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Friday, September 15, 2017

Shitty Job - Good People

Today was more like a Friday the 13th. Everything just seemed to go wrong. It's difficult to do the job you're expected to do when your tools/computers, are outdated or worse, not functioning (again!).

I've worked almost as many jobs as Kim Kardashian has taken selfies.

One thing never, ever changes: the people you work with can make the difference from hanging in there to wanting to hang yourself (this is not a cry for help, it's only a joke). 

You know that saying "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." ? That's bullshit. No matter how confident or self assured or patient you are, there are some people (or situations) that can and will get under your skin. You are human, after all. If nothing or no-one ever bothered you, you'd be a robot.

But when you work with people with a sense of humor, when co-workers are caring, (but mostly have a sense of humor) - it's so much easier to hang in there and not bolt to the liquor store on your break instead of AFTER your shift.

There are just some people you click with, and some people who will dislike you no matter what you do. 

In every job I've ever had, I've been lucky enough to know that if certain people were working, no matter what happened, no matter how crazy the day, we'd get through it with eye rolls and when one of us was at the breaking point, the other person would make a joke or help without asking.

If I could only give one piece of advice to my kids (which is like asking Kim Kardashian to only take ONE selfie a week) - it would be that life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent your attitude. Be optimistic, try to see the humor.

Try to be that co-worker that will provoke a grin instead of a grimace when they see you are on their shift.  And know that you will not be everyone's can of Red Bull and that's okay too.

I've been so blessed to have worked with so many really good people who made shitty days good and shitty jobs fun. 

Team work with loyalty and humor does make the dream work!

PS - if you're a manager or boss - know that rewarding good work and not punishing everyone for one persons mistake will keep your employees happy which will keep your customers happy.