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Friday, December 13, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013

Dolcissima and the Groupon Coupon

I'm torn about how to review this place. Ultimately, though, unless things change, I can't recommend based on my experience, which was quite an experience!
Though I love Blue Hair Studio in Huntingdon Valley, I'm always looking to find something closer to home so I take advantage of Groupon or Living Social Deals when they come along.
I recently tried a Groupon (29.00 for haircut and conditioning treatment) for Dolcissima AFTER reading the Yelp reviews (most of which are hidden). Because many hidden reviews are often either friends or family of business or competitors leaving a bad review - I thought, eh, I'll try it despite many bad reviews. I've since come to the conclusion that many bad "filtered" reviews probably come from customers who were so upset or dissatisfied that though the rarely write reviews, they had such a horrible experience they wanted to alert other people.
Okay. Here is what happened when I took a chance on Dolcissima.
When I came in for my appointment no one was at the reception desk. I looked in to the hair studio and two stylists were working, both looked up at me, but no one even said hello. No one came out to ask who I was or who I was there for. I started to get nervous when my appointment time came and went and 20 minutes later a stylist came out and introduced herself as Karen.
She sat me in her chair and I explained I was trying to grow out my pixie and had pictures of how I wanted my haircut. Karen seemed unsure about the cut I wanted (I had pictures of Victoria Beckham) and asked the other stylist if the cut I wanted would "look right."
The other stylist assured Karen the cut would look great.
When Karen was washing my hair, she didn't talk to me at all. Then she put conditioner on my hair which had to soak in for about five minutes and left me with my neck on the uncomfortable sink bowl .
After I was back in her chair,  with me trying to make small talk (I asked all the questions...was she from the area, did she ever eat at the Tex Mex, etc - I felt like I was the one putting her at ease) she began cutting very nervously. She kept looking at the other stylist who was chatting away with her own customer and asked her if when she got to the nape of my neck, would she (the other stylist) mind cutting it for her because she (Karen) had fat fingers.
Oh. My. God.
That was when I realized this stylist was either totally new or totally incompetent (I'm hoping new). Karen was not a heavy person, and as far as I could tell, her fingers looked normal. In all of my many many years of haircuts, I've never ever had a stylist ask another if they could cut part of my hair because their fingers were too fat.
The other stylist said she would help after she was done with her customer. So Karen made little snips in my hair and I could tell she was trying to go very slow, waiting for the other stylist. I actually wondered if I was on a hidden camera show.
Karen looked at me in the mirror and asked me if the cut that she had done so far seemed "even."
Finally, a different stylist walked in and I believe it was the owner, Nicole. Karen asked Nicole if she could cut the hair around my nape and then Nicole took over and was demonstrating to Karen how to cut my hair the way I had requested. She totally took over (thank god) and started REALLY cutting my hair and explaining that she'd done my cut a million times because people growing out pixies often ask for the same style. Nicole chatted all about how Groupon works and her families place at the shore. I totally relaxed and was so very very very thankful that she arrived when she did. This is why I'm a bit torn about my review.
I feel  just because I used a Groupon was no excuse to throw me to a new stylist and then used my hair as a lesson in how to cut.  I believe that’s wrong on so many levels and I think, even if you went to a hair styling school, it would be cheaper and overseen by a teacher.

I’d give Nicole five stars for the cut she gave me, but one star (if she was the owner, I’m not even sure) for allowing a brand new stylist (who was very nervous and unsure of herself) to cut a customer’s hair without asking the customer if they were okay with it. So, I'd say, if you're going to use a Groupon, make sure you ask for Nicole - but I just can't trust a business who doesn't value a customer's first impression enough to make sure they are getting the best impression and best service.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Feeling Blue...Not Good Enough? There's a Pill For That. Bi-Polar Bullshit

It’s sad. So sad. That in a country that allegedly celebrates diversity – and it’s “cool” to be different…when people really are different from the majority…if they are children they are rushed to the doctor…if they are an adult…they make an appointment with the doctor.
Let me remind you, people, that if someone had rushed Stephen King to a doctor because he had horrific thoughts in his head…he would have been medicated and we would not have books and movies like Carrie (the classic and the new).
Let’s not forget Galileo! As the Indigo Girls remind us:  Galileo’s head was on the block…his crime was looking up for truth.” was an Italian physicist, astronomer, astrologer, and philosopher , often referred to as the "father of modern astronomy," and "father of modern physics", and "father of science". In 1616, Galileo tried to convince the Roman Church not to ban his ideas. He laid low for a while, but somehow managed to alienate Pope Urban VIII by citing the Pope's words as someone else's.
Galileo was placed on trial for suspected heresy in 1633, was found guilty, and had a "reduced" sentence of house arrest until the day he died on January 8, 1642.
We can’t all be fascinated by Food Network TV, Bravo Shows,  Shoe shopping, Video Games, and sports.
I’m becoming increasingly pissed at the “diagnosis” of “different” thinking is “must be a disorder – here’s a pill to numb you.”
When the diagnosis should be a celebration that you are one of the rare people that actually DOES think different (news flash – driving around with an Obama sticker on your car doesn’t make you “forward thinking” – it signifies that you think along with the crowd. Wearing thick black nerdy glasses doesn’t make you stand out, it makes you the same as all the other people trying to prove how trendy and utterly cool they are.
And while I’m writing my 3a.m. memo – let me include something called once used to be called life. Now, it’s referred to as a “condition.”
Audrey Hepburn referred to it as a case of the “mean reds” in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Had Audrey had Blue Cross Blue Shield, she would have been sent to the doctor and he would have diagnosed her with depression and put her on some drug that would cure her of “depression.”
Guess what people? There are good days, there are bad days. Bad things happen to good people. A tornado doesn’t destroy a whole town because they all have “bad karma.” A tornado destroys a small town because that’s called fucking nature.
Don’t be fooled by society telling you it’s not normal to have highs and lows, anger and sadness.
We all suffer from “I’m not good enough” syndrome- except for John Thompson – he really doesn’t give a shit what people think about him. And if you ever saw him walking though Lowes wearing cut off BDU’s and slippers you’d know what I mean.
It’s normal to think, “Man, I suck!” some days and some days to think “Everyone BUT ME sucks.”
 I’ll tell you what IS’NT NORMAL – popping a tablet so that you walk around like a zombie.
When bad things happen, and they will happen, no matter how wonderful and kind you might be, what I would prescribe for you is to feel the sadness/anger/loss/hurt/pain – that is normal. Look for the silver lining (there always is one – sometimes you just have to really search for it, and sometimes it takes awhile for you to see it) .
And those stories you tell yourself in your head about…ghosts, or angles, or death, or spirituality, or ravens…doesn’t mean you’re foolish – it means you have a gift and it’s how you use that gift that makes the difference. Stories? Movies? Songs? Teaching? Painting? Photography? Making T-shirts? Preaching?
Oh, and one more think. Quit worrying about what people think about you. Easier said than done, right? I know. For someone that often speaks her mind I’ve been on the receiving end of much hate/gossip, eye rolling. Good. It simply means I AM different. I am not a zombie following blindly. And if I can even cause one other person to crawl out of their shell and raise their voice or bring their talent to life, then it’s worth the names I’m called.
Your true friends and family will remain and you will find new friends (and maybe even family!). But even if they all disappeared…it wouldn’t matter as long as you love yourself.  
Guess what…we are all human.  Some people might say we’re all crazy…but maybe we should start thinking of it as we’re all gifted – and why on earth would you ever seek out a pill to push your gift into a fog. Gifts are meant to be shared. But sometimes, the key is to figure out how best to share that gift.
Whatever is going on in your life – if you’re ecstatic and happy and in loveeeeeeeeeeeee…wait. There will come a time that ecstasy fades and contentment slides in. There may come a day that love turns to indifference. And then there’s sadness.  And then guess what? You can choose to start all over again! Everything you need to know in life you don’t need a doctor to tell you – you simply look out your door. Ah, it’s raining, storming. It will pass. Ah – it’s a gorgeous day, flowers are waving, the sun is warm, the ocean is calm.
Somewhere right now, a doctor is prescribing a pill to numb life – to tamp down emotions, instead of recognizing that emotions are part of life. People who think differently are considered “abnormal” instead of GIFTED (artists, teachers, scientists, writers).
Those people are there to help you, I do believe they believe that, but they are also making money by putting you on drugs. The “easy fix.”  Nothing worth having in life is easy. Everyone fails. Everyone learns. The trick is to get back on your feet, give the finger to those who laugh at you, and rise up and be better the second, third, fourth, however many times you try and fall. Because I’ll tell you something,  I’d much rather have scars of my knees from daring to live fully than sores on my ass from sitting in front of a TV or computer screen watching, making fun of other people who dare to actually LIVE their life.
You can be 1 of 3 people in life. The person who reads the book. The person who writes the book. Or the person who lives the book and then writes the book (or the song or the movie or the lecture or…)

And this concludes my 3a.m. lecture. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Anarchist Emily Yates - Hates The Police And Hates Money, But Wants Yours!

Emily Yates hates money, but she wants you to send her some of your hard earned dollars!

Emily (aka as Emily Danial / Emily Wilsoncroft) claims to be a peace activist and Libertarian, however, a quick reading of her website, it’s clear that Emily is an Anarchist:

“But why do you want to eventually achieve world domination?” I can hear some of you innocently wondering. It’s mainly because I want to make the rules. For instance, in my world, marijuana would be legal, and police brutality would be illegal. Wars would be resolved with three rounds of Rock, Paper, Scissors. People who buy ridiculously huge vehicles and drive them around with nothing inside would be mandated to apply bumper stickers that say “I AM A RESOURCE-WASTING TOOL.”

A Libertarian believes people are entitled to success – if they want a gas guzzling car, so be it! Emily’s dream is of not only telling people what they should do, but shaming them if it doesn’t fit in her agenda.
The viral video circling of Emily is shot by one of the founders of Citizens For Liberty – a group that I was involved in during it’s first few months, but when it became increasingly apparent that they were not “freedom lovers” but “police haters” – I stopped attending their meetings.
The viral video circulating states Emily was at the park protesting the possible of the USA in Syria (I’m against this also) but actually, she was scheduled to perform her song “I’d Rather Be High (Than an Asshole…)”  at  Smokedown Prohibition – a pro pot rally (I’m for legalization). Yates was standing in an area park rangers had set up for the processing of evidence. They kindly, politely, asked her to move repeatedly, and instead of simply moving, she argued with them and refused to move until they forced to take action and as they tried to peacefully  remove her she responded by resisting, kicking, and eventually spitting at the officers. Before you, dear police, military, government hater, try to say that Emily serving in the military is what caused Emily to be so…er...crazy, angry, stupid…please read the words of Emily’s mother and from Emily herself in interviews she’s given over the years(or  have someone read to you if you are illiterate).  
Emily is not some random peaceful beatnik – her mother, Amy Danial, gave some insight into in her childhood: “We couldn’t believe our ears,” said Yates’ mother, Amy Danial, recalling the news of her daughter’s enlistment. “Her thing was, she never liked rules and she didn’t like to work hard.”
Home schooled until she was 16, Yates earned a GED rather than complete high school. She ran away from her family’s Liverpool, N.Y., home to pay an unannounced visit to her aunt in New York City. She was so relentlessly rebellious that her parents felt compelled to send her to boarding school.  
“I was probably a 7 or an 8 on the scale of (difficult) teenagers,” Yates said. “I was just unhappy, for some reason, with myself.”
Yates said she saw the Army as a place to get training for an aspiring career (since abandoned) in journalism. It was a place to go when she ran out of money for community college. It was something she hadn’t tried.
Yates  claims she was "recruited" out of community college and told her military career would entail learning journalism, but she didn't figure that would take place in Baghdad"– (did she think they were going to put her in the Four Seasons and have room service deliver breakfast?)
“Today there's no one lobbing mortar at me," says Emily. "Plus, unlike in the military, I'm not surrounded by people who are miserable." Emily stated she thought the Army was a means to an education and a career in journalism.
It doesn’t take a half of a brain to understand:  A – She never liked rules. B – She didn’t like to work hard (so now she makes a living playing the banjo, antagonizing authority until she gets arrested, and then asking for donations).
Also, her parents sent her to boarding school…so, I guess it’s wrong for others’ to have money, but it’s totally acceptable for Emily to reap the benefits of her parents wealth.  Emily has no problem using her GI stipend to attend UC Berkeley (shocker!)
In the Army, Emily was (you’re never going to believe this…I know, I almost fell out of my chair, shocked!) ordered to attend anger-management counseling, during which she was advised by an Army doctor to “lower your expectations.” Instead, she continued to bristle against the ritual obedience and conformity of Army life.
“I never met a person who was less cut out for the Army,” David Abrams, her direct supervisor during her first deployment, wrote in an email. “I don’t think she was able to comfortably fit herself into the cookie-cutter demands of the military. She questioned authority, she colored outside the lines.”
Emily has succeeded in playing the victim, in dividing us instead of strengthening us. She continues to exploit the military, bad mouthing them all the while making a living off them  and making a living off dumbasses who send money to her (note: don’t call 911 when you’ve been beaten up and your  capitalist iPhone has been stolen ).
As one commenter and eye witness said: “Emily KNEW EXACTLY WHAT SHE WAS DOING - she walked behind the barriers that were ALREADY SET UP - like they are every time there is a Smokedown there. It's blatantly obvious that you are NOT supposed to go pass through them and just sit down on a bench when there are 25 Park Police in an area that is clearly cordoned off. She DID IT ON PURPOSE and she knew exactly what would happen and she invited it. They overreacted , but let's be brutally honest here - she sure was going full retard with her histrionic theatrics as she was playing to the camera. I was there and I saw it with my own two eyes. She wanted a confrontation and she got it.”
Put it this way, this would be like her climbing into a fed cop car on purpose and then asking why she couldn't be there and then getting detained for it when someone closed the door on her. It's political theater and nothing more.”
If you truly want to spend some money, the next time you see a Soldier at a restaurant, buy his/her meal.
Emily Yates is no warrior – no freedom fighter; she is a hypocrite who preys on people too stupid – too lazy, to look beyond a 7 minute video to figure out what is going on.

Sometimes a Libertarian is an Anarchist and all too often, it is people like Emily put a target on the back of those who put their life on the line every day for coddled, rebellious, angry children who turn into “Peace Activists.” 

Emily Yates - the Interview Archives: 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Killer Rockne Newell - Obama Voter

If Obama had a people murdering, Bush hating, animal right loving friend, he would look like Rockne Newell who went on a killing spree in Ross Township, Pa.

Quite amazing were comments in one paper that he must be with the Tea Party, however, on Newell's Facebook Page, he has several comments ranging from his hatred of George Bush & Republicans to his disappointment that he voted for Obama and Obama is spying on the people.

Will be interesting to see how many Political Pimping News Outlets report on the fact that Newell is a typical liberal - intolerant, hypocrite, & deadly.

His Facebook link can be found here: here:

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pasta Mista is a Mess...

Puddle of raw hamburger juice
Update 11/13/2013 - I received an email from that the owner complained about my picture of the raw burger and it was removed from the YELP review. The owner "James F" also left a comment on my review, stating I give mostly one star reviews... FALSE - anyone actually bothers to read my YELP reviews knows that it's mostly 5 fucking star reviews! As a matter of fact, there is a chart that shows the ratings I've given and I've written 27 reviews giving out 5 Star Ratings! I've only written 4 reviews where places are given a 1 star rating and I HATE giving places low ratings because I want to see Mom & Pop's succeed! So if I give a 1 Star, I do it to A) Hope the Business will improve & if not, to warn others not to waste their time/money.

So, anyway, then, "James F - alleged owner of Pasta Mista" basically blames ME for the fact the burger was raw (I should have personally called the owner/manager!).

Whatever. If James F treats his customers the way he's treated me, I can only wonder how he treats his employees. Oh, and if you are looking for a good local burger...across the street is a little cute place called "Tu Casa" - good Mexican food but they also have great burgers - and when you order "well done" - even though they are Hispanic, they understand my English when I request a "well done" burger. They are also super friendly and the place is warm and clean.

Here's Jame's F's comment (in case he decides to remove it from the Yelp site once he realizes that owners of restaurants should try to improve not intimidate)
James F. of Pasta Mista 11/12/2013  
Please read our filtered reviews and not judge my great restaurant on someone that has giving bad reviews to every restaurant in the area except for one. Yes, no excuse for a raw burger, but we apologized and Laura should have asked for the manager/owner and I would have made good on the slice and other items. ATTENTION: Costumers should always ask for owner or manager because the wait staff doesn't have the ability to give food away!"

My original review posted on 4/14/13

Pasta Mista in Chalfont, Pa...

Pro: It's clean. Staff friendly.
Con - from order of worst to least:
Ordered a Texas burger well done. The outside was done. The inside was RAW (see photos) - red juice totally leaked from the burger and my daughters plate was swimming in red juice. UGH.  Took it up to show the counter person. The cook came to counter and said, "well, it's a big burger, it happens." Tried to make me feel bad.
They took the burger off our bill and I requested a slice of pizza instead. They charged me for that (if I owned the place, I would have apologized profusely and given a free slice of pizza or free cannoli)
It took almost 20 minutes for the "well done" burger to arrive.
Took almost 10 minutes for our soda (2) to arrive.
The "chips" (don't' know if they are homemade or not) are brown and taste stale (on the 2 different occasions we tried this place).
Looked promising (after 20 minute wait)
The grilled chicken wrap had a tough (stale?) wrap and was bland.
It was a cold day when we ate in - the place is so small that every time the door opened, it let in a ton of cold air. Had to keep our jackets on the whole time. This probably won't be a problem on warm days.
Steak fries - fine.
The pizza was crisp on the bottom. Pretty good. There's an eggplant pizza and a taco pizza - something that is different from other local places. I haven't tried those, but the pizza I did try (Bruschetta, plain) was good, but nothing that would make me choose Pasta Mista over other local pizza joints.

I hate to give a bad review to a new business - esp. since there are so few in Chalfont - but we had waited weeks after it opened to try it out. They should have ironed out the slow service and there was no excuse for the raw burger. We gave it one more try by ordering a wrap for a pick up and steak fries - but, while it was ready as promised, it wasn't tasty enough to give this place another chance.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Free Cookies In Service Shop? Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

I sincerely wish I didn’t have to tell you that I almost had to shell out almost 800.00 in order for my car to pass inspection. I sincerely wish I didn’t have to tell you that is appears that a local dealership mislead me and almost robbed me of 600.00.
I am happy to tell you that I was able to find an honest service department that saved me that 600.00! (that’s 12 tanks of gas! Pre-Obama it would have been 23 tanks of gas!).  
The offending dealership? Kia of Warrington.
First, let me say we have a KIA and love it. The sales guy at KIA in Warrington was wonderful. I took my 2003 Grand Am to KIA for the State/Emissions test because when we bought from KIA, we were told that the State inspection would be free for ANY car in the family. It seemed an awesome deal at the time!
The pros about the KIA service center in Warrington? Free cookies in the waiting room! Free coffee! Spacious and comfortable – big T.V.
And all the employees were extremely nice.
Then one of the service advisors explained that my car needed almost 800.00 worth of work in order for it to pass state inspection. It passed emissions.   
Lucky for me, I have a family member who then looked at my car – he agreed that it needed all the repairs suggested by KIA, except for one. He was able to make the repairs.
We then took the car to the Pep Boys service center on County Line Road in Chalfont. The waiting area is not plush. There are no free cookies. There is free WIFI and a soda vending machine!
But I soon discovered there is something far more priceless – honesty.
The service repairmen, Matt, called me into the garage. My car was on the lift and he explained that my family member did indeed make the needed repairs, but when he fixed the offending brake, he should have also replaced the other. However; he did agree with my family member that one of the suggested repairs that KIA had added to the tally was not necessary at all.
Matt explained that dealerships and corporations try to “upsell” services or repairs that aren’t necessary; they are in business to make money.
Matt, however, didn’t treat me as a deposit slip for his company’s bank account – he treated me like a person trying to make ends meet, and though I may not know much about cars, I deserve to be respected and treated honestly.
In all the years I’ve taken cars to have them inspected or serviced or repaired, I’ve never had a service technician actually show me what was wrong and he also advised me of what I might need down the road and what would be a waste of time and money.  
Sure, Matt could have tried to sell me into buying a repair I didn’t need – and it would have added to Pep Boys bank account. But what Matt sold me on was the value of honesty – and I’ll forever be their cheerleader and recommend anyone who values honesty and savings take their cars to the Pep Boys on County Line Road in Chalfont.
The emissions test cost almost 60.00 at KIA – I spent about 100.00 for parts, and the state inspection cost about 30.00 at Pep Boys. But even if I hadn’t had a family member make the repairs – there was still that “repair” that KIA told me I needed which would have cost me 200.00+ labor.
What I learned? There are still auto service technicians who view drivers as people, not as checkbooks. And a free cookie is never free – somewhere, somehow, there is someone who paid 600.00 for your complimentary treat.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Covert Bacon Operation; Code Words "The Pig Is In."

Bespoke Bacon Mustache 
"The pig is in." Those four words lit up my iPhone text screen at 9:30 p.m. on a Tuesday night. I was so excited, I jumped out of bed (ok, I'm not exactly a night owl), threw on some boots and didn't even bother grabbing a jacket. THAT is how excited I was (I hate the cold weather and usually don't leave the house without 3 layers of clothing).
A few months ago, my friend Rob who owns Prism Brewery in North Wales suggested I "like" Bespoke Bacon on Facebook.
How could I NOT like a local uncured artisan bacon business?
On Facebook they posted updates that made me drool:
"In stock and ready for you we have:
- Maple and Muscovado
- Signature
- Big Pepper
- Honey Apple
- Bloody Mary

Plus our sugar free flavors:
- Jalapeno-Cilantro
- Signature
- Big Pepper"

Finally, I took the plunge and shot Bespoke Bacon an email and placed an order for the jalapeno cilantro.
The response was almost immediate. turned out that Bryan, one of the founders, was going to be in my area and offered to drop it off - but since it might be really late (that means past 9pm for me) - we agreed that the mailbox would be the drop off point, "Use the code: The Pig Is In," I suggested, inspired by spy novel I've been reading - and having bacon delivered to my mailbox in the middle of the night seemed a bit exotic and covert.

Bespoke Jalapeno/Cilantro bacon
I was so excited when the bacon took all my willpower not to fry a small batch up right then. I went to sleep though, with dreams of bacon and spices dancing in my head.

I woke at 4 a.m. and hopped out of bed like Mark Wahlberg was waiting for me in the kitchen, but no, there was something even better: bacon.
I fried a small batch up and oh...geez, what an awesome way to start my day! The flavors were so perfect. Just a hint of jalapeno/cilantro - no heat at all for those who may be too afraid to try it. I noticed that the flavor is more pronounced when you let it cool a few minutes (I couldn't wait for that first taste and bit right in a sizzling hot strip).

I don't know the guys from Bespoke Bacon - but Bryan texted me, "Let me know what you think, and we always appreciate a shout out."

 After tasting the jalapeno/cilantro bacon, I'm already planning on ordering my next flavor, and my next.
He asked for a shout out, yet part of me wants to keep it a secret. What will happen if I spread the word and they can't keep up with demand? No local bacon? Even Mark Wahlberg wouldn't be able to console me.
I can't keep it a secret giddiness over finding local bacon artisans has elevated me to full stalker mode - a bacon roadie who will babble to everyone who will listen about this great new band of bacon brothers.

Needless to say: I. Am. A. Fan.

Their website:

Great customer service, super speedy, local, natural, and bacon so damn flavorful...what's not to love?

I'm thinking this could start a whole new trend...right next to the mailbox...a baconbox (and when the bacon is delivered, it sends an oink alarm to your cell phone) - anyone got the number to Shark Tank?

If you decide to place an order, use the code words: The Pig Is In The Barn. It won't get you any sort of discount, but it will get you fabulous bacon.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Doylestown's "Revolution" That Is Really A Real Estate Ad

There's a "revolution" brewing in Doylestown - in an effort to make Doylestown look like a great place to live, there has been a call from a real estate broker and a Patch reporter to make Friday's "Find Five, Give Fifteen (dollars)." - but they call it "Pay It Forward" and/or "Random Acts of Kindness."

Sarah Larson wrote Join in: Pay It Forward Friday - an article about Heather Walton (oh my gosh, she'll be so embarrassed I mentioned her! wrote Sarah in the article (though I'm paraphrasing)) - a Doylestown resident and Realtor with Class-Harlan Real Estate. Heather plans to leave a $5 bill and a cheery note on a stranger's car every Friday.

Larson also writes: "The idea is based on an old saying: When someone does you a favor, don't pay it back. Pay it forward. The kindness spreads exponentially when each person chooses three people to "repay" with kindness."

Ummm, okay. So, now that I've received 5 dollars - I've got to spend 15.00. In an economy where the jobless rates have hovered around 8% for 4 years and I see more businesses going OUT than coming IN?

So, it's not a random act of's a freaking bill!!

I call "Bullshit" on this "revolution." I think calling out people (so and so would be so embarrassed but he/she did this) is, indeed embarrassing. Why mention Heather works at a real estate office? Frankly, this seems to me nothing more than an advertisement for a business spun into a "warm fuzzy" story. There's even a link to Heather's Real Estate office tucked into the article.

Being kind to other people shouldn't be a revolution, it should be a habit. I believe Doylestown IS already a nice place to live - Five Dollar Fridays isn't going to make people say, "WHAT A GREAT TOWN, I MUST MOVE THERE!" 

Keeping Doylestown, creative, respectful, & friendly will continue to make it a nice place to live.  I believe "paying it forward" is something to practice often (quietly & creatively.) Put coins in parking meters, leave unsigned thank you notes in the mailbox of someone who has a fabulous flower garden, leave flowers on the doorstep of the old widow who lives on your block.

I often do nice things for people and the people who know are only my immediate family. I don't EXPECT the people I do nice things for to "pay it forward." If they do something nice for someone else, great, but if not - the whole reason (for me) being surprisingly kind (anonymously), is simply to brighten a day. Nothing expected in return; that is an authentic act of random kindness.  

If you really want to spend five dollars on Friday; spend your five dollars on a local biz, or donate it to the animal shelter. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Skinny On Happiness ( Or How Breitbart Slimmed Me Down and Shaped Me Up)

Resolution last year:  January 2012, after a year of watching friends get laid off and local stores with "Going Out of Business" multiply   I made a resolution to pay attention to just what the hell was happening in America. I started watching  the FoodNetwork and Bravo less and reading and watching all the news channels.
January 2nd 2013
I wish I remember the day I discovered Andrew Breitbart, but I probably noticed him on Twitter - and loved that he was outrageous and so NOT boring. I was so intrigued by Breitbart, I decided to kick off my resolution by starting with his book: Righteous Indignation - which explained (very entertainingly) how he went from elite Liberal to Conservative Warrior.
Of course, in my resolution, was also a goal to lose weight and get back in shape. In December of 2011 I realized that while I'd been fantastically in love for almost 7 years (or something like that, I'm horrible with dates) - I'd gotten too comfortable in my skin and after the holidays (of course!) I was going to shed the love pounds (but keep the guy!).
So in January 2012, I started both my resolution of losing weight and paying attention to WHAT THE FUCK was causing the decline of jobs and businesses.
Breitbart's book was fabulous. I specifically remember telling John all about him on a trip to Wegmans one cold day in January.
The next few months I would blab about "Breitbart this, Breitbart that." I know John usually tunes me out, but he must have been paying attention occasionally  because on March 1st he came into my office and said, "Did you hear? That guy you like died."
"That Breitbart guy."
"What?" I thought for SURE he must have the name wrong or I misheard.
"That guy you always talk about - the crazy guy? With the white hair?"
I checked online and sure enough (I'm getting goosebumps as I write this) it was all over my Twitter timeline. I couldn't believe it. I cried. I bawled. I'm not a crier.
And being a former medic, I KNOW that life is fucking short, I would say 70% of the time I lived my life balls out, but Andrew's death made me step into the political arena. For 3 months I'd been re-familiarizing myself with the Constitution, I'd been trying to understand how we got from 1776 to 2012. Breitbart's death made me realize I needed to dive in.
Ok - so, what does this have to do with losing 40 pounds?
Because I realized that the key to life is freedom.

It seems to simple, and who wouldn't agree with that? However, once you've experienced real dependence, you realize how dangerous it is to your confidence, your spirit.  I knew this, because I'd been in an abusive relationship that started off great - but by the end, I'd lost all my independence and actually had to plan my escape - which took 6 months (another story there.)
But I'd NEVER made the connection of power and dependence to government.
Breitbart gave me that "AH-FUCKING-HA" moment and
I wanted to wake people up who were like I used to be prior to my wakeup call - just happily floating along in life - the only drama I knew of came from the Real Housewives.
March 1st, 2012 was my turning point in life - it's where I went from crawling to sprinting. Though I've pretty much always been myself, Breitbart gave me that little extra courage to embrace my craziness.
 "Apologize for what?"

I didn't lose my weight by exercising (though previously I've tried that: I've had gym memberships to just about every local place - and workout videos and even the Total Gym which I finally sold!) or by cutting out carbs or sugar or gluten (tried all that too at one point or another - watch Fathead the movie - it is an eye opener!) - I simply ate smaller meals and walked dog Jack almost every day in the summer. I did actually cut down a bit on alcohol (nothing too crazy! Still drank once or twice a week!).
Looking back, 2012 was a year full of sadness; we said goodbye to our police K9 Thor - who was such a fucking warrior! Breitbart died. The country re-elected a president who, with the help of media, has the majority of America believing that dependence on Government is the New American Dream.
January 2nd, 2013
2012 was also the year I realized it's true when they say: Do What You Love and success will follow. The more passionate I became about waking up people- the more I met fabulous people who inspired and encourage me...C.L. Bryant for one (of many!) and wonderful opportunities came my way. And we introduced a new police K9 into our family. And I bought a gun.
Breitbart was the match that put me on my path to empowerment - and his untimely death set me on fire.
In 2013 - my goal is to wake up more people and empower them to realize the difference between dependence and Independence - (dependence gives your power and confidence away and Independence gives you power and confidence)
To have bigger balls than boobs this year...heh heh...
and finally, my goal is to NOT BE BORING.
I didn't lose weight by starving myself - just the opposite - I feasted on passion, on freedom, on living with a purpose.
The only thing you should ever take off your plate is Big Brother Govt and media trying to make you swallow  crap disguised as "something that's good for you."
Thanks to Breitbart - I've got the skinny on happiness; and I'm not afraid to fly my #fearless freedom flag.