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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Emotional Benghazi Testimony From Greg Hicks (Why Benghazi Matters)

This clip is not even 5 minutes long. Please watch when you get a chance. It is moving testimony from Gregory Hicks, who tearfully, regretfully, and painfully recounted that the administration could have saved the Benghazi 4. I watched the Benghazi hearings. I learned 2 things which is all I needed to understand how Hillary Clinton operates: Ambassador Stevens did not have her personal email but Ben Affleck does. And Clinton believes past actions do not "make a difference." Even if you discount all the scandals going on, remember this: She did not go to Louisianan to help flood victims, instead she went to fund-raise at Justin Timberlake's house. Hillary Clinton is nothing but scripted spin, and if you are watching nothing but CNN and main media, they are not reporting, they are shilling for status.

Benghazi is more than just "blaming Hillary Clinton" it's about lying to in order to not hurt the 2012 election, it's about refusing to label it an Islamic terrorist attack - which is something she STILL refuses to say. Clinton will readily label Conservatives as terrorists, but refuses to hold true terrorists responsible? And the Orlando terrorist's father was at a rally for her? Proudly holding a Hillary Clinton sign?