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Friday, May 25, 2012

Elizabeth Warren Parody

So Elizabeth Warren, who is running for Senator of MA, claims that her highcheek bones makes her a Cherokee Indian.  She listed on her application to Harvard that she was a Native American - and was given a job as a professor. Elizabeth Warren also "fudged" the truth about her "poor" upbringing (link) and has been a vocal cheerleader for Occupy Wallstreet - even though she made almost a million dollars last year. But, she's a cute old lady - with her little glasses and and  blonde hair and buttoned up sweaters. So the liberal media will skirt around her lies and protect her. Just as they failed to report when Obama admited he "fictionalized" his girlfriend in his autobiography (and made her White, and also made her cry - he also bullied a girl in school - and WHO has a war on women???)

What the hell ever happened to Honor? I know it can be found in Conservatives and Libertarians - but the word honor doesn't seem to exist in the world of the Democrats.