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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Honor Flight - The Most Uplifting Experience of My Life

WWII Vet Salutes Crowd at St. Kevin Parish, Springfield PA
 On May 31 - we drove to St. Kevin's Parish in Springfield to welcome home a group of WWII Veterans who had just experienced the Honor Flight. It was one of the most uplifting, emotional, event I've ever been to. From the volunteers to the people who gathered to greet the returning Vets, everyone was extremely kind. We must never forget, and we should continue to respect our men and women in the military. Without them, we would have nothing. You can attend an honor flight event (it's free!) - just check their schedule online. Honor Flight is only doing this until they've flown all the Vets to the Memorial in Washington DC. If you can't attend, you can always watch the great documentary, Honor Flight The Movie  about how it went from an idea to a reality. It's a wonderful, inspiring, movie. Available to buy or rent on the usual suspects (Amazon) and sometimes Netflix. 

Here are some pictures from our great day. So honored to have been there.
An Honor Flight Vet becomes emotional. 

I Am In The Presence Of Greatness 

I'd rather have my picture taken with this Hero than I would Mark Walhberg!

EMS salute as Honor Flight are led by Police/Biker Escort

The picture below is of Joe Demler WWII POW who withered away to 70 pounds after he was captured. His story is one of many inspiring stories featured in Honor Flight the Movie. His motto in life: Every Day Is A Bonus!
Joe Demler WWII POW - said he survived by believing "Every Day Is a Bonus.