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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Emily Gray Tedrowe Blue Stars - Review Disappeared On Amazon

I'd written a review on Amazon of Blue Stars - a fiction book written by English Professor and Occupy Supporter, Emily Gray Tedrowe. Though this book sounds as if it's pro military, a few chapters in, it's simple for anyone that supports our military, that Emily is mocking the military (and Latino women).
Amazon deleted my review.
I tried to repost, it didn't go through.
So I posed the review on  my website.
As an aside...who dresses this woman? No, those glasses don't make you look superior, they make you look desperate for validation. Or looking to date a clown.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Chris Tully Donation Update

Update: On 4/12/15 - Eddie Tully contacted me to tell me he used part of the GoFundMe and did indeed donate to organizations in February. However, he is still keeping the GoFundMe going. And took to Facebook in outrage that the mother of Chris Tully's sons is holding fundraisers for the care of Chris's sons - accusing her of being the reason Chris committed suicide.
The GPSAR has taken down their GoFundMe account.

Remember when the Go Fund Me to help find Chris Tully promised to donate the money to any person/organization who found Chris Tully?

As of March 10th, a member of the  Greater Philadelphia Search and Rescue has confirmed that no donations have been received from Eddie Tully - and the Go Fund Me account is still raising money.

The GPSAR has had to resort to their own Go Fund Me. 

The wife of Chris Tully and Chris Tully's children is not receiving any donations from Eddie Tully's Go Fund Me - and in an effort to help her, one of her best friends have set up a Go Fund me specifically for her.

Eddie Tully's social media accounts are filled with pictures of shoes, promoting his makeup artist girlfriend,  boobs and lace. Nothing about awareness of Mental Disorders.

I feel sad that so many people sent in donations to Eddie Tully with the hope of helping do something to ease the pain - not to aid in personal gain.