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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ark Animal Hospital - Best Vet in Bucks County!


My Australian Cattle Dog Diablo HATED going to the vet, so we went once to Ark Animal Hospital and went to outdoor clinics for his rabies updates (he tolerated these slightly better). Then Diablo decided to lunge at the tires of a dump truck while we were waiting to cross the street and I rushed him to Ark Animal. I can't even begin to tell you how caring and compassionate the staff was. From the receptionist to the techs to the doctors. Diablo is no longer with us and we miss him terribly but  we have a chocolate lab puppy now- who had a case of kennel cough and pneumonia and so we've REALLY got to know the staff at Ark Animal and they are all truly wonderful. From calling to make an appointment, to the clean and spacious office, and as an added bonus, I love the Ark Animal pets that wander around - esp. Zander the Cattle Dog.
Jack Henry
If you are looking for caring, kind, gregarious, and thorough animal hospital, this is the place for you and those with fur in your family.
***also of note- my daughter (8 years old at the time) - spotted a bunny on the road that had been horribly injured and was barely breathing. She insisted we take it to the vet so we took it to Ark Animal where they graciously stopped it's suffering. Hearing that my daughter wanted to be a vet one day, they offered to give her a tour of the hospital which she loved and appreciated.
Ark Animal truly goes above and beyond the call of animal duty!

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