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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Covert Bacon Operation; Code Words "The Pig Is In."

Bespoke Bacon Mustache 
"The pig is in." Those four words lit up my iPhone text screen at 9:30 p.m. on a Tuesday night. I was so excited, I jumped out of bed (ok, I'm not exactly a night owl), threw on some boots and didn't even bother grabbing a jacket. THAT is how excited I was (I hate the cold weather and usually don't leave the house without 3 layers of clothing).
A few months ago, my friend Rob who owns Prism Brewery in North Wales suggested I "like" Bespoke Bacon on Facebook.
How could I NOT like a local uncured artisan bacon business?
On Facebook they posted updates that made me drool:
"In stock and ready for you we have:
- Maple and Muscovado
- Signature
- Big Pepper
- Honey Apple
- Bloody Mary

Plus our sugar free flavors:
- Jalapeno-Cilantro
- Signature
- Big Pepper"

Finally, I took the plunge and shot Bespoke Bacon an email and placed an order for the jalapeno cilantro.
The response was almost immediate. turned out that Bryan, one of the founders, was going to be in my area and offered to drop it off - but since it might be really late (that means past 9pm for me) - we agreed that the mailbox would be the drop off point, "Use the code: The Pig Is In," I suggested, inspired by spy novel I've been reading - and having bacon delivered to my mailbox in the middle of the night seemed a bit exotic and covert.

Bespoke Jalapeno/Cilantro bacon
I was so excited when the bacon took all my willpower not to fry a small batch up right then. I went to sleep though, with dreams of bacon and spices dancing in my head.

I woke at 4 a.m. and hopped out of bed like Mark Wahlberg was waiting for me in the kitchen, but no, there was something even better: bacon.
I fried a small batch up and oh...geez, what an awesome way to start my day! The flavors were so perfect. Just a hint of jalapeno/cilantro - no heat at all for those who may be too afraid to try it. I noticed that the flavor is more pronounced when you let it cool a few minutes (I couldn't wait for that first taste and bit right in a sizzling hot strip).

I don't know the guys from Bespoke Bacon - but Bryan texted me, "Let me know what you think, and we always appreciate a shout out."

 After tasting the jalapeno/cilantro bacon, I'm already planning on ordering my next flavor, and my next.
He asked for a shout out, yet part of me wants to keep it a secret. What will happen if I spread the word and they can't keep up with demand? No local bacon? Even Mark Wahlberg wouldn't be able to console me.
I can't keep it a secret giddiness over finding local bacon artisans has elevated me to full stalker mode - a bacon roadie who will babble to everyone who will listen about this great new band of bacon brothers.

Needless to say: I. Am. A. Fan.

Their website:

Great customer service, super speedy, local, natural, and bacon so damn flavorful...what's not to love?

I'm thinking this could start a whole new trend...right next to the mailbox...a baconbox (and when the bacon is delivered, it sends an oink alarm to your cell phone) - anyone got the number to Shark Tank?

If you decide to place an order, use the code words: The Pig Is In The Barn. It won't get you any sort of discount, but it will get you fabulous bacon.