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Friday, March 21, 2014

Missing - Tully: Dog With Cancer

Missing: Tully, dog battling cancer; please call 610-864-9162
Update: Tully was struck by a car and killed on the evening of 3/23.
RIP Tully.

Tully is a Sheltie dog who was receiving treatment for cancer at Veterinary Oncology Service in Chalfont, Pa (right across from Borghis. He fled from the area of Park Avenue in Chalfont.

Tully is reported to be friendly - and his back legs are shaved from treatment. Please, keep your eyes open. Check your backyard. Sick dogs often tire and hide under sheds/porches. Please help spread the word. I can only imagine how scared this dog must be. And as I love dogs more than I love bacon, my heart is breaking for Tully's family. Let's help get Tully back home.