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Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Lion Destroys Obama's Weekly Class Warfare Address

This is the transcript of Obama's Saturday Morning Address - I've corrected Obama's lies and pointed out some facts he conveniently likes to forget.

Over the last few months, I’ve been talking about a choice we face as a country.  We can either settle for an economy where a few people do really well and everyone else struggles to get by, or we can build an economy where hard work pays off again – where everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules.  That’s up to us.

Fact) Hard Work does not pay off. Obama wants to take money from those who are successful. 
Obama and the Govt reward being reckless or mismanaging a company or your fiances by bailing failing companies, banks, and people out while those that manage to work hard and make their payments on time get nothing. Those who work hard and have created job and help the economy by spending money get penalized and demonized by Obama.

Today, I want to talk to you about the idea that everyone in this country should do their fair share.

Fact) The top 1% pay 38% of income tax, the top 10% pay 70%, the bottom 50% pay less than 2.7%. Who’s not paying their fair share? 

Now, if this were a perfect world, we’d have unlimited resources.  No one would ever have to pay any taxes, and we could spend as much as we wanted.  But we live in the real world.  We don’t have unlimited resources.  We have a deficit (deficits that  he continues to drive up!) that needs to be paid down.

Fact) The defict grew in 3 years and 2 months under Obama more than it did in 8 years under Bush
Fact) He broke his promise to cut the deficit in half during his first term

And we also have to pay for investments that will help our economy grow and keep our country safe: education, research and technology, a strong military, and retirement programs like Medicare and Social Security.

Fact) Obama lost billions of taxpayer dollars by "investing" in energy alternatives that his crony friends ran. Ener1, Solyndra, to name a few. 

Fact) Education -Granted waivers to 10 states that failed to meet education standards if they accepted administration-approved policies  Half of America's schools failed federal standards in 2011. If you haven't seen the movie Waiting For Superman, I suggest you watch it. If you don't want to watch it, please read this review. If you don't feel like reading any of it, let Obama's actions speak thru his words: He sends his daughters to one of the most expensive private schools. Why does he do that? Because he knows public education schools are failing. Despite the high amount of money that Govt continues to dump into it - mainly into teacher's unions. Education in the Obama White House is about keeping teacher's happy, not about educating our children. 

Fact) Research and Technology - (see the Solyndra link above) as well as this list of  Obama's crony capitalist friends 

That means we have to make choices.  When it comes to paying down the deficit and investing in our future, should we ask middle-class Americans to pay even more at a time when their budgets are already stretched to the breaking point? (Obama promised not to raise the taxes on middle class Americans making less than 250,000 - but he did.)   Or should we ask some of the wealthiest Americans to pay their fair share?

That’s the choice.  Over the last decade, we’ve spent hundreds of billions of dollars on what was supposed to be a temporary tax cut for the wealthiest two percent of Americans.  Now we’re scheduled to spend almost a trillion more. Today, the wealthiest Americans are paying taxes at one of the lowest rates in 50 years.  Warren Buffett is paying a lower rate than his secretary. (Because Buffett doesn't pay himself a salary and makes his money manipulating Capital Gains and his stocks)  Meanwhile, over the last 30 years, the tax rates for middle class families have barely budged.

That’s not fair.  It doesn’t make any sense.  Do we want to keep giving tax breaks to the wealthiest Americans like me, or Warren Buffett, (Warren Buffet owes 1 billion dollars in back taxes) or Bill Gates – people who don’t need them and never asked for them?  Or do we want to keep investing in things that will grow our economy and keep us secure (No, not when Obama is investing in these projects that have all gone bankrupt and instead of  approving the XL Pipeline and approving more drilling requests which would not only increase our oil but create job growth NOW)   Because we can’t afford to do both. (Meaning, he'd rather risk losing more taxpayer money and penalizing successful people for his repeated bad "luck" at the roulette wheel of energy.)

Fact) Obama (and the Democrats) had the chance to repeal the Bush tax cuts for high earners, but he SIGNED a bill to extend them (a bill that some Republicans and Independents didn't want extended!) 

Now, some people call this class warfare.  But I think asking a billionaire to pay at least the same tax rate as his secretary is just common sense.  We don’t envy success in this country.  We aspire to it. (why aspire to success when the bailouts and handouts go to the lazy and reckless? Why aspire to success when those hard workers are then punished and their success is given to away?)  But we also believe that anyone who does well for themselves should do their fair share in return, so that more people have the opportunity to get ahead – not just a few.

Fact) Who is to decide what "fair share" means. The Govt? So perhaps the Govt will decide that to make school more "fair" - those kids who study and get A's - should have to share their grade with those who are not as smart or who don't work as hard.  What is to stop the Govt from saying, "It's not fair that people should have 2 cars while other's have none." - and then anyone who has 2 cars must donate to those who have none. 

That’s the America I believe in.  And in the next few weeks, Members of Congress will get a chance to show you where they stand.  Congress is going to vote on what’s called the Buffett Rule: If you make more than $1 million a year, you should pay at least the same percentage of your income in taxes as middle class families do.

 FACT) This year those earning over $1 million will pay, on average, 29.1 percent on federal taxes.  Those earning between $50,000 and $75,000 will pay 15 percent. Do the math, people. 

On the other hand, if you make under $250,000 a year – like 98 percent of American families do – your taxes shouldn’t go up.  You’re the ones struggling with the rising cost of everything from college tuition to groceries (why is everything so expensive? Oh, maybe because gas is so high! Maybe because Obama keeps raising taxes on those who create jobs - from the small business owner to the large corporations. Maybe because Obama threatened the country with Obamacare - and employers were afraid to hire because they couldn't afford to pay for healthcare as mandated.)   You’re the ones who deserve a break. (Our break will come when Obama is no longer President.)

So every Member of Congress is going to go on record.  And if they vote to keep giving tax breaks to people like me – tax breaks our country can’t afford – then they’re going to have to explain to you where that money comes from.  Either it’s going to add to our deficit, or it’s going to come out of your pocket.  Seniors will have to pay more for their Medicare benefits.  Students will see their interest rates go up at a time when they can’t afford it.  Families who are scraping by will have to do more because the richest Americans are doing less. (And the rich - the employers - the successful will have no incentive to do more if you, Obama continue to punish their success and take away from them - and then who will you come after? The middle class?)

That’s not right.  That’s not who we are.   In America, our story has never been about what we can do by ourselves – it’s about what we can do together.

FACT)- WOW - sorry Obama, your love of socialism is showing. America's story has always been about what we can do as individuals - WITHOUT the interference of Government. What the individual can do to help himself and his neighbor. Not what about the Govt decides is fair, who should win, who should lose. That is WHY the American Revolution occurred - it was about GAINING INDEPENDENCE you complete, utter MORON.  America was built on Individualism! The people who built this country revolted against Big Govt and  high taxes. America was built by hard work, minimal government, freedom and liberty. Is is about what WE THE PEOPLE can do together, for ourselves, for each other, not what the GOVT says we should do. Not what YOU say what we should do. 

It’s about believing in our future and the future of this country.  So tell your Members of Congress to do the right thing.  Call them up, write them a letter, pay them a visit, and tell them to stop giving tax breaks to people who don’t need them and start investing in the things that will help our economy grow and put people back to work (great advice Obama - why don't you invest in granting more drilling permits, why don't you pass the XL Pipeline? Why did you put more restriction on coal plants - thus costing jobs and increasing energy costs of Americans yet again?)

That’s how we’ll make this country a little fairer, a little more just and a whole lot stronger.  Thank you.  

FACT)  Just as in justice?  Like, Allowing weapons to pass into the hands of Mexican drug cartels which were later linked to deaths of American border patrol agents? And then allowing Eric Holder to keep his job?  Just as in justice - like killing of an American overseas without due process and authorizing the assassination of US citizens abroad, an unprecedented declaration of executive power  AND yet Eric Holder wants to bring charges against CIA officers who were involved in using coercive, or enhanced, interrogation techniques on al-Qaida detainees like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the planner of the 9/11 attacks. 

 We the people Thank You, Obama for your complete lack of respect and understanding of the Constitution is becoming more abundantly clear with each passing day. You are waking up sleeping lions - lions who will ferociously fight to keep freedom alive. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Road We've Traveled With Obama - Wake Up Voters

April is For Action - How To Wake Voters and Make Lions Out of Sheep

"Once we roared like lions for liberty; now we bleat like sheep for security! The solution for America's problem is not in terms of big government, but it is in big men and women over whom nobody stands in control but God." ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Aprils 1st marks 1 month since freedom warriors lost a great enthusiastic leader when Andrew Breitbart suddenly went to the endless Happy Hour in the sky.
His death lit a fire under my butt to focus more on action - on doing what I can to engage, entertain, and educate the sheeple who are purposely ignorant or simply blissfully unaware and unawake (not a word, but go with it) like I once was.
So the month of April will be spent in Action as a tip of the hat to Andrew.
Every day starting April 1st, I'll write a short blog  on action ideas for freedom warriors committed to stopping Obama's destruction of this country. I'll post the action ideas on 
I often find there is so much information about the political shenanigans going on, but I find very little information on how I can help to turn the Obama tide. I don't belong to a tea party or organized group (yet!), most of my friends aren't politically aware (yet!), I don't have connections like Breitbart had, what the hell can I do? The answer, I've discovered, is more like asking, what can't I do? Because what I've been learning is that the possibilities of one person with no connections is endless! You can make a difference - you don't have to have Breitbart's connections but you do have to have enthusiasm, fearlessness, determination, and a sense of humor helps. For me, being Breitbart means making freedom fashionable and exposing socialism for what it really is - slavery. For me, being Breitbart means leading the sheep out of their pasture of entrapment and turn them into Lions where they will ferociously defend freedom against Big Govt and Small Liberal Minds.
I've decided to change up the TeamBreitbart website and dedicate it to showcasing #iAmBreitbart #teambreitbart #WeAreBreitBart warriors who've been inspired by him and who continue to #War and #Vet and contribute to the fight for freedom. This is an ongoing tribute that will hopefully inspire other "closet" warriors - and will also feature clips of videos/quotes/photos from the Happy Warrior - in case you need a bit of encouragement for those days when the stupidity of the liberals is just too much to take!
Do it for freedom. Do it for fun. Do it for America. Do it for Breitbart.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Harrison J. Bounel - The Other Obama

Harrison J. Bounel is (possibly) an Obama alias that was discovered connected to his Connecticut SSN, Harrison J. Bounel.  Jerome Corsi dug into this story and as soon as information about this alias began to appear on line, the information was quickly scrubbed from databases, click here for interesting article: "Harrison" joined Facebook and now has over 4100 friends dedicated to ridiculing and exposing Obama and the left.
And Harrison decided to get his story out to the public and wrote The Many Lies of Harrison J. Bounel as told to Peggy Knutson. It's available as an ebook on  LuLu for the astonishing price of 1.99 (soon to be found on Amazon, hopefully!). Of course, at this price, one must think that Harrison is  NOT Obama as he is not charging $$38,000 for the privilege of a glimpse of the King.
What follows in an excerpt:

From The Many Lies Of Harrison J. Bounel:

My Friend,
You ask why I should peek out of the obscurity of the wormhole and
expose myself on a social media site. I ask “Why not?”
The Other One insulates himself in a cocoon of sycophants and
manipulators. The wheels of change have been set in motion and The
Other One can sit back, behind a facade of ennui and weariness, and
watch as the wheels turn. The manipulators will power and steer the
wheels. He merely needs to gently push. His job is to keep his aims and
those of his manipulators hidden.
I, Harrison J. Bounel, was not content to stay hidden. I longed for
friends, like you, who would feed me, challenge me, humor me.
Or perhaps, the wormhole wanted to suck you into its convoluted world
of darkness and secrets. Sometimes the wormhole wants what it wants
I present the following not as fact. Nor as purely fiction. It is for the most
part hearsay, or perhaps, some might say, heresy.
But I am merely a fictional character, a caricature. Or am I? Which
persona is fiction and which is not? Or is the answer something else
entirely? It is not black or white. I can tell you that I am an invention, a
product of fraud and treachery designed to deceive. I choose to present
myself as something other than what I am. I have only promised a
distraction from the workings of the wheels of change. I have never
promised truth.
Truth is relative. It is written on the walls of the wormhole.

In many ways both I, Harrison J. Bounel, and The Other One can claim
Bill Ayers as our father. The Other One is, in whole or part, a product of
Ayers. And I am part of the manufacturing process which produced The
Other One. But that is a relationship, born in the wormhole, which
remains purposely obscured.
Like a father, did Ayers bestow a name on a nameless one? Or at least
a number? The Social Security number, the one I share with The Other
One, was issued in Connecticut in 1977. The former ‘60s radical was
living as a fugitive at that time, in an underground wormhole of his own,
adopting aliases and creating identities. Was 042-68-4425 a spare
number that was never used by the fugitive’s underground network, only
to be found useful in an intersecting wormhole?
There are many secrets and many unanswered (and unasked)
The Other One’s biological father, however, was the mystery I knew my
imaginary friends would want me to reveal.

My Current Employer
Puppet for George Soros

Current Project
New World Order

The Muslim Brotherhood (The Bro's for short) and I are cutting that
uppity Israel down to size - 1967 size.

My Previous Employment
I never had a real job - I was a Community Organizer

About Me
I don't believe in exceptionalism, except, of course, my own.

View more at

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mika Questions Obamacare

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Joe, Mika and the Rev. Al Sharpton shared their thoughts today about the ruling:

Joe Scarborough: Rev. Sharpton, a lot of people are going to focus on the abortion side of this and on the contraception and the sterilization. Those specific issues, but this is a much larger issue for clergy, for members of the church who have to be wondering if the federal government can do this to the Catholic Church, can they not do this to any church?

Rev. Al Sharpton: No, I think you have to have the reverse argument, and that is if I want to seek employment and have employment in a church but that I disagree with the dogma and theology of the church, do I have the right to be protected by law? And I think that what the Obama administration is saying that you do not have to follow the tenets of a church organization to be an employee of a church.

Scarborough: Do you think this is a good decision?

Sharpton: If we are going to have a separation of church and state, we’re going to have a separation of church and state. Whether I would personally agree with the decision or not, the question is do I have a right to make that law?

Scarborough: Do other clergy that you know think this is a good decision?

Sharpton: A lot of clergy I know disagree with it, but a lot of clergy I know disagree with a lot of things. It doesn’t mean you don’t take a principled decision. Clearly this is not calculated by politics, this is based on principle.

Mika Brzezinski: Obviously they’re getting money from the government. Having said that, the Catholic religion believes certain things; they believe it to be fact. And so you’re asking them not to be Catholic if you impose these regulations on them.

Scarborough: You have a lot of Catholics who are pro-choice who were offended by this decision…The very idea that a centralized government, a centralized state can reach out and tell the church...Kathleen Parker put it this way “You have to forfeit your most fundamental beliefs or face prohibitive penalties or close hospitals, schools, charities, etc…” I must say it’s a staggering, staggering decision by HHS…[to Mika] You’re a Catholic. What are your thoughts?

Brzezinski: I think it’s wrong; I agree with you. And I think it was an overstep.

Later in the conversation:

Scarborough: If you are offended by the theology of the Catholic church, then do not work for Catholic institutions.

The Real Trayvon Martin

Update: I wrote this story to show how the media was biased - the media only showed sweet pictures of Trayvon, playing on the hearts of people. The media set up the situation to fan the flames of race, of anger and even initially reported that Zimmerman was white. On Monday, the 26th, I innocently stumbled on information about the Trayvon Martin the media chose not to report. Then Zimmerman's story started to come out. Now I'm being attacked for being racist because I'm giving people the other side of the story as more and more details come forward.

Now I'm racist. Now I'm being judged for simply publishing facts. Hmmmm, interesting! Zimmerman's father, a retired judge, wrote a letter to the Orlando Sentinel and said that, there are in fact, black family members and that George tutored (for free) black children on the weekend. It's not an issue of race, it's an issue of SELF DEFENSE. 

How about this? On Feb 29th 2012, in Kansas MO, a 13 year old white boy on the porch of his house was rushed by 2 black teenagers who threw gas on him, lit him on fire, and said "You get what you deserve white boy." The boy suffered 1st degree burns on head/face. Did you hear about that story on the news? Why not? Because the white boy doesn't resemble Obama's son (if he had one?). Because he's white, so he deserved it? 

You should be pissed off that media, that Sharpton, Jackson, and Obama is trying to divide us instead of uniting us. If you want to be angry - direct it at the media who spin things for ratings - who beat the drums of fear and hate and rage.

Hey Race Baiters, Fuck Off. Watch the video I've embedded at the bottom of this post by former NAACP Rev. C.L. Bryant before leaving me a comment. The fact you've bought into this media story (like I did) but didn't realize quite soon how you'd played right into their hands (like I did) proves you are willing to be led around like a blind deaf idiot and can't think for yourself. You can be molded and exploited easily you are a sheep. Thinkers will search out the facts, think before reacting, and can stand on their on two feet, they are leaders, lions. Lions Lead and Thrive. Sheep Follow and Die. 

What follows below is my original story followed by an update on new details of the story in which an eye witness states Zimmerman was being beat up by Martin. 

March 26th -
If you are like me, when you saw the picture of Trayvon Martin being blasted on media sites, you thought how in the world could anyone think a sweet looking kid like Trayvon be a "threat" to anyone? If you are like me, when the story first broke, you listened to main stream media who said that the killer of Trayvon was George Zimmerman, a white man - that this killing was racially motivated.

The real Trayvon had a Twitter account (which has been pulled, but luckily, people had screenshot of it before it was taken down)
His name was @No_Limit_Nigga
Mainstream media didn't bother to then report that they falsely reported Zimmerman was white, he is actually Hispanic. The mainstream media didn't bother to tell you that the picture they were showing you was taken when Trayvon was 12.
If you are like  me, you probably convicted George Zimmerman of killing Trayvon - if you believed what you were hearing from the media.
But then, THANK GOD there are actual JOURNALISTS who work to uncover the facts - and this is what you are not hearing from the mainstream media, from the Black Panthers (who have called for vigilantes to kill George Zimmerman), nor from President Obama, who commented on the the death of Trayvon - yet - he hasn't bothered to comment on the murder of any other children. Is the death of a black teenager worse than the death of a white, Asian, Hispanic, teenager?
Here's a Tweet from Google Cache  from Skee Dollas Nick on Feb 28th sent out to Trayvon after his death it says:

If there is any wake up call for you to stop watching mainstream media, this is IT.  If you insist on watching mainstream media news, please, for just one week, watch Fox News. If you refuse to watch it, you are unwilling to open your mind. Read and 

What about George Zimmerman? Tried, convicted, and now on the Black Panthers hit list. Remember the Duke Lacrosse players/coach whose lives were ruined because black woman Crystal Mangum cried "RAPE!" and the liberal media, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson all jumped aboard.

There is also been a reference to Trayvon having been suspended for 10 days due to the fact he allegedly hit a bus driver and was found with an empty marijuana bag. On Facebook on February 5th, his friend posts on his wall asking to talk business. Trayvon says he doesn’t have a phone available and his friend says, “Damn were u at a nigga needa plant.”

Same thing is happening in this case, yet even Obama is sticking his 2 cents in - so much for bringing everyone  together as he had promised.  If Obama really cares about "uniting" us - he should have said that we shouldn't rush to judge anyone - until Zimmerman is tried (even arrested!) we should not judge. We should not judge on this crime based on color or age or wealth - because any death is a tragedy. Obama should have brought up that the 10,000 bounty the New Black Panthers are offering for the death of Zimmerman is Illegal and does exactly what Zimmerman may have done to Trayvon: rushed to judgement. Obama could have turned this into a teachable moment, instead, he inflamed it and made us more fractured. I learned a huge lesson about judgement and a huge lesson (again!) about taking media at face value.The USA is torn apart now more than ever - because the liberals want to keep the race war alive - they seem to be the only group that hasn't realized we've all been getting along for many years. Instead, they want to continue to vilify the white and the right as the villians keeping them enslaved, yet it's the Left that is keeping the black community under employed (15.9 unemployment rate), on Welfare, and beholden to Government.

UPDATE: on 2/26/2012 From the Orlando Senteniel

Police have been reluctant to provided details about all their evidence, but this is what they've disclosed to the Sentinel:

Zimmerman was on his way to the grocery store when he spotted Trayvon walking through his gated community.

Trayvon was visiting his father's fiancée, who lived there. He had been suspended from school in Miami after being found with an empty marijuana baggie. Miami schools have a zero-tolerance policy for drug possession.

Zimmerman called police and reported a suspicious person, describing Trayvon as black, acting strangely and perhaps on drugs.

Zimmerman got out of his SUV to follow Trayvon on foot. When a dispatch employee asked Zimmerman if he was following the 17-year-old, Zimmerman said yes. The dispatcher told Zimmerman he did not need to do that.

There is about a one-minute gap during which police say they're not sure what happened.

Zimmerman told them he lost sight of Trayvon and was walking back to his SUV when Trayvon approached him from the left rear, and they exchanged words.

Trayvon asked Zimmerman if he had a problem. Zimmerman said no and reached for his cell phone, he told police.

Trayvon then said, "Well, you do now" or something similar and punched Zimmerman in the nose.

Zimmerman fell to the ground and Trayvon got on top of him and began slamming his head into the sidewalk, he told police.

Zimmerman began yelling for help.

Several witnesses heard those cries, and there's been a dispute about from whom they came: Zimmerman or Trayvon.

Lawyers for Trayvon's family say it was Trayvon, but police say their evidence indicates it was Zimmerman.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Be Not Afraid. Be Not A Sheep. A Wake Up Call For Voters.

Painting by Jon McNaughton. 
Wake Up, Friends! Wake Up, Voters! Wake Up, Sheep!

There is no excuse for dishonesty, corruptness, and poor behavior by members of Congress and the White House.
If an ever increasing weakening economy, dependency of foreign oil (when there is more than 60% of untapped reserves in our backyard), high employment rate, govt schools turning out uneducated children, and our freedoms rapidly falling by the wayside, under reported by the media who are in the pocket of the White House, isn't enough to wake you up, then when you find yourself enslaved to the government, you will have no one to blame but yourself.

If a family member or close friend is threatened, I become a lion;I feel a personal sense of violation. If my country is threatened, my patriotism soars  and my blood boils. We are all in jeopardy here. The Obama administration is fostering chaos and anger - turning blacks against whites, success against failure, women against man.
Instead of empowering people through freedom and opportunity, Obama is over regulating and enslaving people, promising them welfare and safety - giving birth to entitlement: a "me" mentality that feeds on blame, complaint and grievance.  It  couples discontent with the life you have and the life you feel you are somehow "owed."  This combination traps people into relying on the government - you can't find  any sort of happiness or inner peace.   Instead of our current dissolution and chaos, we must reunite and roar like the lion we are, the father/mother/brother/sister who is reacting to a wrong done to a family member - because we are all in this together. 

Action is crucial. Do not be afraid to be the lion - for if you are not the lion, then you are the sheep. Lions eat sheep. You need to draw a line in the sand and take a stand. To take a stand is not being the bad guy. It is quite the opposite, it is to be lauded; taking a stand with very clearly defined consequences is being responsible. We need to do more than simply reacting, we need to be pro-active and pre-emptive.

We must wake from our political sleep,  erase our apathy and above all, we must revisit the Constitution and hold not just Obama, but all elected Congress men and women to abide by the Constitution.

We are Americans -  varied and mixed cultures, peoples with differing origins, of diverse religious affiliations; We must refuse to listen and  participate with those who seek to turn one group against another by bringing up injustice that occurred, was then realized, and then overcome. If we allow Obama, or the Government, to make us feel one group is better than another, we are falling into their trap of anger and victimization.

Leave your sheep out in the pasture and welcome to the den of freedom, liberty and opportunity. This is your wake up call, America. Join the lions who realize that a government that promises a safety net is in reality, entrapping you in a web of dependency; where you become a slave to the government.

We didn't accept slavery then, and we've come too far to accept it now.

"Once we roared like lions for liberty; now we bleat like sheep for security! The solution for America's problem is not in terms of big government, but it is in big men and women over whom nobody stands in control but God." ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Malia Obama In Mexico - Obama Orders Media To Scrub Story

Malia Obama, age 13,  is in Mexico with 12 other friends, and 25 Secret Service Agents.
While she was in Mexico, her mom, was on Letterman, and her father was fundraising.
There are many troubling things about this story, but the most troubling, and most revealing, is that various Media  Outlets first reported the story - AFP, Huffington, the Blaze, and Yahoo, among notable others, and then the story "disappeared" was "scrubbed" from the Internet - proof that the Obama administration is controlling the media - and thus, if media is controlled, aren't people controlled as a by-product?

Of course, there are other reasons to be bothered by this story:

1) Malia was sent to Mexico without parents.
2) The Govt has issued a warning about traveling to Mexico
3) Malia is traveling on tax payer money. No problem with Malia going on vacation, but how about keep tax payer money here, in AMERICA, where the economy sucks due to the incompetent President who would rather golf or hobnob with elite Hollywood than actually do something productive like work.
4) 25 Secret Service agents were sent with Malia - if Obama was that FREAKED OUT about her safety, why send her to Mexico in the first place?

To me, this story shows that yes, Obama is a shitty ass father, but even more than that, he is having the story removed from the Media.

I had feared we were marching, unbeknownst to us, into a Nanny State. The story about Malia in Mexico disappearing has made me realize, we have already arrived.

Of course, after a 7.6 earthquake rocked Mexico - well, that really foiled Obama's attempts at trying to keep the story under wraps, as now people are worried Malia might not be safe.

Glad to know that strangers care more about Malia's safety than her own parents do.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Howard Stern Reveals Ignorant Obama Voters

Bill Maher and Pelosi's daughter travel to the South to make conservative white people look ignorant. How come they don't travel to Harlem and ask black people about Obama...the way Howard Stern did in this funny and revealing radio interview of black Obama supporters who were asked about how they felt about Obama's policies...but inserted McCains policies instead.
The bottom line is, anyone can make anyone look stupid or ignorant.
Thankfully, enough Americans are fed up with the Left Media making their views so transparent and they are digging themselves an early grave, much like the liberal newspapers.
I'm standing by with my shovel and a truckload of dirt.

Nadia Naffe - Professional Liberal Victim - Ignorant Tool

Nadia Naffe is not a conservative. Nadia Naffe claims that she is a disgruntled conservative and became disgruntled after working for James O'Keefe.

Actions speak louder than words, however, and Ms. Naffe has proven, in her actions, that her soul belongs to the Liberals.

In 2004, she sued the Republican National Committee and the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign, alleging that she was the victim of racial discrimination and a racially hostile work environment  during her year-long job.

In 2001 she was arrested and charged with domestic abuse.

And her latest target? James O'Keefe - she sued him but that case was also thrown out for lack of evidence.

The true mark of a liberal is by playing the victim using skin color and sex - and pointing the finger at Conservatives.

As usually, the liberals are circling their wagons, and even though James O'Keefe has not had a trial nor been convicted, he has been convicted by brainwashed tools who fail to look at facts - much like other cases of women using their skin color and crying rape for attention:

Tawana Brawley -  accused 6 white men, including members of the NYPD of a vicious rape attack. On October 6, 1988, the Abrams Grand Jury released its 170-page report concluding Brawley had not been abducted, assaulted, raped and sodomized, as had been claimed by Brawley.To issue the report, the Grand Jury heard from 180 witnesses, saw 250 exhibits and recorded more than 6,000 pages of testimony.
The grand jury noted many problems with her story; the rape kit results did not indicate sexual assault. Also, despite her claim of having been held captive for days, Brawley was not suffering from exposure, was well-nourished. Despite her clothing being charred, there were no burns on her body. A shoe she was wearing was cut through, yet she had no injuries to her foot. The racial epithets written on her body were upside down, which led to suspicion that Brawley had written the words. Testimony from her classmates said she's attended a party during the time of her alleged abduction. One witness claimed to witness Brawley's climbing into the garbage bag.

In March 2006, Crystal Gail Mangum falsely accused three white Duke University students, members of the Duke Blue Devils men's lacrosse team, of raping her at a party held at the house of two of the team's captains in Durham, North Carolina.
In response to the allegations Duke University suspended the lacrosse team for two games on March 28, 2006. On April 5, 2006, Duke lacrosse coach Mike Pressler was forced to resign under threat by athletics director Joe Alleva and Duke President Richard Brodhead canceled the remainder of the 2006 season.
On April 11, 2007, North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper dropped all charges and declared the three players innocent. Cooper stated that the charged players – Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty, and David Evans – were victims of a "tragic rush to accuse." The initial prosecutor for the case Mike Nifong,  withdrew from the case in January 2007 after the North Carolina State Bar filed ethics charges against him. That June, Nifong was disbarred for "dishonesty, fraud, deceit and misrepresentation", making Nifong the first prosecutor in North Carolina history to lose his law license based on actions in a case. Nifong was found guilty of criminal contempt and served one day in jail. Mangum never faced any charges for her false accusations as Cooper declined to prosecute her.

Nafissatou Diallo - On May 14, 2011 the hotel maid accused IMF Leader Dominique Strauss-Kahn of rape  at the Sofitel New York Hotel. The charges were dismissed at the request of the prosecution which pointed out serious doubts after Ms. Diallo's past fabrications of rapes were exposed.   She told prosecutors she was gang raped by soldiers in Guinea, her country of birth, then later admitted she had not been gang raped and that she had made up the story to help gain asylum to the U.S.
She failed to disclose $60,000 in deposits made to her account 'by individuals in four different states'.

When she was asked about the money, she said it was from her fiancé Amara Tarawally - who was convicted of drug offences in Arizona after he tried to buy $36,500 of marijuana from undercover policemen.
While Miss Diallo insisted she had no intention to try cash in on her case against Strauss-Kahn, the papers allege that 'very close in time to these statements, the complainant had a recorded conversation with her incarcerated fiancé, in which the potential for financial recovery in relation to the May 14, 2011 incident was mentioned.'

If Nadia had truly been a victim of the RNC - why would she continue to stand among conservatives?

Nadia has no facts to back up any of her stories - all she has is a mega phone and the Liberal sheep who portend outrage when a liberal woman fictionalizes stories of abuse - yet remain oddly supportive of men like Bill Clinton, John Edwards, and Anthony Weiner who have admitted to sexually demonizing women.

Nadia is the worst poster child for women - she is the type of woman that is easily manipulated and is willing to sacrifice her character in order to be used as a vessel for the power hungry liberals.

Nadia Naffe might call herself a conservative, a political activist, or a feminist.
But her actions show she is nothing more than a professional victim, who intentionally sets herself up in situations and then uses her race and vagina to attack unsuspecting organizations in order to fund her bank account and draw attention to herself - and she does a huge disservice to all woman who are truly victims of rape.

And what about James O'Keefe? I don't know him, but Nadia has waved the flag of racism  against the GOP, and that worked for awhile but ultimately didn't pan out. Now she is waving the flag of rape - and the liberals have convicted Mr. O'Keefe simply because it serves their ideology.

And what of the all the men who were falsely accused and tried by the media in the case of Brawley, Mangum, and Diallo? After the liberal left media smeared their good names, where were the apologies?

Nadia Naffe and belongs in the ignorant tool shed hall of fame.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Obama Apologizes For America - But Doesn't Apologize To America

This is one of my new favorite videos - a list of people/events Obama apologized to - and a list of those he did not...
The biggest apology he owes is to America for ruining our economy and creating hostility between men and women, blacks and whites, and the rich VS everyone else.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Post-It Notes For Freedom! (or how to fight Liberals)

Update: After I wrote this, I discovered Heather Lawvers site: HelloVoter - which is dedicated to getting the word out using PostIt Notes! Please visit and send her pictures of your notes - it's a fabulous site!

Have you ever spotted a NO OBAMA bumper sticker, shirt, or sign while out in the community and felt "YES!!! THANK GOD there are intelligent people like me who realize what Obama and the liberals are doing to destroy the USA!"... Not everyone wants to join a tea party or has the time or money to attend a conference, but here is something all Patriots can do to help wake those sheep for Obama (half of them have NO CLUE that there freedom is rotting away like an apple stuffed in the bottom of the fruit drawer) AND to let other quiet Patriots know - you are NOT ALONE!!! And so, dear friends, please run out to your local store (if you know of any small business owners who are Conservative - try to give them as much biz as you can!)and pick up some Post-It's and a Sharpie marker. Write short slogans on the Post Its - Can u afford 4 more? NO OBAMA! Obama is for drilling - your wallet! No OBAMA! We want our change back! No Obama. I hope the sheep have realized they made a baaad choice - NO OBAMA 2012! Breitbart Was Here. We Are Breitbart. You get the, post one every where you go! At the gas pump. On a bag of chips at the grocery store. In the bathroom stall at the hockey game... you get the idea! Try to be funny and creative. Have fun doing it.
Please send me a picture of any and all you leave behind (or find!). I'd love to do a follow up story using photos! Let's school the ignorant tools!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ignoramus Of the Week: Sandra Fluke

One of the rules of the left movement is to reframe the game - divert attention away from the facts and become OUTRAGED when a Conservative (freedom warrior) calls a spade a spade. 
When Rush Limbaugh injected his humor into the Sandra Fluke story (a diversion by the left - the real story is the Federal Govt is interfering with freedom of religion - but the Left has framed this into a lie that women are being denied birth control. Pulhease!) by saying that a woman who is paid to have sex is called a prostitute - the Left went ballistic! Even Obama threw in his worthless 2 cents and said it was wrong. 
Hmmmm - where was Obama and the left when:
Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a dumb twat?, 

David Letterman calls a teen Bristol Palin a slut
Alan Grayson calls Linda Roberson a Whore

And Ed Schultz calls Laura Ingraham a Slut

Political Correctness  is the great disease of our century, the disease that has left tens of millions of people dead in Europe, in Russia, in China, indeed around the world. It is the disease of ideology. One of the rules of communism is to divide unity - to ignite and incite diversion between groups of people - to create chaos. Once you have chaos, the people look to the government to walk in and save them. This is exactly what the left is doing by keeping the race war alive, rich vs poor, and now, taking the feminist and fueling them to turn against religion and conservatives by saying we don't want women to have birth control. 
Hey, fucking MORONS - a woman can get birth control at any planned parenthood for FREE. 
And by using a 30 year old feminist liberal from Georgetown as the poster Marxist who had to struggle to pay 3,000 in order to have sex while she was in college at Georgetown just - you have just made the point of freedom warriors everywhere - this isn't about feminism - this is about, as Lenin described them - using "useful idiots" to turn ignorant women into tools to divide one group of people against another.  

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shit Sandra Fluke Says

Sandra Fluke is a law "stud"ent at Georgetown U who claims that she can't afford birth control and feels that America owes her free birth control pills so she can have sex. She testified in front of Congress that she had to spend 3,000 dollars in 3 years in order to buy birth control and that she just can't afford it (sob). Estimates using the price of the pill (from 5-50.00 depending on where you buy it- and if you're REALLY broke, you can get it for free at Planned Parenthood) and condoms - shows that, by spending 1,000 a year on Birth Control, Sandra must be having sex 5 times a day (you GO girl!). Rush Limbaugh picked up on the story and said that if our Govt PAYS people to have sex, then, by all accounts, Sandra would be a prostitute, (someone paid to have sex). In an economy where gas is almost 4 bucks, almost HALF of Americans are on Food Stamps, business are shutting down left and right - the Left want you switch the focus to law students having sex and boohoo...they can't afford birth control?? What the fuck is happening to this country???? Hello, people, I think no matter what your political beliefs, our tax $$ could be spent on people who truly deserves soldiers, firemen, police, children...WAKE UP AMERICA!!! JUST SAY NO TO BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT!!!!

Andrew Breitbart: Stop Your Fucking Crying and Kick Some Mother Fucking Liberal Ass!

Thank You, Andrew, you are Epic!
Prior to Obama's election, I'd slowly been waking up to the fact that the essence of Individual freedom - liberty, was eroding away.
I've always had a cheerful spirit - and realized it stems from doing what I want and rebelling against those who try to put me in a box - it took me a hell of a long time to realize that the key to happiness is freedom.
As soon as I understood that w/o freedom - happiness is impossible - I realized that Democrats and Liberals are a threat to freedom. Dems and Libs think they know what is best for everyone - they penalize success, and promise people a 'safety' net  - a safety net which in actuality is a spider web - trapping the individual and creating a state of dependency.
As 2011 came to a close - I decided in 2012 I would seek out as much knowledge as I could about politics. I would study history and read one book a week about politics and or history.
The first book I decided to read was Andrew Breitbart's Righteous Indignation. I choose it because I loved Andrews rebellious spirit. He wasn't afraid to speak his mind, to stand up to loud mouth hypocritical liberals.
Andrew's book was a great read - and to be honest, I've read others since his book, and none have had the PUNCH that Andrews had - none have been quite so interesting. Andrew was once a Democrat, but discovered, like so many others (like me!) that the liberal world is one full of "do as I say, not as I do" - Andrew was one of the first to realize that media and hollywood were being controlled by a liberal agenda - and that people like me (and you and  your neighbors) were existing in state of ignorance - watching our reality TV or the Food Network...following our favorite sports teams, and tuning out the political bullshit. Hey, we still have our freedom!
And that's exactly what the politicians want you to do - tune out while they silently erode our freedoms in the form of regulations and place almost 1/2 this country in a state of welfare and dependency on the Government - by then it will be too late to realize our freedom has slowly declined.
Andrew recognized this -and after some serious soul searching and consideration - knowing that if he decided to expose the liberal left agenda he and his family would be the target of attacks - his easy going life would be turned upside down, filled with friction - but his passion for liberty and freedom was far too powerful to be pushed aside.
He gave up the easy road for the hard road - and he didn't just put one toe in the water to test it out, he cannon-balled.
I'd spent the good part of the last 4 years keeping my political beliefs on the downlow. Wouldn't want to offend the sea of blue liberals I live in.
And then I read Breitbart's book - he had so much more to lose than I did by wearing his politics on his sleeve... And hello...WTF, I always told people the key to happiness was to be themselves - and I believe that's an important key to happiness - but really, you can't be yourself if your freedom is taken away. So freedom is the key ingredient to happiness - much like juniper berries are the key ingredient to gin!
Andrew inspired me to bring my passion for freedom out of the closet. To speak up, speak out, and hopefully educate those who are living in a bubble of ignorance.
At the start of February, I'd decided to send one thank you note a week to people who had a positive impact on my life, people who inspired me. Andrew was the first person on my list.
I never sent it. I became sidetracked and didn't send any.
I always meant to send him out a tweet about how much his book had inspired me.
Didn't do that, either.
I meant to write a review of his book and post it on my website. Didn't do that.
I don't cry much.
Having been a paramedic, death doesn't really affect me - I feel it's part of life and though I feel a bit sad when I hear of someone passing - it's doesn't move me.
But when John came into my office and said, "You're going to be sad...did you hear the news?"
I had no idea what he was talking about.
You see, every month, I write out what I hope to accomplish for the month - and that's what I was doing - planning my future. Since I didn't send out any thank you for inspiring me cards last  month - I re-listed it and starred it - to make sure I do it this month.
When he said Andrew Breitbart died, I thought he was joking.
I went to the living room and watched the news.
I cried.
I'm crying now.
I can't believe I'm upset as I am.
That just goes to show how much of an impact he had on my life.
He inspired me to wear my politics on my sleeve - to fight for freedom and fight against the forces that threaten the core of this country.
His untimely death inspires me to move "gratitude" to the top of my action list - and to keep Andrew's fight for the truth and for freedom alive.
Ok. Tears have been cried. Andrew wouldn't want know what he'd want to hear? "Hey, you mother fucking liberal lying freedom destroying mother fucking democrats - don't think I'm gone - because I'm leaving an army of Liberty Loving Loud Mouths Who Are Going to Kick Your Mother Fucking Hypocritical Asses"