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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Doylestown's "Revolution" That Is Really A Real Estate Ad

There's a "revolution" brewing in Doylestown - in an effort to make Doylestown look like a great place to live, there has been a call from a real estate broker and a Patch reporter to make Friday's "Find Five, Give Fifteen (dollars)." - but they call it "Pay It Forward" and/or "Random Acts of Kindness."

Sarah Larson wrote Join in: Pay It Forward Friday - an article about Heather Walton (oh my gosh, she'll be so embarrassed I mentioned her! wrote Sarah in the article (though I'm paraphrasing)) - a Doylestown resident and Realtor with Class-Harlan Real Estate. Heather plans to leave a $5 bill and a cheery note on a stranger's car every Friday.

Larson also writes: "The idea is based on an old saying: When someone does you a favor, don't pay it back. Pay it forward. The kindness spreads exponentially when each person chooses three people to "repay" with kindness."

Ummm, okay. So, now that I've received 5 dollars - I've got to spend 15.00. In an economy where the jobless rates have hovered around 8% for 4 years and I see more businesses going OUT than coming IN?

So, it's not a random act of's a freaking bill!!

I call "Bullshit" on this "revolution." I think calling out people (so and so would be so embarrassed but he/she did this) is, indeed embarrassing. Why mention Heather works at a real estate office? Frankly, this seems to me nothing more than an advertisement for a business spun into a "warm fuzzy" story. There's even a link to Heather's Real Estate office tucked into the article.

Being kind to other people shouldn't be a revolution, it should be a habit. I believe Doylestown IS already a nice place to live - Five Dollar Fridays isn't going to make people say, "WHAT A GREAT TOWN, I MUST MOVE THERE!" 

Keeping Doylestown, creative, respectful, & friendly will continue to make it a nice place to live.  I believe "paying it forward" is something to practice often (quietly & creatively.) Put coins in parking meters, leave unsigned thank you notes in the mailbox of someone who has a fabulous flower garden, leave flowers on the doorstep of the old widow who lives on your block.

I often do nice things for people and the people who know are only my immediate family. I don't EXPECT the people I do nice things for to "pay it forward." If they do something nice for someone else, great, but if not - the whole reason (for me) being surprisingly kind (anonymously), is simply to brighten a day. Nothing expected in return; that is an authentic act of random kindness.  

If you really want to spend five dollars on Friday; spend your five dollars on a local biz, or donate it to the animal shelter.