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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Doylestown Cop Shot by John Leonard Egland During Hurricane Irene

UPDATE: 3:55 p.m. - D.A. Dave Heckler reports that they've found the dead body of John Leonard Egland.

UPDATE: 8:22 a.m. - New Info: Murder Suspect is John Leonard Egland and he is believed to have murdered  his exwife, her boyfriend, and the 10 year old son of the boyfriend in Virginia, and then shot and killed his ex mother in law in Buckingham, Pa. He is armed and dangerous and his truck was found abandoned in Warwick township. He could be looking to steal a car or could have already stolen one - please stay alert no matter where you are until he is in custody. This is his description. Also - there still has not been one mention of this in the TV news.

Around 2 a.m. I was huddled down in the basement with dogs Thor and Diablo watching Action News on my laptop. It was nothing but an endless loop of radar maps/flooding reports/video footage. I checked my face book and saw one of my friends who lives in Doylestown mention that a cop had been shot! I immediately went to my Twitter feed and found...nothing but local tweets about Irene.
I kept checking my Twitter and finally, THE ONLY person to mention it was Bill Devlin a staff writer w/ local papers.
From the little tidbits I was able to piece together - some military dude killed his mother in law in Buckingham and then shot at police in Doylestown and injured at least one cop (who may or may not have driven himself to Doylestown hospital).
Now, what concerns me, is that this guy, armed with guns/rifle was driving around in a 2011 pickup and last seen in New Britain. So, we have an armed, really pissed off killer who has no qualms about shooting at a cop or 'allegedly' killing his mother in law and ONE LOCAL REPORTER is the ONLY PERSON on this story?
How many of us had garage doors open to sweep out water? How many of us would have opened a door at  if someone was knocking - thinking we are in the middle of hurricane and it could be a neighbor or police?
This is a story that should have been reported by the TV news stations. This should have been blasted out on Twitter to warn people...
This is EXACTLY why I get my news from Twitter! Every breaking news story - I've discovered by reading my Twitter feed.
This is a breaking story, and since, obviously, you're not going to hear about this by watching TV, follow
@DevlinIntel and @courier_intell for more news.

Here's a more detailed news story...

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