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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pasta Mista is a Mess...

Puddle of raw hamburger juice
Update 11/13/2013 - I received an email from that the owner complained about my picture of the raw burger and it was removed from the YELP review. The owner "James F" also left a comment on my review, stating I give mostly one star reviews... FALSE - anyone actually bothers to read my YELP reviews knows that it's mostly 5 fucking star reviews! As a matter of fact, there is a chart that shows the ratings I've given and I've written 27 reviews giving out 5 Star Ratings! I've only written 4 reviews where places are given a 1 star rating and I HATE giving places low ratings because I want to see Mom & Pop's succeed! So if I give a 1 Star, I do it to A) Hope the Business will improve & if not, to warn others not to waste their time/money.

So, anyway, then, "James F - alleged owner of Pasta Mista" basically blames ME for the fact the burger was raw (I should have personally called the owner/manager!).

Whatever. If James F treats his customers the way he's treated me, I can only wonder how he treats his employees. Oh, and if you are looking for a good local burger...across the street is a little cute place called "Tu Casa" - good Mexican food but they also have great burgers - and when you order "well done" - even though they are Hispanic, they understand my English when I request a "well done" burger. They are also super friendly and the place is warm and clean.

Here's Jame's F's comment (in case he decides to remove it from the Yelp site once he realizes that owners of restaurants should try to improve not intimidate)
James F. of Pasta Mista 11/12/2013  
Please read our filtered reviews and not judge my great restaurant on someone that has giving bad reviews to every restaurant in the area except for one. Yes, no excuse for a raw burger, but we apologized and Laura should have asked for the manager/owner and I would have made good on the slice and other items. ATTENTION: Costumers should always ask for owner or manager because the wait staff doesn't have the ability to give food away!"

My original review posted on 4/14/13

Pasta Mista in Chalfont, Pa...

Pro: It's clean. Staff friendly.
Con - from order of worst to least:
Ordered a Texas burger well done. The outside was done. The inside was RAW (see photos) - red juice totally leaked from the burger and my daughters plate was swimming in red juice. UGH.  Took it up to show the counter person. The cook came to counter and said, "well, it's a big burger, it happens." Tried to make me feel bad.
They took the burger off our bill and I requested a slice of pizza instead. They charged me for that (if I owned the place, I would have apologized profusely and given a free slice of pizza or free cannoli)
It took almost 20 minutes for the "well done" burger to arrive.
Took almost 10 minutes for our soda (2) to arrive.
The "chips" (don't' know if they are homemade or not) are brown and taste stale (on the 2 different occasions we tried this place).
Looked promising (after 20 minute wait)
The grilled chicken wrap had a tough (stale?) wrap and was bland.
It was a cold day when we ate in - the place is so small that every time the door opened, it let in a ton of cold air. Had to keep our jackets on the whole time. This probably won't be a problem on warm days.
Steak fries - fine.
The pizza was crisp on the bottom. Pretty good. There's an eggplant pizza and a taco pizza - something that is different from other local places. I haven't tried those, but the pizza I did try (Bruschetta, plain) was good, but nothing that would make me choose Pasta Mista over other local pizza joints.

I hate to give a bad review to a new business - esp. since there are so few in Chalfont - but we had waited weeks after it opened to try it out. They should have ironed out the slow service and there was no excuse for the raw burger. We gave it one more try by ordering a wrap for a pick up and steak fries - but, while it was ready as promised, it wasn't tasty enough to give this place another chance.