The only thing I take seriously is my Freedom. And Bacon.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Covert Bacon Operation; Code Words "The Pig Is In."

Bespoke Bacon Mustache 
"The pig is in." Those four words lit up my iPhone text screen at 9:30 p.m. on a Tuesday night. I was so excited, I jumped out of bed (ok, I'm not exactly a night owl), threw on some boots and didn't even bother grabbing a jacket. THAT is how excited I was (I hate the cold weather and usually don't leave the house without 3 layers of clothing).
A few months ago, my friend Rob who owns Prism Brewery in North Wales suggested I "like" Bespoke Bacon on Facebook.
How could I NOT like a local uncured artisan bacon business?
On Facebook they posted updates that made me drool:
"In stock and ready for you we have:
- Maple and Muscovado
- Signature
- Big Pepper
- Honey Apple
- Bloody Mary

Plus our sugar free flavors:
- Jalapeno-Cilantro
- Signature
- Big Pepper"

Finally, I took the plunge and shot Bespoke Bacon an email and placed an order for the jalapeno cilantro.
The response was almost immediate. turned out that Bryan, one of the founders, was going to be in my area and offered to drop it off - but since it might be really late (that means past 9pm for me) - we agreed that the mailbox would be the drop off point, "Use the code: The Pig Is In," I suggested, inspired by spy novel I've been reading - and having bacon delivered to my mailbox in the middle of the night seemed a bit exotic and covert.

Bespoke Jalapeno/Cilantro bacon
I was so excited when the bacon took all my willpower not to fry a small batch up right then. I went to sleep though, with dreams of bacon and spices dancing in my head.

I woke at 4 a.m. and hopped out of bed like Mark Wahlberg was waiting for me in the kitchen, but no, there was something even better: bacon.
I fried a small batch up and oh...geez, what an awesome way to start my day! The flavors were so perfect. Just a hint of jalapeno/cilantro - no heat at all for those who may be too afraid to try it. I noticed that the flavor is more pronounced when you let it cool a few minutes (I couldn't wait for that first taste and bit right in a sizzling hot strip).

I don't know the guys from Bespoke Bacon - but Bryan texted me, "Let me know what you think, and we always appreciate a shout out."

 After tasting the jalapeno/cilantro bacon, I'm already planning on ordering my next flavor, and my next.
He asked for a shout out, yet part of me wants to keep it a secret. What will happen if I spread the word and they can't keep up with demand? No local bacon? Even Mark Wahlberg wouldn't be able to console me.
I can't keep it a secret giddiness over finding local bacon artisans has elevated me to full stalker mode - a bacon roadie who will babble to everyone who will listen about this great new band of bacon brothers.

Needless to say: I. Am. A. Fan.

Their website:

Great customer service, super speedy, local, natural, and bacon so damn flavorful...what's not to love?

I'm thinking this could start a whole new trend...right next to the mailbox...a baconbox (and when the bacon is delivered, it sends an oink alarm to your cell phone) - anyone got the number to Shark Tank?

If you decide to place an order, use the code words: The Pig Is In The Barn. It won't get you any sort of discount, but it will get you fabulous bacon.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Doylestown's "Revolution" That Is Really A Real Estate Ad

There's a "revolution" brewing in Doylestown - in an effort to make Doylestown look like a great place to live, there has been a call from a real estate broker and a Patch reporter to make Friday's "Find Five, Give Fifteen (dollars)." - but they call it "Pay It Forward" and/or "Random Acts of Kindness."

Sarah Larson wrote Join in: Pay It Forward Friday - an article about Heather Walton (oh my gosh, she'll be so embarrassed I mentioned her! wrote Sarah in the article (though I'm paraphrasing)) - a Doylestown resident and Realtor with Class-Harlan Real Estate. Heather plans to leave a $5 bill and a cheery note on a stranger's car every Friday.

Larson also writes: "The idea is based on an old saying: When someone does you a favor, don't pay it back. Pay it forward. The kindness spreads exponentially when each person chooses three people to "repay" with kindness."

Ummm, okay. So, now that I've received 5 dollars - I've got to spend 15.00. In an economy where the jobless rates have hovered around 8% for 4 years and I see more businesses going OUT than coming IN?

So, it's not a random act of's a freaking bill!!

I call "Bullshit" on this "revolution." I think calling out people (so and so would be so embarrassed but he/she did this) is, indeed embarrassing. Why mention Heather works at a real estate office? Frankly, this seems to me nothing more than an advertisement for a business spun into a "warm fuzzy" story. There's even a link to Heather's Real Estate office tucked into the article.

Being kind to other people shouldn't be a revolution, it should be a habit. I believe Doylestown IS already a nice place to live - Five Dollar Fridays isn't going to make people say, "WHAT A GREAT TOWN, I MUST MOVE THERE!" 

Keeping Doylestown, creative, respectful, & friendly will continue to make it a nice place to live.  I believe "paying it forward" is something to practice often (quietly & creatively.) Put coins in parking meters, leave unsigned thank you notes in the mailbox of someone who has a fabulous flower garden, leave flowers on the doorstep of the old widow who lives on your block.

I often do nice things for people and the people who know are only my immediate family. I don't EXPECT the people I do nice things for to "pay it forward." If they do something nice for someone else, great, but if not - the whole reason (for me) being surprisingly kind (anonymously), is simply to brighten a day. Nothing expected in return; that is an authentic act of random kindness.  

If you really want to spend five dollars on Friday; spend your five dollars on a local biz, or donate it to the animal shelter. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Skinny On Happiness ( Or How Breitbart Slimmed Me Down and Shaped Me Up)

Resolution last year:  January 2012, after a year of watching friends get laid off and local stores with "Going Out of Business" multiply   I made a resolution to pay attention to just what the hell was happening in America. I started watching  the FoodNetwork and Bravo less and reading and watching all the news channels.
January 2nd 2013
I wish I remember the day I discovered Andrew Breitbart, but I probably noticed him on Twitter - and loved that he was outrageous and so NOT boring. I was so intrigued by Breitbart, I decided to kick off my resolution by starting with his book: Righteous Indignation - which explained (very entertainingly) how he went from elite Liberal to Conservative Warrior.
Of course, in my resolution, was also a goal to lose weight and get back in shape. In December of 2011 I realized that while I'd been fantastically in love for almost 7 years (or something like that, I'm horrible with dates) - I'd gotten too comfortable in my skin and after the holidays (of course!) I was going to shed the love pounds (but keep the guy!).
So in January 2012, I started both my resolution of losing weight and paying attention to WHAT THE FUCK was causing the decline of jobs and businesses.
Breitbart's book was fabulous. I specifically remember telling John all about him on a trip to Wegmans one cold day in January.
The next few months I would blab about "Breitbart this, Breitbart that." I know John usually tunes me out, but he must have been paying attention occasionally  because on March 1st he came into my office and said, "Did you hear? That guy you like died."
"That Breitbart guy."
"What?" I thought for SURE he must have the name wrong or I misheard.
"That guy you always talk about - the crazy guy? With the white hair?"
I checked online and sure enough (I'm getting goosebumps as I write this) it was all over my Twitter timeline. I couldn't believe it. I cried. I bawled. I'm not a crier.
And being a former medic, I KNOW that life is fucking short, I would say 70% of the time I lived my life balls out, but Andrew's death made me step into the political arena. For 3 months I'd been re-familiarizing myself with the Constitution, I'd been trying to understand how we got from 1776 to 2012. Breitbart's death made me realize I needed to dive in.
Ok - so, what does this have to do with losing 40 pounds?
Because I realized that the key to life is freedom.

It seems to simple, and who wouldn't agree with that? However, once you've experienced real dependence, you realize how dangerous it is to your confidence, your spirit.  I knew this, because I'd been in an abusive relationship that started off great - but by the end, I'd lost all my independence and actually had to plan my escape - which took 6 months (another story there.)
But I'd NEVER made the connection of power and dependence to government.
Breitbart gave me that "AH-FUCKING-HA" moment and
I wanted to wake people up who were like I used to be prior to my wakeup call - just happily floating along in life - the only drama I knew of came from the Real Housewives.
March 1st, 2012 was my turning point in life - it's where I went from crawling to sprinting. Though I've pretty much always been myself, Breitbart gave me that little extra courage to embrace my craziness.
 "Apologize for what?"

I didn't lose my weight by exercising (though previously I've tried that: I've had gym memberships to just about every local place - and workout videos and even the Total Gym which I finally sold!) or by cutting out carbs or sugar or gluten (tried all that too at one point or another - watch Fathead the movie - it is an eye opener!) - I simply ate smaller meals and walked dog Jack almost every day in the summer. I did actually cut down a bit on alcohol (nothing too crazy! Still drank once or twice a week!).
Looking back, 2012 was a year full of sadness; we said goodbye to our police K9 Thor - who was such a fucking warrior! Breitbart died. The country re-elected a president who, with the help of media, has the majority of America believing that dependence on Government is the New American Dream.
January 2nd, 2013
2012 was also the year I realized it's true when they say: Do What You Love and success will follow. The more passionate I became about waking up people- the more I met fabulous people who inspired and encourage me...C.L. Bryant for one (of many!) and wonderful opportunities came my way. And we introduced a new police K9 into our family. And I bought a gun.
Breitbart was the match that put me on my path to empowerment - and his untimely death set me on fire.
In 2013 - my goal is to wake up more people and empower them to realize the difference between dependence and Independence - (dependence gives your power and confidence away and Independence gives you power and confidence)
To have bigger balls than boobs this year...heh heh...
and finally, my goal is to NOT BE BORING.
I didn't lose weight by starving myself - just the opposite - I feasted on passion, on freedom, on living with a purpose.
The only thing you should ever take off your plate is Big Brother Govt and media trying to make you swallow  crap disguised as "something that's good for you."
Thanks to Breitbart - I've got the skinny on happiness; and I'm not afraid to fly my #fearless freedom flag.