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Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's Official: I Am Not A Lesbian

I'll be back soon. Still unwinding from a 13 hour car trip and 7 days loaded with nothing but estrogen and ovaries (translation: nothing but females ranging from 12 - 62) Brief appearances were made by testosterone - and those were such sweet nuggets of sanity that I have no doubt in my mind I would NEVER want to be a lesbian - and also made me apologize to John for all my previous moments of pouting/whining - and promising to never do it again.
But - I DID have a great time despite the moments of pouting/whining/temper tantrums that were directed AT me.
I leave you with this picture until I return a bit later in the week. It's of my little green tomatoes and the lady bug screen behind it. It makes me feel incredibly happy when I look at it. 1) Because I grew these tomatoes from freaking SEEDS! I've never grown anything from seeds before that actually LIVED. And 2) I love lady bugs. They bring luck. And who doesn't need a little luck?

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  1. And I thought my husband and 6y/o twin boys would have been rough for 4 hours. You win!