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Friday, September 27, 2013

Feeling Blue...Not Good Enough? There's a Pill For That. Bi-Polar Bullshit

It’s sad. So sad. That in a country that allegedly celebrates diversity – and it’s “cool” to be different…when people really are different from the majority…if they are children they are rushed to the doctor…if they are an adult…they make an appointment with the doctor.
Let me remind you, people, that if someone had rushed Stephen King to a doctor because he had horrific thoughts in his head…he would have been medicated and we would not have books and movies like Carrie (the classic and the new).
Let’s not forget Galileo! As the Indigo Girls remind us:  Galileo’s head was on the block…his crime was looking up for truth.” was an Italian physicist, astronomer, astrologer, and philosopher , often referred to as the "father of modern astronomy," and "father of modern physics", and "father of science". In 1616, Galileo tried to convince the Roman Church not to ban his ideas. He laid low for a while, but somehow managed to alienate Pope Urban VIII by citing the Pope's words as someone else's.
Galileo was placed on trial for suspected heresy in 1633, was found guilty, and had a "reduced" sentence of house arrest until the day he died on January 8, 1642.
We can’t all be fascinated by Food Network TV, Bravo Shows,  Shoe shopping, Video Games, and sports.
I’m becoming increasingly pissed at the “diagnosis” of “different” thinking is “must be a disorder – here’s a pill to numb you.”
When the diagnosis should be a celebration that you are one of the rare people that actually DOES think different (news flash – driving around with an Obama sticker on your car doesn’t make you “forward thinking” – it signifies that you think along with the crowd. Wearing thick black nerdy glasses doesn’t make you stand out, it makes you the same as all the other people trying to prove how trendy and utterly cool they are.
And while I’m writing my 3a.m. memo – let me include something called once used to be called life. Now, it’s referred to as a “condition.”
Audrey Hepburn referred to it as a case of the “mean reds” in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Had Audrey had Blue Cross Blue Shield, she would have been sent to the doctor and he would have diagnosed her with depression and put her on some drug that would cure her of “depression.”
Guess what people? There are good days, there are bad days. Bad things happen to good people. A tornado doesn’t destroy a whole town because they all have “bad karma.” A tornado destroys a small town because that’s called fucking nature.
Don’t be fooled by society telling you it’s not normal to have highs and lows, anger and sadness.
We all suffer from “I’m not good enough” syndrome- except for John Thompson – he really doesn’t give a shit what people think about him. And if you ever saw him walking though Lowes wearing cut off BDU’s and slippers you’d know what I mean.
It’s normal to think, “Man, I suck!” some days and some days to think “Everyone BUT ME sucks.”
 I’ll tell you what IS’NT NORMAL – popping a tablet so that you walk around like a zombie.
When bad things happen, and they will happen, no matter how wonderful and kind you might be, what I would prescribe for you is to feel the sadness/anger/loss/hurt/pain – that is normal. Look for the silver lining (there always is one – sometimes you just have to really search for it, and sometimes it takes awhile for you to see it) .
And those stories you tell yourself in your head about…ghosts, or angles, or death, or spirituality, or ravens…doesn’t mean you’re foolish – it means you have a gift and it’s how you use that gift that makes the difference. Stories? Movies? Songs? Teaching? Painting? Photography? Making T-shirts? Preaching?
Oh, and one more think. Quit worrying about what people think about you. Easier said than done, right? I know. For someone that often speaks her mind I’ve been on the receiving end of much hate/gossip, eye rolling. Good. It simply means I AM different. I am not a zombie following blindly. And if I can even cause one other person to crawl out of their shell and raise their voice or bring their talent to life, then it’s worth the names I’m called.
Your true friends and family will remain and you will find new friends (and maybe even family!). But even if they all disappeared…it wouldn’t matter as long as you love yourself.  
Guess what…we are all human.  Some people might say we’re all crazy…but maybe we should start thinking of it as we’re all gifted – and why on earth would you ever seek out a pill to push your gift into a fog. Gifts are meant to be shared. But sometimes, the key is to figure out how best to share that gift.
Whatever is going on in your life – if you’re ecstatic and happy and in loveeeeeeeeeeeee…wait. There will come a time that ecstasy fades and contentment slides in. There may come a day that love turns to indifference. And then there’s sadness.  And then guess what? You can choose to start all over again! Everything you need to know in life you don’t need a doctor to tell you – you simply look out your door. Ah, it’s raining, storming. It will pass. Ah – it’s a gorgeous day, flowers are waving, the sun is warm, the ocean is calm.
Somewhere right now, a doctor is prescribing a pill to numb life – to tamp down emotions, instead of recognizing that emotions are part of life. People who think differently are considered “abnormal” instead of GIFTED (artists, teachers, scientists, writers).
Those people are there to help you, I do believe they believe that, but they are also making money by putting you on drugs. The “easy fix.”  Nothing worth having in life is easy. Everyone fails. Everyone learns. The trick is to get back on your feet, give the finger to those who laugh at you, and rise up and be better the second, third, fourth, however many times you try and fall. Because I’ll tell you something,  I’d much rather have scars of my knees from daring to live fully than sores on my ass from sitting in front of a TV or computer screen watching, making fun of other people who dare to actually LIVE their life.
You can be 1 of 3 people in life. The person who reads the book. The person who writes the book. Or the person who lives the book and then writes the book (or the song or the movie or the lecture or…)

And this concludes my 3a.m. lecture. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Anarchist Emily Yates - Hates The Police And Hates Money, But Wants Yours!

Emily Yates hates money, but she wants you to send her some of your hard earned dollars!

Emily (aka as Emily Danial / Emily Wilsoncroft) claims to be a peace activist and Libertarian, however, a quick reading of her website, it’s clear that Emily is an Anarchist:

“But why do you want to eventually achieve world domination?” I can hear some of you innocently wondering. It’s mainly because I want to make the rules. For instance, in my world, marijuana would be legal, and police brutality would be illegal. Wars would be resolved with three rounds of Rock, Paper, Scissors. People who buy ridiculously huge vehicles and drive them around with nothing inside would be mandated to apply bumper stickers that say “I AM A RESOURCE-WASTING TOOL.”

A Libertarian believes people are entitled to success – if they want a gas guzzling car, so be it! Emily’s dream is of not only telling people what they should do, but shaming them if it doesn’t fit in her agenda.
The viral video circling of Emily is shot by one of the founders of Citizens For Liberty – a group that I was involved in during it’s first few months, but when it became increasingly apparent that they were not “freedom lovers” but “police haters” – I stopped attending their meetings.
The viral video circulating states Emily was at the park protesting the possible of the USA in Syria (I’m against this also) but actually, she was scheduled to perform her song “I’d Rather Be High (Than an Asshole…)”  at  Smokedown Prohibition – a pro pot rally (I’m for legalization). Yates was standing in an area park rangers had set up for the processing of evidence. They kindly, politely, asked her to move repeatedly, and instead of simply moving, she argued with them and refused to move until they forced to take action and as they tried to peacefully  remove her she responded by resisting, kicking, and eventually spitting at the officers. Before you, dear police, military, government hater, try to say that Emily serving in the military is what caused Emily to be so…er...crazy, angry, stupid…please read the words of Emily’s mother and from Emily herself in interviews she’s given over the years(or  have someone read to you if you are illiterate).  
Emily is not some random peaceful beatnik – her mother, Amy Danial, gave some insight into in her childhood: “We couldn’t believe our ears,” said Yates’ mother, Amy Danial, recalling the news of her daughter’s enlistment. “Her thing was, she never liked rules and she didn’t like to work hard.”
Home schooled until she was 16, Yates earned a GED rather than complete high school. She ran away from her family’s Liverpool, N.Y., home to pay an unannounced visit to her aunt in New York City. She was so relentlessly rebellious that her parents felt compelled to send her to boarding school.  
“I was probably a 7 or an 8 on the scale of (difficult) teenagers,” Yates said. “I was just unhappy, for some reason, with myself.”
Yates said she saw the Army as a place to get training for an aspiring career (since abandoned) in journalism. It was a place to go when she ran out of money for community college. It was something she hadn’t tried.
Yates  claims she was "recruited" out of community college and told her military career would entail learning journalism, but she didn't figure that would take place in Baghdad"– (did she think they were going to put her in the Four Seasons and have room service deliver breakfast?)
“Today there's no one lobbing mortar at me," says Emily. "Plus, unlike in the military, I'm not surrounded by people who are miserable." Emily stated she thought the Army was a means to an education and a career in journalism.
It doesn’t take a half of a brain to understand:  A – She never liked rules. B – She didn’t like to work hard (so now she makes a living playing the banjo, antagonizing authority until she gets arrested, and then asking for donations).
Also, her parents sent her to boarding school…so, I guess it’s wrong for others’ to have money, but it’s totally acceptable for Emily to reap the benefits of her parents wealth.  Emily has no problem using her GI stipend to attend UC Berkeley (shocker!)
In the Army, Emily was (you’re never going to believe this…I know, I almost fell out of my chair, shocked!) ordered to attend anger-management counseling, during which she was advised by an Army doctor to “lower your expectations.” Instead, she continued to bristle against the ritual obedience and conformity of Army life.
“I never met a person who was less cut out for the Army,” David Abrams, her direct supervisor during her first deployment, wrote in an email. “I don’t think she was able to comfortably fit herself into the cookie-cutter demands of the military. She questioned authority, she colored outside the lines.”
Emily has succeeded in playing the victim, in dividing us instead of strengthening us. She continues to exploit the military, bad mouthing them all the while making a living off them  and making a living off dumbasses who send money to her (note: don’t call 911 when you’ve been beaten up and your  capitalist iPhone has been stolen ).
As one commenter and eye witness said: “Emily KNEW EXACTLY WHAT SHE WAS DOING - she walked behind the barriers that were ALREADY SET UP - like they are every time there is a Smokedown there. It's blatantly obvious that you are NOT supposed to go pass through them and just sit down on a bench when there are 25 Park Police in an area that is clearly cordoned off. She DID IT ON PURPOSE and she knew exactly what would happen and she invited it. They overreacted , but let's be brutally honest here - she sure was going full retard with her histrionic theatrics as she was playing to the camera. I was there and I saw it with my own two eyes. She wanted a confrontation and she got it.”
Put it this way, this would be like her climbing into a fed cop car on purpose and then asking why she couldn't be there and then getting detained for it when someone closed the door on her. It's political theater and nothing more.”
If you truly want to spend some money, the next time you see a Soldier at a restaurant, buy his/her meal.
Emily Yates is no warrior – no freedom fighter; she is a hypocrite who preys on people too stupid – too lazy, to look beyond a 7 minute video to figure out what is going on.

Sometimes a Libertarian is an Anarchist and all too often, it is people like Emily put a target on the back of those who put their life on the line every day for coddled, rebellious, angry children who turn into “Peace Activists.” 

Emily Yates - the Interview Archives: