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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Urgent Action Needed! Don't Let Those Greedy Bastards Win!

Remember when Government was once about "we the people?" - Yeah, me neither - guess what people, the RNC is playing some wicked games behind the scenes right now - trying to create a rule that instead of people voting in their primary election about who to send as delegates to the convention, those voted on BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, can be VETOED by the powers that be in favor of whoever the Powers that be want to have attend the convention. Which, basically,  is called stacking the deck.
It's like your boss asking you to nominate a co-worker to be assigned to a team that will create the new "rules" for your company. You talk to your co-workers and decide that "Jimmy John" would be the best person, as Jimmy John is loud but friendly, and really believes that you all need a raise and will fight to make that a new rule. So, you all vote and Jimmy John is the winner, but then your boss says, "You know what? I don't like that pick - so I'm picking my own person!" And then he picks Ken - the brown noser, the RAT that dimes everyone out.
I can't begin to tell you how important it is to take a few minutes and make a phone call to your state GOP office and tell them, "I oppose Romney's new rules that strip grassroots activists of the ability to participate in the Republican platform process!"

And, after you've located and called your state office (listed below) - then click this link and call your state committee people (there are 2 for each state) and tell them the same thing. If they aren't answering their cell phone, leave a message. And then, EMAIL THEM!

This is about tea parties, gop parties, paul parties, this is about WE The PEOPLE parties!! Don't let the greedy bastards take any more power away from you than they already have!!!

Alabama (205) 212-5900
Alaska (907) 276-4467
Arizona (602) 957-7770
Arkansas (501) 372-7301
California (916) 448-9496
Colorado (303) 758-3333
Connecticut (860) 422-8211
Delaware (302) 668-1954
District of Columbia (202) 289-8005
Florida (850) 222-7920
Georgia (404) 257-5559
Hawaii (808) 593-8180
Idaho (208) 343-6405
Illinois (312) 201-9000
Indiana (317) 635-7561
Iowa (515) 282-8105
Kansas (785) 234-3456
Kentucky (502) 875-5130
Louisiana (225) 389-4495
Maine (207) 622-6247
Maryland (410) 263-2125
Massachusetts (617)-523-5005
Michigan (517) 487-5413
Minnesota (651) 222-0022
Mississippi (601) 948-5191
Missouri (573) 636-3146
Montana (406) 442-6469
Nebraska (402) 475-2122
New Hampshire (603) 225-9341
North Carolina (919) 828-6423
Oregon (503) 595-8881
South Dakota (605) 224-7347
Vermont (802) 223-3411
Wisconsin (608) 257-4765
Nevada (702) 258-9182
New Jersey (609) 989-7300
North Dakota (701) 255-0030
Pennsylvania (717) 234-4901
Tennessee (615) 269-4260
Virginia (804) 780-0111
Wyoming (307) 234-9166
New Mexico (505) 298-3662
Ohio (614) 228-2481
Rhode Island (401) 732-8282
Texas (512) 477-9821
Washington (425) 460-0570
New York (518) 462-2601
Oklahoma (518) 462-2601
South Carolina (803) 988-8440
Utah (803) 988-8440
West Virginia (304) 768-0493

Monday, August 27, 2012

2016 The Movie Reviews And A Lavender Pear Martini!

Sunday, August 26th - a group of Patriots joined together to rally at the corner of 611 and County Line Road in Warrington Pa.

It was a gorgeous sunny warm day and our small group waving flags and signs that supported Romney and Mike Fitzpatrick got many many honks and thumbs up. It was great to hear and see.

Then we went to see the theater to see the movie 2016.

Wow. It was done extremely well. It was produced by the Gerald Molen, the award winning producer of Schindler's List and Rain Man.

After the movie - a bunch of us headed over to Ruby Tuesdays and I had the most fabulous lavender pear martini! Ruby's has really updated their cocktails and I was really happily surprised!

We all agreed the movie 2016 was quite fascinating and a MUST SEE, a real wake up call. No conspiracy theories - just facts - facts Obama talked about in his memoirs. But the producer/director took Obama's past (as reported by Obama) - visited his family and traced his history and then weaved into what is happening in America under Obama's Presidency. It doesn't take a brain doctor to figure it out, but what it does take is a willingness to wake up, to pay attention. Ignoring what Obama is doing only gives him more power.

If you value the nice things you have: iPods, iPhones, computers, owning a home (or dreaming of one) - if you value your freedom, if you believe that hard work leads to rewards, if you want your future kids to flourish (not be saddled with debt and few opportunities) and that America was the best land because of our freedom and diversity - you need to see this movie, fire Obama in November, and start paying attention to politics so this sort of thing never occurs again.

Ruby Tuesday Gathering
To sum it up, after seeing the movie - Obama's actions now make sense. And what is frightening is the many people who choose to ignore what is happening to our Country at the mercy of this Kenyan man - a drunken, violent (he killed a man!), polygamist (he had five wives and was essentially a globe-trotting sperm donor), anti-colonialist radical.  Obama is not a traditional Democrat like Bill Clinton.  Obama isn't a left-wing liberal like John Kerry or Jimmy Carter.
This was the most AWESOME lavender pear martini 
Obama is Anti-Colonist. He was raised by a mother who hated white people (though she was white) and hated Capitalism.
Traditional liberals want to redistribute wealth in America: Obama wants to redistribute America’s power  throughout the world.
Obama wants to use his power as the American president to rid the world of colonialism … starting with downsizing the very power of the U.S.A - and the movie points to the actions Obama has made that is doing  just that:

On Oil:
He stopped the building of the Keystone Pipeline (which would have brought us oil and jobs).  He's blocked and hampered USA oil production: Alaskan drilling is off-limits, oil-shale development on Western lands is forbidden, oil-and-gas development off Virginia’s coast is prohibited, and almost all new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is thwarted. Those Gulf energy fields, which long have been the nation’s most productive, remain blocked even after a federal judge found the administration in civil contempt for its refusal to allow more permits. According to Energy Information Administration estimates, Gulf oil production this year will be 130 million barrels fewer than pre-ban levels yet funneled 2 billion dollars into Brazil for oil exploration.

On Economy:
What was the goal of Bin Laden/Al Qaeda when they killed thousands of people in the 9/11 attack? They chose the World Trade Centers as both a symbol of attacking capitalism/wealth and wanted to destroy our economy. In the 4 years Obama has been President - he's raised the corporate tax rate the highest in the WORLD, causing businesses to flee the country. He's added almost 6 TRILLION dollars to our debt - the highest since WWII. Unemployment has been steady between 8%-9% - the highest since the 1930's. 45% of public debt was held by foreign countries when Obama took office - he's now increased the loans and we now owe 72%. If Obama continues the path he is on if re-elected, the USA will be at 100% - the same level as Greece causing the economic meltdown leading to violence.

On Foreign Relations: Obama's refusal to aid Syrian rebels against the Assad regime, but supported the toppling of the Mubarak regime in Egypt, and Mubarak was an ally of the United States!
Why support the overthrow of Mubarak, but not the democratic movement in Iran?  Short answer: What does Kaddafi and Mubarak – what do they have in common? They only have one thing in common.  They are either doing business with or allied with the United States!

During a recent British stand off with Argentina over rights to The Falkland Islands, Obama supported Argentina. The first American president to do so, and despite every single inhabitant of The Falkland Islands holding a British passport and considering themselves to be British citizens. The UK lent its full support to the US in their wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and has seen their young men return in coffins as a result, and they continue to do so. It should be remembered that the British lost 255 soldiers in 'The Falklands War' in 1992, Obama's lack of gratitude or respect is more than apparent.

American Security: We had an arsenal of 5,000 nuclear warheads. Obama took them down to 1,500 with a goal of 300 and eventually zero. Yet has done NOTHING to prevent Iran from building nuclear arms. Obama also also wants deep cuts to our military.

Anti-Jewish/Pro Islam - Many of Obama's policies have made it more likely that we will see the development of the United States of Islam within the next four years. A land mass stretching far to the east and west of Israel covering an area twice as large as China. The motivating sentiment being that Israel and the US are Occupiers or Colonialists, and that we must be gotten rid of. Very much like how Germany viewed the Jews during the Hitler era

The movie reveals that Barack Obama’s dominant motivation is to strengthen and spread Islam while decreasing the power and influence of the America.
Barack Obama wants to see a “Global Caliphate” or an “United States of Islam” emerge in the Middle East. If he gets a second term, he wants the monarchies of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arabian Peninsula and Gulf States to be toppled by groups like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.  There’s a reason Barack Obama refused to aid the revolutionaries in Iran and it’s because he wants to see Islamic theocracies spread across the Middle East with the ultimate goal of destroying Israel before 2016.  Obama sees his presidency as the window of opportunity for Muslims to wipe Israel off the map,which goes back to his father’s thinking that Israel was a “mini-colonial-empire” and that it had to be destroyed by Africans and Muslims.

One of the first things Obma did as the new President in 2009 was to to give back the bust of Winston Churchill that was in the Oval Office. 
Over and over again, the movie shows just how much both Barack Obama Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham hated the British and all colonial powers and how they taught their son to hate the British too.  It’s no wonder why Barack Obama immediately removed the bust of Winston Churchill when he became president and took over the Oval Office, and while after that he continued to order little slights against the British throughout his term such as giving Prime Minister Gordon Brown a box of DVDs from Best Buy during a state visit ( and handing Her Majesty the Queen an iPod full of Obama’s own speeches on the Obamas’ state visit to the UK.  Both of these acts were to show the British that Obama thought they were nothing special.

Can you IMAGINE the media outrage if Mitt Romney was good friends with these people:

Frank Marshall Davis, pro- Soviet, communist journalist, a known pedophile and  radical who was on the FBI and CIA’s Most Watched Lists - Obama talked greatly about him in his memoir and how Frank was a father figure to him growing  up.

Jeremiah Wright, the radical liberation antisemitic theology minister - Obama sat in his church for 20 years, considered him an Uncle, offered to bribe him to keep his mouth shut during 2008 campaign.

Edward Said, and extreme leftist anti-Israel and Western professor - Obama was great friends and said he admired this professor. Said told Obama he needed to distance himself during the 2008 campaign because if their relationship was unveiled, it would harm Obama's chances.

Bill Ayers Domestic Terrorist  - who, along with Bin Laden, bombed several American Buildings. Ironic that Obama takes credit for killing Bin Laden, yet his first fund-raiser was in the home of Bill Ayers, who planted bombs in the same building as Bin Laden. 

Some people say there is nothing different about Mitt Romney and Obama.
I beg to differ.
It all comes down to character - Mitt Romney has incredible pride in America, has no ties to antisemitics, domestic terrorist, or communists.

Friday, August 24, 2012

2016 The Movie - Rally/Ruby Tuesdays Event

We're excited to announce that 2016 The Movie will be playing at the Regal Warrington and The Regal in Conshohocken.

The Movie 2016  arrives in our area on  August 24. It is produced by Gerald R. Molen!
Gerald Molen has produced many of the most memorable films in the last three decades including blockbusters like Jurassic Park, Twister, Days of Thunder, Hook and Minority Report. He was a producer for the Academy Award winning film Schindler’s List and co-producer for Rain Man which won the Oscar for Best Picture.

I'd love to give this movie as much promotion as possible as those on the fence of Obama/Romney might be curious to go see it if they realize it is playing locally.
In order to garner some great publicity - Citizens for Liberty in Montgomery County and Kitchen Table Patriots in Bucks County are holding a 2016 Movie Rally/Meetup.
Please invite all your friends and family (Tea Party/ MarTEAni Party/ Obama Kool Aid Party...) to join us for a rally prior to the movie - then we'll head into the movie, and after we will meet up for drinks and conversation at Ruby Tuesdays.

When: Sunday, August 26th...Movie starts at 11:45 a.m. - We'll meet up to rally at 11:00 (if you'd like to join us prior to the movie) then we'll head over to Ruby Tuesday (which is in the same lot as the movie theater) after we watch the movie! Buying your tickets in advanced is highly recommended as we had close to a sell out for the movie Runaway Slave. Here's the link to purchase tickets in advance:

Regal Warrington Crossing Stadium 22
140 Easton Rd.
Warrington, PA 18976
(215) 918-1667

The Rally will occur at the corner of 611 and County Line Road. There is a small parking lot on that corner (the same side of the street as the theater) - park there and bring your signs/flags.


Citizens For Liberty is putting together an event for the movie 2016. We hope that you will join us! Join us fellow patriots & let's sell out the theater!!! Pre-ordered tickets are highly recommended.

We won't know the exact time of the movie until a week before it opens, but we are aiming for a showing around 6 or 7pm.

Let's just say the movie starts at 7pm. At 6pm We will all gather in the lower parking lot on Ridge Pike & rally in support for the movie, so bring your anti-obama signs, tea party posters & flags. This will go on for 30mns, then we will go get seated.

Afterwards we'll go to Uno Chicago Grill (which is in the same parking lot) for drinks, food & to discuss the movie. IT WILL BE FUN!!!

Contact Steve or Jackie or RSVP on their Facebook Page!

When: Saturday, August 25
Where: Regal Cinemas
Address: 1011 West Ridge Pike
Conshohocken, PA 19428
(610) 940-3890

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Final Day At GOP Platform Meetings - Tampa

First, I forgot to mention the awesome dessert I had from Jackson's in Tampa Monday  night.. Marshmallow on top, vanilla cheesecake with layer of chocolate ganache and graham cracker crust. Served with Nutella dipping sauce! WOW. So good.
Anyway - back to the program!
Tuesday morning ( thunder and serious crazy wind kept me up most of the night)
we headed over to the Marriott where an AP reporter interviewed Dean/Russ and a few people from our group. Of course, all the Freedom Platform issues we were concerned about had to do with cutting spending/regulations - but this reporter wanted to talk about abortion/gay marriage issues. C'mon PEOPLE. How many times do I have to say - it's about the FOUNDATION of this country which is CRUMBLING due to overspending/over regulation? Unfortunately, social issues are nothing but window dressing right now. None of it matters if we don't fix our freaking economy!
We sat in on some more amendment meetings.
Then we had lunch and I finally was able to catch up with one of the delegates who I'd tried to contact prior to going to Tampa. Mike Wallace lives in Maine and he is a young guy who worked on Rand Paul's campaign and is concerned with the same issues FW & the majority of Patriots are concerned about. We invited him to lunch with us at Champions which is downstairs in the Marriott. Our waiter remembered everyone's drinks from the day before. I mean, we're talking like 13 people! It was crazy!
I had the awesome strawberry martini again and a BBQ chicken salad that was so huge it could feed Michael Moore for a month.

After lunch, we shot some videos for FreedomWorks about how we felt about our experience at the GOP Platform Committee meetings.
Then we met for dinner at Jacksons while rain pounded the streets. Austin (The Producer who was a producer for Judge Napolitano's Fox show before it was RUDELY cancelled) sang an impromptu song. See the video above.
There was much laughter at the table. Oh, and I had the best tomato salad and this Sicilian Spinach salad made with pine nuts/raisins/ginger. And our waiters were also very awesome.
Oh, and I had the best wine EVER. When I told the waiter (who I called "Fisherman" (long story)) he told me it was a Dave Matthews Band collaboration - the label is "Dreaming Tree" and the wine is "Crush."
Russ & Dean (notice Dean w/ 2 drinks in his hands)
Of course - when he said it was from DMB - it explained why it was so FABULOUS. I hope the state controlled PA wine stores have it.
Have I mentioned how much I love the staff of FreedomWorks and the team I was with?
I love that there is so much diversity on staff and yet, the debates are friendly and thoughtful.
I hugged everyone before I left. And I am NOT a hugger!!! But these people feel like family to me.
It was a wonderful trip.
The fact that 11.5 of our platforms were incorporated (see my previous post for a list of our platforms - as well as my Morning Joe Mika video! click here) shows that the Romney Campaign is willing to work and accept the Tea Party platform of small gov, more freedom.
I left Tampa feeling very, very, optimistic of the election and if Romney wins, he will listen (and we will continue to keep the pressure on him!!).

Thank you Tampa! Thank you FreedomWorks staff: Russ Walker (also a delegate!), Dean Clancy (who is suspicious of wheat), Ryan Hecker (who I shared some laughs with regarding a delegate watching herself on the CSPAN monitor), Adam Brandon (who flew in and flew out way too quickly!), and Austin (see the video in this post - Austin needs his own reality show). And Heather - who we didn't meet but did all the travel planning!

There is cool. There is awesome. And then there is FreedomWorks! If you aren't yet involved with FreedomWorks or using their resources, what are you waiting for?

And my Freedom Ninja Tampa family:

Gena Bell (OH)- don't let her petite stature and sweet nature fool ya, Gena is a spirited powerhouse.

Kristin Minor (IN) - she tries to hide her angel wings under suit jackets.

Greg Fettig (IN) - knows how to unite disconnected tea parties.

Donna Driskell (GA) Poor Donna. She had such a bad head cold and yet powered through.

Thomas Zawistowski (OH) - Tom doesn't know this, but I have renamed him Bob.

John Kuzmanich (OR) - Married to Bella AKA Melanie. Doesn't let the fact he's surrounded by Libs in OR get him down. Also - did NOT bring me a maple bacon donut from Vooodoo donuts. But obviously, I've moved past that.

Joyce Krawiec (NC) - Joyce tells the best stories in a sweet as pecan pie southern accent!

Ken Clark (CO) - Ken showed me the greatest tip on how to retain battery life on the iPhone. It was life

Vicki Dooling (NV) - Vicki had a busted ankle. She says she tripped and fell. I have a feeling it's from 
kicking some Big Govt butt!!!

Debbie Wilson (FL) - Two tornadoes hit her houses in FL and her house in GA - you know what they say, like attracts like! (meaning Debbie is a whirl wind of energy and getting things done.)

Konni Burton (TX) - Everything is big in Texas - including Konni's laugh - which was loud and frequent - and her heart is huge. You can't be in Konni's presence and NOT smile in .7 seconds.

And a BIG THANK you to Ana Puig - who suggested to the powers that be at FreedomWorks that I be on the Republican Platform Committee - I totally minded my manners (most of the time) - so as not to embarrass her or the Kitchen Table Patriot family back here in Doyelstown!

And finally, here is the video of me that Austin, The Producer, who needs his own reality who,  shot - I'm sure had he known I'd be posting his impromptu singing - he might have used the "bad"' camera. heh heh. 

The video sums my experience at the GOP Platform Committee perfectly!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tampa - GOP Platform Meetings Day 2! Freedom Works/FreedomPlatform

Let’s remember- it’s not so long ago that I woke from my apathetic political slumber. So, to be perfectly honest – I had no idea that every 4 years before an election – both political parties wrote their own “contract” so to speak – of what they wanted the newly (if) elected president/and party to accomplish during their four years in power.
So when FreedomWorks contacted me and offered to send me to Tampa to talk to the delegates and explain the FreedomWorks Platform, hoping they would understand and love it as much as we did and try to get it incorporated, I said... “Let me...YES!”
I had no idea what to expect, being as I had no idea that a Republican Platform EXISTED!!!
In getting ready for my trip, I read the last 2 RNC and DNC Platforms. I shot my “Mika 12 for 12 Freedom Platform Video” and sent emails and phoned my delegates. No one called me back, and I felt A) Relieved, because y'all know how much I love the phone and B)Worried that no one wanted to talk to me!
view outside the Platform Committee Meetings
Well, guess what - it seems like our 12 for 12 Freedom Platform was for the most part, already accepted. Thanks to all the grass roots activists who called (Governor McDonnell said his office was inundated with phone calls in support of the FreedomWorks Freedom Platform!!) Was that YOU, readers??? I know some of those calls were from you guys because you're the kind that value action!!! So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Monday morning, I met up with 11 other people chosen by FreedomWorks to reach out to the delegates and be present for the Committee meetings in Tampa. We were from various swing states and very active in our home-states fighting for freedom! (Freedom Ninjas per Austin, The Producer) We ate breakfast at the hotel and had a fabulous view overlooking the bay.
Then we walked down the street to the Marriott where the meetings were taking place.
The delegates (voted on in their home state) met in the morning to talk about about the various sections(Jobs/Economy/Healthcare/Education/Etc.). Then they broke up into groups and discussed the ideas they wanted to put into the 2012 Republican Platform.
Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn also pushed for the FW Freedom Platform - the Tea Party has an ally in Blackburn. Also - Romney seemed to be willing to listen and accept what us, tea party, activists, are concerned about. I can't tell you how optimistic this makes me!
Breakfast with Freedom Ninjas!
The FW Team (I LOVE them, what a fabulous bunch of smart, fun, Patriots!!!) sat in the various
The Delegates going thru amendments 
topic discussions. Though really, for me, it's all about cutting regulations and spending (the foundation of our Country - we must strengthen that for security and prosperity) - I sat in a discussion in which Gay Marriage came up. It seems like the young people are pushing for "softer" language (though some older folks agreed also!). All the delegates did agree that we must respect everyone know matter what their religion or sexual orientation; however, the language and how to incorporate it was a long, interesting, sometimes heated discussion.
The Platform hasn't been finalized yet, so I'm not sure what the final outcome will be.
We ate lunch at Champions where I had a strawberry martini and a turkey burger with cranberry mayo and sweet potato tater tots (OMG- they were so crisp and wonderful!). In the afternoon, more meetings, and then we all met at dinner at Jackson's where we ate outside overlooking the bay. A tremendous storm blew in soon after and I watched an awesome lighting show from my spacious but cozy hotel room!
It was a day full of learning and it was totally fun.
And I love FreedomWorks and everyone who was selected to be on this team. There are no egos here; there is only friendship and enthusiasm!  

Monday, August 20, 2012

Touch Down, Tampa!

Yesterday I flew out of Philly en-route to Tampa for the Republican National Convention Platform Committee Meetings starting today. FreedomWorks sent me to lobby for their Freedom Platform (see previous post).
The view from my hotel room!
A HUGE mirror in my room! My
ego and I LOVED it. 
Mostly, today was a travel day...and I have to say, it's been awhile since I've flown. I flew US Air and had no problems. We sat on the tarmac for about 15 minutes waiting to take off, but other than that, we were mostly on time. 
The hotel FW has put me in is FABULOUS and so are the other people FW has sent down to work together. I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am by everything this organization does - not only do that do it with class - but they do it in such a laid back way, that I always feel "at home" and comfortable. The people in their organization accept my quirks - and I don't ever feel I have to pretend to be someone I'm not. Or maybe, I've just got past that point where I've stopped pretending to be someone I'm not!
Things looked REALLY good today - but I'll know for sure how it went later tonight and will update tomorrow!
Starbucks maker in my ROOM!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Smart Meters - Hitler Approved.

Smart Meters: Hazardous to Home & Health?
by Jill Herring 
Follow Jill on Twitter @JillHerring2

Jill wrote about Smart Meters this week, and points out some physical concerns/health hazards about these new Big Brother TechDogs. For me, it's not only the health hazards, it's that these Smart Meters are in violation of the 4th Amendment. SR's can not only monitor how much electricity a house is can pinpoint how much TV you're watching and WHAT you're watching. If the Govt. decides you're using "too much" electricity, it can remotely shut off your electricity to "keep you in line" with what they deem to be normal usage. This is why it's so important to get involved in politics at the local level too. 

Smart Grid Program approved as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Obama’s Watch) includes and partly funds smart meter installation nationwide on gas, water, and electrical services.

On Wednesday August 16th PECO suspended its 600,000 smart-meter installation program “AMIs” after 15 devices overheated, including one that set fire to a home in Bucks County.  The utility, which has installed 186,000 devices since March as part of a $650,000 distribution upgrade, said it has temporarily halted the project to investigate the cause of the malfunctions.  While the investigation is still ongoing, it suspects that the devices overheated because of "preexisting" problems with the wiring in houses connected to the meter, not with the smart meter itself.  Fires due to AMIs have been reported in other locations such as in Florida, California, British Columbia, and Australia.

Pennsylvania now requires this technology for all large electric utilities. AMIs allow two-way wireless communication with customers, enabling time-of-use pricing next year.  In addition, utilities' will be able to detect and manage outages, as well as to turn on/shut off customers remotely. 

Caution: The smart meter technology/rollout is still new and issues vary from state to state (including region or county) and finally among the individual utility providers.  So when you read about an issue in e.g. California, it might not be true for Pennsylvania. By the same token, an issue in Pittsburgh may not be relevant for e.g. Doylestown.

Pros and Cons

Here are some advertised power utility/energy/pollution benefits of smart meters:
·         Eliminating manual meter reading
·         Monitoring the electric system more quickly
·         Making it possible to use power resources more efficiently
·         Providing real-time data useful for balancing electric loads & reducing power outages (blackouts)
·         Enabling dynamic pricing (raising or lowering the cost of electricity based on demand)
·         Avoiding the capital expense of building new power plants
·         Helping optimize income with existing resources
·         Preventing the need for new power plants that would produce pollution
·         Curbing greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants
·         Reducing pollution from vehicles driven by meter readers

 Here are some advertised health, privacy concerns for consumers:
·         Microwave/Radiowave radiation exposure through transmitting wires
·         Use of high frequency communication over power lines
·         Reported sicknesses after installation of smart meters
·         Studies that show Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) increase the risk of cancerous diseases.
·         Possible interference with phone calls, garage doors, security systems, motion detectors, etc.
·         Possible interference with functionality of cordless phones & gadgets in the home.

For additional research – although I just scratched the surface, check out a few Website references below.  Just beware of environmental extremist Websites e.g. California coalitions, you know, that say everything on the planet is hazardous to your health.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Freedom Works "Freedom Platform" OR Batten Down the Hatches Tampa, 76 Chick is Coming to Town!

Guess who's going to Tampa to *hopefully* influence the Republican National Committee to incorporate Freedom Works "12 for 12" Freedom Platform? 12 policies that  grass roots activists are most concerned about in this 2012 Election?? That's right! Me! I'm totally honored to be representing Freedom Works in Florida - and to be meeting with delegates across the country.
Instead of just writing about these 12 policies, I decided to present it in video form with the help of "Mika Brzezinski" from Morning Joe. If you think these 12 policies are as awesome as I do...please contact

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell will head the GOP platform committee. Sen. John Hoeven of North Dakota and Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee will serve as co-chairmen.

Gov. Bob McDonald (VA)
Phone: (804) 786-2211 (leave a message w/ staff or voice mail saying you support FreedomWorks Freedom Platform for the GOP Committee Platform)
Tweet (Click Here)

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (TN)
Phone 901-382-5811 (leave a message w/ staff or voice mail saying you support FreedomWorks Freedom Platform for the GOP Committee Platform)
Tweet (Click here)

Sen. John Hoeven (ND)
Phone: 701-250-4618 (leave a message w/ staff or voice mail saying you support FreedomWorks Freedom Platform for the GOP Committee Platform)

These are the 12 for 12 policies:

1) Repeal Obamacare; Pursue Patient-Centered Care

2) Stop the Tax Hikes

3) Reverse Obama’s Spending Increases

4) Scrap the Code; Replace It with a Flat Tax

5) Pass a Balanced Budget Amendment

6) Reject Cap and Trade

7) Rein in the EPA

8) Unleash America’s Vast Energy Potential

9) Eliminate the Department of Education

10) Reduce the Bloated Federal Workforce

11) Curtail Excessive Federal Regulation

12) Audit the Fed

What I love about Freedom Works is that they are young - and those who are more "mature" are actually very young in heart and have a youthful spirit and believes "Freedom Works."

FW is also wonderful resource to use if you want to TAKE ACTION and help win back our country in November. Visit to phone bank (from the privacy of your own home), request materials, get walking lists, or meet other freedom minded people in your area. 

Cheers to Liberty!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Tale Of 3 Romney Victory Centers and Baseball Pennants

Rep. Todd Stephens & Congressman Meehan
Saturday I had a busy day scheduled and when Brian from the Romney Victory Center in Horsham called and told me Congressman Meehan was going to be at the RVC - I was like..."No, sorry, can't make it."
And then five minutes later I threw on my cute favorite skirt and shirt and slipped into my sparkly flip flops and headed over. Because WHY NOT!!!
I've been to the Bucks RVC and the Conshohocken RVC - and had been meaning to stop in and visit the Horsham Center.
If you don't know what goes on at the RVC's - basically - it's filled with phones and you call predialed numbers, read a short (very very short script) and ask a few questions. You can also sign up to knock on doors (which, I first HATED the idea, but now, it's actually one of my favorite things to do...I love talking to people and finding out what issues are important to them).
One of that I'm very visually driven. For instance, I prefer Target over Walmart because it's so spacious and bright and aesthetically pleasing.
So, when it comes to volunteering at Victory Centers - I'm the same way.
What I've found at all 3 RVC is they are manned by young, highly enthusiastic and friendly, people.
The only real difference is the buildings they are in.
The Goodie Table at the Horsham Romney Victory Center
The Doylestown RVC is located in the basement of the GOP headquearters in Doylestown...right across from the courthouse. Parking is a snap (and free) if you use the county parking lot - it's just a short 3 minute walk to the building. The basement, however, is...a basement. Totally unappealing (to me). Another great benefit, however, are all the fabulous pubs/eateries that surround the RVC - so after you're done volunteering, you can shop and eat!
The Conshohocken RVC is located in a strip mall. Parking free - and so easy to get to! It is brightly lit - windows galore - and by far, the most aesthetically pleasing to me. Also, there is a 5 Guys a few doors down. HELLO??!!!!!
The Horsham RVC is a BITCH to find. You can either enter off of Welsh Road or off of Dresher Road. It's in a business development and there are so many buildings it can be quite confusing. If you plan on going, it might be a good idea to have Brian's number handy and give him a call if you get lost in the complex. However, once you are there (parking free here too), you won't have any problems finding it again. It's not as spacious nor as bright as the Conshy RVC - but I like it better than the basement in Doylestown.
Now, what's great is...if you decide to door knock - it doesn't matter which location you are in.
And they always seem to have food/snacks/beverages on hand and I know Blake from Doylestown will bribe people with pizza (and other goodies of you're of legal drinking age!).
It's fun to go and meet other people who share the same values/ideals as you...the phone banking is really easy and once you get over that little voice in your head that says, "I hate BOTHERING people by calling them!" - it is quite fun. Esp. when you get the people that WANT to tell you how they feel about Obama!!!
So, Saturday I found my way to Horsham...and phone banked for an hour. Then Rep. Todd Stephens and Congressman Pat Meehan stopped in and spoke about the big news of Paul Ryan joining the Romney ticket.
One thing that Meehan said that  really stood out, "My old baseball coach told us that pennants are won in August, not in October. The same holds true for the election. It is won in August - by working hard to assure a victory on Nov 6th."
I love that.
I hope you'll drop in at one (or all!) of the Romney Victory Centers - make new friends, have some fun, and lead America BACK to prosperity and freedom!
Don't forget - you can also call from the comfort of your own home using the Freedom Works Phone Banking System and making calls for Tom Smith (we REALLY need to get his name out there and WIN Casey's Senate seat). Here's the link to get you started:
And here's the link to the addresses of the Romney Victory Centers in Montgomery and Bucks County:

Cheers To FREEDOM!!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Obama Spreads Lies Like Paula Deen Spreads Butter - Time to Step Up and Spread the Truth!

Spread the Message: The Truth Shall Set Americans Free
by Jill Herring
Follow Jill on Twitter @herring2

President Obama, “deaf, dumb, and blind” to American’s needs, relentlessly campaigns by distracting with divisive and demagogic issues while unemployment ticked up to 8.3% with REAL unemployment 15%.
We have to get out of our comfort zone and appeal through every means possible to get the truth out!


Spread the message:
- Beat the banjo for all local Conservatives as well as in the "big" races and ensure they get to vote!
(in our area we have Joe Rooney R vs Allyson Schwartz D, Mike Fitzpatrick vs Kathy Bookvar (an Acorn defending, OWS participating, Progressive!)

- Convert Independents by identifying their concerns and Romney’s solutions to those concerns!
- Sustained embracement of Black Christians, Hispanics, people of all Faiths that have huge poll leads for Obama but unknowingly share many Conservative interests! Make sure you reach out to them and start a conversation with them and make them aware Obama wants to chain them to the Govt plantation to secure his power - he doesn't truly care about them - if he did, he'd care more about creating jobs for them then putting them on welfare plantation.

Seek out small business owners and talk to them - they are one of largest victim groups under Obama:
- Small-business household survey dropped 195,000 in July - that’s what drove unemployment to 8.3%!
- Historic low GDP ~1.5% for 4 years mean small business has little or no sales/earnings.
- Likely alternatives for failing/struggling small business owners are: deplete savings, bankruptcy or welfare as Obama created only net 33,000 jobs for entire US in July!

For small business owners, tax and regulatory threats are everywhere!  From Obamacare (20 NEW taxes!), the EPA, Health Human Services, DOJ etc. this Administration is targeting small business.

Prior to Obama, small businesses were US job creators: small businesses represented 99.7% of all firms, and created > half of GDP, and created 60- 80 percent of net new jobs. We have lost a major part of America under Obama!

For the general economy, real consumer incomes are way below consumer price index (CPI inflation index), and the ISM business investment is still below 50% - terrible!  Small businesses are job creators. Office of Advocacy funded data and research shows that small businesses represent 99.7 percent of all firms, they create more than half of the private non-farm gross domestic product, and they create 60 to 80 percent of the net new jobs.

Now, more than ever, is the time to get out in your community, reach out to people, and make a difference and helping America return to her roots of success, prosperity, and liberty for ALL!

Monday, August 6, 2012

ChickFilA - New Friends- Rallies - Surf n Turf - Best Cheesecake Ever!

The dress I wore to the Eagle Forum Gala
The week started off with a meeting at Citizens For Liberty. Jim Billman, leader of the Berks County Patriots talking to us about Emergency Preparedness.
Steve Onufrey and I 
At first, I was we go...more conspiracy theory crap. I thought for sure I'd be seeing some people wearing tin foil hats.
However, Jim was no where near a conspiracy theorist.
He talked to us about "Bugout Bags" - supplies to keep on hand in case you need to leave the house in a hurry. Supplies you need on hand in case of natural disaster in which power may be off for considerable time.
Jim talked about the importance of getting involved in government at the local level - the importance of "showing up" at township/city/boro meetings.
Steve P from Citizens For Liberty thinks he's funny!
He totally rocked. Later that night I met Steve Onufrey - an incredibly smart Patriot who shared my love of  sociology and what makes people tick. After the meeting, we shared a pineapple margarita downstairs at the bar.

Friday I did my first radio talk show with Rich Davis of American Sheepdogs! I'm going to have my own segment every Friday at 10:30am - "Freed in Five," where I can talk  about any political topic. You can listen in using this link: WNJC 1360AM Radio - Live stream at  

Katie (I had to pay her but she had fun anyway!)
Obama Built That 16,000,000,000,000
Saturday, Katie and I went to  and took part in a rally with Citizens For Liberty. We received a-lot of thumbs up and honks. I LOVE all of Steve's signs - but the best 2 are "Democrats For Romney" and "End Racism Now."  They make people go hmmmmmm.....

Surf n Turf
Saturday night - Katie and I attended the Eagle Forum dinner at the Aronimink Golf Club. It was quite a fancy event and I was happy to see Marc Grove and Marc Grove Jr. there representing Kitchen Table Patriots.
Katie and I had the opportunity to go thanks to my new friend Steve Onufrey who introduced me via email to Bernadette Respisky who had 2 tickets to give away.

During a sublime dinner of steak and crab cake and followed by probably the best cheesecake I've ever had, candidates for the Republican offices spoke and I have to say, they were all charismatic and  had great personal stories.

Phyllis Schlafly speaks at the Eagle Forum Gala
Phyllis Schlafly then spoke, the "Mother of the Conservative Movement" - and funny thing, I remember my mother complaining about her when I was growing up. The same mother that called me a vindictive bigot because I questioned Obama's terrorist/antisemitic friends - his lack of responsibility, and his constant blame of the GOP.
I found Mrs. Schlafly to be warm and energetic and thoroughly enjoyed her, the people sitting at our table, and the evening as a whole.

It was a great week - and I'm blessed to be surrounded by so many people who have roused out of their sleep to fight for freedom - those who've been doing this for years and still continue with passion - and those, like me, who have just joined their team and are enthusiastic and barely containable! Wait - how could I forget! On August 1st - we also went to Chick Fil A to support free speech and traditional family values. Though I think Govt should stay out of all romantic relationships and support anyone who wants to marry as long as they are of legal age - I also support the right to hold your own opinion!!!