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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Policeman Shot: Daniel Faulkner - Actual 911 Clips. RIP.

Daniel Faulkner was murdered this day in 1981. This music video below  has clips of the actual police radio traffic during the call; it's eerie. Liberals praise & defend Mumia & have made a hero out of him. I get furious over very few things these days - but that injustice is high on my list.
Oh Yeah: Fuck you Ben & Jerry's, Ed Fucking Asner, And Susan Fugly Sarandon, among the big mouthed celebrities who have never bothered to educate themselves on the crime. 
If you haven't seen the movie "Barrel of a Gun" by Tigre Hill - it's a must watch. It's fascinating and shocking - and very scary how easily people buy into propaganda. It hasn't been released yet (we were fortunate to watch a screening of it and meet Tigre) but if you follow them on Facebook, you'll be notified when the DVD comes out. 
It's all about the spin. And while Officer Faulkner has been encased in a grave for 31 years - Mumia Abu Jamal has been propelled to Hero status by a bunch of celebrities who claim to be so compassionate yet remain happily ensconced in their mansions with maids, butlers, nannies, and personal assistants.