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Monday, September 12, 2011

What's In the (Foodzie) Box...

By now, you know during bout of insomnia, I got sucked in by in infomercial for the Total Gym (and am loving it).
I also (different night, mind you) was surfing the web and discovered that I could sign up to receive a monthly gift box full of 'surprise' foodie treats.
For 19.99 (you can cancel anytime) - Foodzie mails out a box full of samples of cool foodie (all natural) samples.
What the hell! Right.
So I signed up.
Today I received my "Foodzie Box" and this was what was in it.

So far, I've only tried the Oren's Coconut Chili Macadamias. Holy Hell, it's spicy and hot and I LOVE IT. Just the right amount of sweet/spicy and all natural. Which is what I'm aiming for these days.

So, I have to insomnia might be costing me money, but I'm really happy with what I've bought!

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  1. I may need to sign up for this. Currently I just get my Birchbox magnificence on a monthly basis. This seems like the perfect complement.