brakes, let alone turn around. The first step has to be to elect a new government. We need conservatives, real conservatives, to control both houses of Congress as well as the presidency. I am afraid it won’t happen because the Obama voter-fraud-and-intimidation system won’t allow it it to happen. That’s my “half-empty” view.

On the “half-full” side, there has been a huge increase in political awareness. Average Americans are becoming more involved in the political process as evidenced by the spontaneous formation of the TEA Party and by the active, questioning, challenging participation in town hall meetings with their representatives. But we can’t get discouraged now. I say that as much to myself as to others. I, myself, am easily discouraged. I get discouraged with boiler plate responses to my letters to Congress. I get discouraged with Congress for ignoring the blatant usurpation of power that has been ongoing since this administration took office. I get discouraged with the media, even the conservative media, for shying away from controversial topics like Obama’s hidden records and forged birth certificate. What begins as outrage is beaten into disheartenment. We need to keep that outrage cranked up! That means we need to stay informed, stay involved, and stay connected to each other.

“What is the one issue that is most important to you right now?”
The overriding issue of immediate importance is to make sure Obama is not reelected. Period. If we can’t stop that, nothing else will matter.

“What is your favorite food?”
I want to say “lightly steamed fresh baby asparagus” or “Chilean sea bass served with risotto”. But, sadly, the truth is “cheese”. It must be the Wisconsin blood on my maternal side. (Hmmm. I bet I’ll have a better chance of getting served cheese in the FEMA reeducation camps than lightly steamed fresh baby asparagus.)

“What is your favorite music?”
I usually love contemporary jazz or mellow R&B. Some of my favorite artists are Chris Botti, Dave Koz, Michael BublĂ©, Anita Baker, and Al Jarreau. Recently, I was turned on to Joe Bonamassa, a fabulous young Blues guitarist. My Facebook persona, Harrison J. Bounel, has a “Saturday Night Music Night” and I have been introduced to so many artists and styles I would never have discovered on my own. I guess it’s one of the really positive side effects of “Being Harrison”.

“What is your favorite movie?”
I have to admit to not being a movie buff. My husband is a Vietnam vet who suffers from PTSD and cannot stand to be in a movie theater. We haven’t even tried to go to one for about 15 years. Therefore, I choose instead to answer the question “What are your favorite books?” I usually love character-driven novels and authors who can transform relatively normal everyday experiences by beautifully constructing sentences that cause the reader to stop and turn the words over and over again. John Irving, Ann Tyler, and Jonathan Franzen are always on the top of my reading list. Lately, however, that reading list has included Andrew Breitbart’s “Righteous Indignation”, Laura Freed’s “We Are Breitbart”, and George Orwell’s “1984”. At this moment, M. Stanton Evan’s “Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies” is on my Kindle.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 17 - Breitbart In Action - My First Tea Party

So, I attended my first ever Tea Party meeting. I was really excited. Being as I live in an area swarming with Obama/Biden bumper stickers, I was really excited to meet other people who shared my same love of freedom and limited Govt.
I was a bit nervous. John teased me that the group would be made up of crazy right wingers wearing jeans up to their nipples and wearing a gun on each hip.
The meeting was held at a library.
I entered the conference room and there were about 7 people there - no guns, no high waisted jeans, everyone looked and acted normal.
The coordinator of the group was wearing an Andrew Breitbart T-shirt! I immediately relaxed and felt right at home. Everyone seemed harmless and perfectly sane.
With the exception of one person.
Though she appeared normal - she was quite kooky. As people were walking in - a total of about 20 people showed up - she was making odd comments and kept asking everyone if they wanted to share her bags of Swedish Fish.
I sat next to a lovely women named Jill and as we were talking, she was telling me that when ever she is paying for something at a store, she always brings up how crazy prices are and how she can't wait to vote in a new president and boot the failing Obama out. I wanted to HUG her!! That's #12 in the Breitbart in Action Plan!!! She had been to the Healthcare Rally in Washington and she was really helpful in explaining how the local chapters of PA Tea Party works.
The kooky nutty girl came out with these beauties: "No one hold this against me, but I voted for Bush. It was the worst mistake I've ever made. It was the first time I ever voted though so I didn't know what I was doing."
Uh. What? I'm no fan of Bush's second term - but compared to Obama - he's aces!
When it came time for the new people to introduce herself - the first guy said he was previously a socialist but had seen the light!
Then it was kooky girls turn. She stated her name - "I'm 25. I go to Montgomery Community College. And I'm a Democrat."
Whew. What a relief to know that the off the wall chick was a Democrat. Of course, that explained everything!
The leader of the meeting welcomed her and said, "Everyone is welcome here. Democrats. Libertarians. Conservatives. Independents.
"What's the difference between them?" Kooky Democrat asked.
Then a bit later she asked when we were going to talk about "Crooked cops."
She made odd comments like that the rest of the night - and I have to say - made the evening very entertaining.
Seriously? These are the people voting for Obama. This is what we're up against. However, I have to say, the group was extremely nice to her. Maybe she had been in the library and wandered in when she realized there was free food - maybe she was a plant - though she didn't seem bright enough to act that stupid - if she did, she deserves an Oscar.
Perhaps because the group was so accepting of her - she'll realize that the right is actually way more tolerant than the left - perhaps she'll realize that her best chance for success is not casting her vote for Obama.
It was an interesting night. It was great to meet people "in the flesh" instead of just "online."
There are a few tea parties in my area - though none in the county I live in (which I might change!). I plan on visiting as many of them as possible to meet new people and learn new things and see how I can best help.
I used to find my local groups.
If you're ready to help get our Country out of this mess Obama has made of it - try attending a meeting - I can't promise it will be as entertaining as the one I attended - but at the very least - you'll make a friend or too, and there's always the lure of free food!!

Do it for freedom. Do it for fun. Do it for America. Do it for Breitbart!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 16 - Breitbart in Action - Stick It To Obama

Post It Note Left In Movie Theater
People have started leaving post in notes at Gas Stations (which I do)  all over the country .
I started leaving so many - not just as gas stations, but also at grocery stores, in rest rooms, on signs at the park, that I decided to actually have some notes made up so I wouldn't have to write all the time! There is a website called "Wake Up Friends" that list Obama's short comings, his hypocrisy, and all the promises he's broken  - and I list it on my note - so that those who need any more reasons other than the failing economy can go to one simple website and have all the information they need to make up their mind.
No Obama Business Card
I used  to make up my post it notes - one word of advice if you decide to do this - don't pay for extra for fast shipping.  is usually quite fast when just purchasing regular shipping - I always receive my order in less than 7 days (usually 3-4 business days). I also had free business cards made up (only paid for shipping) and leave these behind where ever I go -tuck them in books/magazines - open newspaper boxes and tuck them in each newspaper - you get the idea! The total order for 3 post it note pads, 200 business cards, )and I created my own bumper sticker too) - was 21.37. For me, there is no price I wouldn't pay to get America back on its feet again and into the hands of someone who reveres the Constitution and who will work for the people!

Do it for freedom. Do it for fun. Do it for America.
Do it for Breitbart!

Day 15 - Breitbart in Action - Exposing Politifact Liberal Bias

Sadly, it's true. There no longer exists impartiality on the internet and on the TV news and in newspapers (though the Wall Street Journal does a great job) Even Fox, while they do present both sides of the story and are the most neutral, lack in reporting ALL the news.
NBC and MSNBC is owned by GE (49%). Jeff Immelt is CEO of GE. And Jeff Immelt was given a job in the Obama administration.
It's like that now. It's all about pay to play -- and this is why Breitbart was such a warrior at wanting to expose the liberal agenda and how it is drowning out the truth.
Snopes is run by liberals.
And Politifact is run by liberals.
Unless you are really paying attention to politics - the average person does  not realize this - and uses Snopes and Politfact as a sensor of the truth.
Recently,  Lanhee Chen, Romney’s Policy Director, wrote an email about Politifact that said: “Putting aside the obvious problems with rating an accurate statement mostly false, your analysis in this instance was so inadequate that the piece ended up being little more than Obama for America spin,” Chen wrote.
Chen then noted that Politifact had an “embarrassing bias and lack of journalistic standards” but “far more troubling were the selection of your two experts” and rightfully called Politifact out on its blatant biases.
Chen was referring to Gary Burtlett and Betsey Stevenson, the two experts Politifact cited in its takedown of Romney.
As Chen noted, “Gary Burtless has already donated twice to President Obama’s campaign this cycle” and, “much more inexplicably, Bestey (sic) Stevenson, who you identify simply as ‘a business and public policy professor at Princeton University,‘ was until recently the chief economist for Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis.”
Regarding Stevenson, Chen wrote that he had “no way of knowing whether Politifact was aware of this and failed to disclose it, or whether she failed to identify her role in the Administration – frankly, I am not sure which would be worse.”

So, what can we do? Do everything you can to call these Liberal Organization out - if you have a blog - blog it. If you tweet - tweet it. Write an letter to the Editor of your local paper. Join politifact on facebook and refute the bias they post. Send out a mass email to your contacts. We have to out these "news sources" who pretend to be unbiased when in reality, they are anything but! There is also a website called "Politifact Bias" that exposes their liberal bias.

Read more about Politifact by clicking here. 

Do It For Freedom. Do It For Fun. Do It For America. Do It For Breitbart.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 13 - Breitbart In Action - Pin This!

As you may have heard, Pinterest is #3 when it comes to social media sites. As is usual, liberals seem to discover these sites and take them over quickly - on Pinterest, you'll find tons of Obama sheep posting slobbering love pins of Obama. Barf.
I've noticed a huge shift in Twitter - Conservatives/libertarians seem to be drowning out the Liberals - my goal is to shift Pinterest the same way.
I stumbled on these great Obama pins - Please pin away!!!! And if you haven't discovered Pinterest - please join. It's actually quite fun but can be very addicting! My Pinterest is

Do it for freedom. Do it for fun. Do it for America. Do it for Breitbart

South America No Fan Of Obama

What a relief to know that Obama will be out of the country this weekend, sparing us from more class warfare attacks.
In doing some research for "Obama's Diary" - I stumbled on this online paper from South America - discussing Obama's visit to Colombia this weekend for the Summit of Americas. Interesting to see they see through Obama's lies and see him for the failed President he is. Here are some excerpts from the comments:

"Now KFC has access to the most anti-British US President for more than 200 years, she should really give it her best shot over “the Malvinas question”. She should be able to tease a few more weasel words from Obama, for all the good it'll do her."

"Yes I expect that will be the tone of the conversation after the strong moves against Argentina by the USA recently."

" Given that the US presidential elections are this year and the fact Obama is unlikely to be in office for another term, then what obama says of does will be irrelevant as by the time hes said it - minutes later (political time frame sense) hes out the door and in comes his replacement who gauranteed to be much more supportive of the UK and wanting to undo the damage done to USA UK relations by Obama!"

"This summit will be interesting. I expect nothing but weak statements from Obama (as usual), but I hope when, in the middle of another topic no doubt, KFC brings up the Falklands, Canada kindly tells her to fuck off. Venezuela, Brazil etc are now attacking Canada and the US for not letting Cuba come. We now know 100% which side of the communist fence they are on."

Friday, April 13, 2012

Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinkski's Slobbering Blind Love For Obama

If you're one of the ten people who have  watched Morning Joe, you know that Mika would defend Obama if he ran over a picnic basket of kittens...
This is my parody of Mika's slobbering blind love for Obama...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mom Dog Saves Pup in Pool

In case anyone missed this adorable video of a Momma saving her pup!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Undercover White Brother Allowed To Vote Under Eric Holder's Name

And here's an interesting link to liberal supporters of Hillary Clinton who have posted documents proving that Obama participated in Voter Fraud:

Day 9 - Breitbart In Action - Kindle It!

Ever wanted to write a book? Now is your chance.
Liberals have infiltrated movies/TV/books/newspapers/internet for far too long.
It's time we make our voices heard and I'm finding more and more Patriots are starting to do just that.
I've used Amazon and Barnes and Noble to publish books. It's incredibly simple.
I wrote We Are Breitbart on a sleepless caffeine Breitbart inspired period of 24 hours. I had the book written, published, and up for sale in 3 days flat.
I've  noticed more Patriots are doing the same thing and Peggy Knutson was kind enough to send me a free copy of The Many Lies of Harrison J Bounel - I loved it so much, though, I ended up buying it and then gifting it to some friends. At 1.99 - it's a great price point and something I can afford. It's very funny - I'll post my review at the end of this post.
In browsing for an image for my post on "Talk To Kids" - I ran across the eBook - That's Crap and You Know It - How to Raise Outspoken Conservative Kids to Stand Up Against Liberalism. I haven't read it - and at 7.69 - it doesn't seem to be selling very well. If you're going to write an e-book - I'd say keep the price low - at least until you have a following and people feel they can trust your work.
Don't worry if you're no Hemingway. A woman by the name of Stephanie McAfee wrote a book called "Diary of a Mad Fat Girl" (fiction book - nothing to do with politics) and I read it and thought it was HORRIBLE - full of cliches and there were a ton of spelling errors. It was also far fetched and the plot became outlandish mid way through. But guess what folks - in the true spirit of independence and the American Dream - Stephanie's book was one of the first self published e-books to hit the NYT bestseller list. CRAZY! She ended up getting a deal with a major publisher.
So if you have a book in you that will bring home an issue Patriots are concerned about; freedom, Obama's goal of one world (you could write a fictional book based on what our country will look like if that happens!), free markets, etc - sit your butt down and start writing away!
Here's a helpful tip: if you decide to write a book - stop and think if you want to publish it under your real name or if you'd like to use a pen name.
If you can take criticism, and don't care if your boss who is a raging Liberal knows that you wrote a book titled "The Obama Apocalypse" then use your real name.
If you're just testing the waters, a bit timid about the whole thing, use a pen name (you can always change your pen name back to your  real name if you change your mind even after you've published). Please note, many liberals love to post horrible reviews (just as I know conservatives will do the same thing to liberal books).
Don't worry about it being perfect (but do make an effort to be as professional as possible). Like everything, just have fun with it. It doesn't have to be 400 pages long. It can be a short story, a short book, a long essay. Just  make sure it has a point or a plot and is either entertaining or educational or both! As much as I'd love to help you get started, I am in the middle of a million projects (ok, more like 5!) and don't have time to answer questions on how to self publish your book - however - both Kindle/Amazon and Pub It/ have really simple directions and if you have trouble understanding - they have great community boards and people with much more experience than I who are willing to help and generous with their time.
Much luck! If you do publish (or have!), please let me know. I can't promise to read it, but I can offer to link to it. Also, if I put my name on a review, it means I have read the book (so many people don't bother!) and  I mean every word!
The great thing about this action item? It's the PERFECT example of the very thing Patriots are fighting for! Independence, Free Speech, Capitalism!

Here's my review for The Many Lies Of Harrison J. Bounel:
Whether you're a died hard conservative, a libertarian, or relatively new to politics (me) - you will enjoy this book. Mostly because it is laugh out loud funny. I was reading it in bed and woke up my better-half because I kept giggling. This book is a diary in 2 parts - using the "voice" of a parody Obama. And the other voice is that of Harrison J Bounel (he is the thought provoking voice that makes the reader stop to think and consider what Obama's agenda really is) an alias that is linked with Obama and with terrorist Bill Ayers. I had never heard Obama had used that alias but once I started reading the book - it made sense why he would. At first, when I heard about the story being scrubbed from the internet, I rolled my eyes and thought "OH, another conspiracy story." But when you stop to think about - all past Presidents have their whole lives open and available for scrutiny - yet Obama has kept everything locked up tightly. College transcripts? Grades? School information? Anyway - I digress. This book is quite entertaining in that it take a diary approach to the Obama administration starting from May 2, 2011 and ends on Dec 25, 2011. It includes photos (many funny)and Obama's viewpoint (he comes across as thinking Michelle is quite a nag - and Joe Biden is quite a dufus). In between all the humor, Harrison J Bounel "speaks" - observing that Obama's (known at the Other One)words and his actions point 2 totally separate ideals. I really enjoyed this quick, easy, funny read and would highly recommend it. And at 1.99? You can "gift" it to other conservatives, or better yet, to anyone who is "on the fence" about voting for Obama.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 8 - Breitbart in Action - Say No To Washington Pork

Say it Aint So!!!

I love pork. Bacon is a sure sign there is a heaven and God wants us to be happy. However, I think pork belongs on the table, not in Washington.
Recently I read a disturbing article on about the possible return of earmarks. Click here for link to story. 

The way I see it, we have way too many laws as it is, and if our Washington representatives think that the only way to move bills through both houses is to attach monetary rewards to them... that defeats EVERYTHING.

I honestly can't think of ONE good thing about an earmark. Please take the time out to write or tweet to the people listed below and let them know what you think about spending YOUR money on earmarks. I'm crushed to learn that Louis Gohmert was among those wanting a return to the practice of bribery.
These are the people mentioned in the article - this by no means is a list of Reps. who support earmarks, only the ones mentioned in the Breitbart article.

Representatives Mike Rogers of Alabama, @RepMikeRogersA


Louis Gohmert @replouiegohmert and Kay Granger @RepKayGranger, both Texas Republicans

Steven LaTourette @SteveLaTourette (R-OH)

I'm proud to say that my Senator, Pat Toomey @SenToomey  is behind a bill to permanently eliminate earmarks (and he also opposes SOPA/PIPA) ! Along with Claire McCaskill!/clairecmc  (D-MO)

Bookmark this website to keep your eye on wasteful government spending: Citizen Against Government Waste

FDR used it to great effect and President Nixon is reported to have used earmarks to help win support for re-election by sending funds to key states or voting blocs.
But President Obama has vastly expanded the practice.
Numbers from the non-partisan Congressional Research Service show that the value of administration earmarks under President Obama increased by a 126 percent in his first two years in office and the actual number of administrative earmarks increased by 54 percent!

Do it for freedom. Do it for fun. Do it for America. Do it for Breitbart.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 7 - Breitbart in Action - Talk to Kids

 My parents never talked about politics when I was growing up.
I never talked politics to my kids...until  now.
I was shocked to learn that my daughter, in Junior High, was giving a test in Social Studies to determine if she was Democrat or Republican. Turns out, she's Democrat. I asked her best friend if she had taken the test - guess what - she was Democrat! The whole CLASS was Democrat. Of course, because the teacher created the test and portrayed the Democrat party as the most compassionate and caring!
So I make it a point to talk to not only my daughter, but her friends too, about what is happening to this country and how do they feel about it?
But for the simplest, easy demonstration of Democrat V Conservative - I always give this example: "What if  you work really hard all semester and get straight A's on your report card? How would you feel?"
"Then, what if your teacher explained to you that Billy had not worked hard, had played XBOX, and got all F's. The teacher feels it's not fair that someone should succeed while another fails - so she says she's going to split your A's with Billy. That way you'll both get C's and everyone will be even, and it will be fair."
"I would say NO! I worked hard!"
And then I explain that Democrats want to take away from the successful and like to use the word "fair" in order to make other people feel guilty. That one example does more to wake kids up - actually, even when I use it on adults, it suddenly makes sense.
It's important we find out what kids are being taught in schools these days, and it's important that we talk about politics in such a way that kids can relate to it - the earlier we start - the better.

Do it for freedom. Do it for fun. Do it for America. Do it for Breitbart

Jim Bell - Producer Fired From NBC for Doctoring Zimmerman 911 Call

(Scroll down for update if you've already read)

NBC reported that they fired the producer responsible for doctoring George Zimmerman's 911 call to make it seem as if Zimmerman was a racist - thus inflaming the black community and giving race baiter's Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson ammunition.
NBC didn't release the name of the producer fired - but an unconfirmed leak reports it is producer Jim Bell.
Does it matter that the reports aren't confirmed? Does it matter that I don't have all the facts? Well, turn about is fair play, isn't it? Did NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and CNN have all the facts before they started reporting on the Trayvon Martin story? No, not at all, but that didn't stop them from reporting the story, and reporting it in a very biased way - not only that, but as evidenced by news that 911 clips have not only been edited to make Zimmerman appear to be a racist, but now there is evidence that the call was altered to make it seem as if Zimmerman called him a coon - which he did not.
It took a case like this to prove what Anderw Breitbart and Conservatives have been saying for years now- that media is sleeping in the bed of liberalism and not living up to their ethical duty to report news in a "FAIR" and unbiased manner.
 But what do they report? They report that the GOP has a war on women - instead of reporting news that is relevant to Americans: Unemployed women under Obama has risen from 7.0 to 8.1. The poverty rate of women has risen from 13.9 to 14.5 THE HIGHEST IN 17 YEARS. The poverty rate for black women? 25.6. For Hispanics - 25%.
Instead, they try to divert America's attention away from the horrible economy, the rising gas prices, Obamas war on American Energy, Obama's outlandish vacations at the expense of tax payers and the Govt's outlandish spending on Govt. functions - by thinking women are dumb enough to be concerned about birth control rather than finding a job to support their family.
They taint the news to divert attention away from the fact that blacks are suffering more now under the 1st black president of the United States than any other President. Instead of reporting the news - they spin it to divert our attention: OMG - some poor black kid was murdered in cold blooded by a white (as initially reported) racist man!!
If the news lived up to their ethical standards - American's would be saying; OMG - Obama's administration has put more people on foodstamps and welfare than any other President!
American's are slowly waking up and turning to places like Breitbart.Com - who was the first to expose the NBC 911 doctoring, the first to zoom in on the video showing Zimmerman getting out of the police car and that he did indeed have a large laceration to the back of his head).
This proves you can fool some American's some of the time - and you can fool Liberal's 100% of the time. Thankfully, however, the majority of this country still believes in the Constitution, and our voices are getting louder by the minute.
Unlike Main Steam Media, Truth will always prevail.
Jim Bell has recently protected his Twitter account, but you can still send him a tweet or two and let him know what he did was unethical! @jfb  and add the hashtag #teamdueprocess
Wife is Angelique Febles Bell (was also a producer at NBC) @angeliquebell (twitter)

Contact info as found on 411 Directory
James F Bell
38 Byfield Lane (bought for almost 2 million dollars - hope George Zimmerman sues him - seems only "fair" as Obama likes to say)
Greenwich CT -06830
NBC Today Show (212) 664- 3734
Primary Phone: (212) 664-4602
Secondary Phone: (212) 664-4444
Home: (203) 625-7019 (as of 4/7/12) - I called and spoke with Jim, asked if the reports were true and he hung up without answering.

UPDATE 4/9/2012: Spoke with Jim Bell's secretary today. Poor girl has to work while Mr. Bell is having a holiday - nice to know some people are enjoying themselves, unlike George Zimmerman who was made to look like a racist through the hands of selective editing by NBC.
Mr. Bell has not been fired. And when I asked his secretary if she knew which producer had been fired she said no. I said, 'You know who has been fired but can't say? Or you don't know the name of the producer NBC is claiming they fired?"
She said, "I actually don't know who's been fired."
Quite frankly, I think I've joined the camp of those who say since NBC isn't releasing a name, no one has been fired. They've already proven their excellent at Obama's game of deceit in the name of ratings - despite the consequences of personal harm to innocent people. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 6 - Breitbart In Action - Obama's War On Women

Today, Obama is  holding a women's forum at the White House saying Republican policies would reverse progress that his administration has made.I'm sorry, what progress would that be? According to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics: Unemployment under Obama has risen from 7.0 to 8.1. The poverty rate of women has risen from 13.9 to 14.5 THE HIGHEST IN 17 YEARS. The poverty rate for black women? 25.6. For Hispanics - 25%.
But Obama is banking his election on dumbing down women (well, Democrat and Indpendent Women, because Conservative and Libertarian women are smart enough not to fall for his birth control fictional story line.) So, when the Liberals accuse you of not being on the side of women, mention the above numbers. To The Mattresses!

Since Obama Took Office, The Unemployment Rate For Women Has Increased From 7.0 Percent To 8.1 Percent. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 4/6/12)
  • Since The Stimulus Was Passed, The Unemployment Rate For Women Has Increased From 7.3 Percent To 8.1 Percent. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 4/6/12)
Since Obama Took Office, The Number Of Female Employees Has Declined By 683,000. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 4/6/12)
The Female Labor Force Participation Rate Fell In March From 57.9 Percent To 57.7 Percent. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 4/6/12)
  • The Number Of Women Not In The Labor Force In March Increased From 52.8 Million To 53.1 Million.  (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Accessed 4/6/12)
 “The Poverty Rate Among Women Rose To 14.5 Percent Last Year, Up From 13.9 Percent In 2009—The Highest Rate In 17 Years.” (Leslie Bennetts, “Women: The Invisible Poor,” The Daily Beast, 9/14/11)
  • The Extreme Poverty Rate – Income Below Half Of Federal Poverty Line – Is The Highest Ever Recorded Among Women. “The ‘extreme poverty rate’ among women was the highest ever recorded, climbing to 6.3 percent in 2010 from 5.9 percent in 2009. ‘Extreme poverty’ means that your income is below half of the federal poverty line—and by 2010, more than 7.5 million women had fallen into that dire category.” (Leslie Bennetts, “Women: The Invisible Poor,” The Daily Beast, 9/14/11)
In 2010, 17 Million Women Lived In Poverty, Compared To 12.6 Million Men. “What all those statistics add up to is that more than 17 million women were living in poverty last year, compared with 12.6 million men. As usual, things were worse for older women; twice as many women over 65 were living in poverty, compared with men.” (Leslie Bennetts, “Women: The Invisible Poor,” The Daily Beast, 9/14/11)
  • The Poverty Rate Is 25.6 Percent For Black Women And 25 Percent For Hispanic Women. “And those numbers just represented the population-wide average. For Hispanic and black women, the poverty rate increased even faster and rose higher—to 25 percent for Hispanic women and to 25.6 percent for black women.” (Leslie Bennetts, “Women: The Invisible Poor,” The Daily Beast, 9/14/11)
  • More Than 40 Percent Of Single Mothers Live In Poverty. “As usual, single mothers are having the hardest time of all. More than 40 percent of women who head families are now living in poverty. With more than half of poor children living in female-headed families in 2010, the child poverty rate jumped to 22 percent.” (Leslie Bennetts, “Women: The Invisible Poor,” The Daily Beast, 9/14/11)
The Failure Of Obamanomics Could “Put A Dent” In Female Support For Obama
“Women Aren't Faring As Well As Other Groups In The Job Market's Recovery And That Could Put A Dent Into Their Support For President Obama.”  (Vicki Needham, “Slower Job Growth For Women Voters Could Cost Obama In Election,” The Hill’s “On The Money,” 3/25/12)

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