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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Rolling Stones Pedophile Problem - Sabrina Erdely

From The Daily Mail:

"Sabrina Erdely - employed writer at Rolling Stone Magazine says she isn't going anywhere despite the news that the UVA Rape Story was completely fabricated.
Erdely states her job is secure  because she hasdirt on founder Jann Wenner and his son Gus Wenner.  She has threatened to spill Jann Wenner's secrets to exwife Jane, which will cost Jann Wenner even more money but more importantly, might cost his children to choose their mother over Jann, and Jann suffers from extreme self adulation; it would crush him.

Erdely also confided to several close friends that many employees of Rolling Stone have carte blanche to do what they want because they have evidence connecting  Jann Wenner to the movie/documentary "An Open Secret" about the pedophile problem in Hollywood (which is why wife Jane left Jann who then took a gay lover).  It's not only a problem (using clout to lure teenage boys to bed)  in Hollywood, it's a problem throughout the entertainment industry. Rolling Stone knew going in that UVA story was false but even if it came out, it would take focus off the story that has been brewing about Jann Wenner's association and participation in these parties.

Erdely approached Wenner about doing a story Iasha Rivers, former volunteer for Al Sharpton's  National Action Network and Macy executive . Ms. Rivers is an stunningly beautiful young African American woman who accused Civil Rights attorney Sanford Rubenstein (a white man in his 70's and attorney for Eric Garner's family at time of accusation) of raping her following Al Sharpton's 70th birthday party.

Wenner is said to have laughed (though it's not clear if it was Jann or his son Gus who is said to be running things (into the ground) and admonished Erdely, "You don't bite the hand that feeds you." And stated that if she continued to pursue the Rivers article, she'd be ostracized."

My observation: it's ironic that the Left still continue to rally around Sabrina Erdely, however, she was warned that if she defends a black female by going after a white civil liberties lawyer - she will be vilified by the left.

Here's another recent article in the New York Post about Sanford Rubenstein and his 21 year old black girlfriend who states he wanted to see her raped by a gang of men. Wow.