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Monday, January 25, 2016

The Passenger - Tainted Liberal Fiction

The Passenger by Lisa Lutz is yet another fiction book tainted with liberal narrative. Here is my review overall of the book: The first few chapters were well written, even though the character of "Tanya" has absolutely no likable traits at all. The book went completely downhill as soon as Tanya met "Blue" - but after meeting Blue - everything became totally preposterous. Here is a woman who is trying to become someone new - yet she always goes to bars and continues to email someone from her past. And tells secrets about herself to a woman she JUST met. Secrets that even her husband didn't know. Oh - and guess what, you won't know these secrets until almost 300 pages in. And then when you are told, you are literally told - but you'll have figured out the "big secret" long before that. She paints Tanya as a hero when she is nothing more than a cold blooded killer. Any reader who is halfway smart can see the "surprising" plot twist from a million miles away. So many cliches I don't even know where to begin. The poor daughter brought up by an, alcoholic, tramp mother. The rich evil business man with the evil kids who owns everything in town and cheats on his wife with the tramp. The character also makes excuses about her criminal ways - blaming the town she grew up in, and then blaming "Blue." - but just like liberal doctrine - never takes responsibility for her actions.   There are several political references and this book is tainted with progressive spin: The old guys in the bar complaining that the president is trying to take there guns and human rights away. Human rights? I've never head anyone complain about Obama taking "human rights" away. And then there is tthe White man "Prepper" with 3 names who lives in a cabin and has these books: Who Moved My Cheese (Popular in the business world), Guns N Ammo magazines, and the Anarchist Cookbook. The man has tons of fertilizer in his basement and a ton of guns. When "Tanya" calls the police to warn them, the police say that they can't investigate because it's the Prepper's Second Amendment Right to own guns. Thus, we have two well worn progressive/liberal narratives appearing in yet another work of "fiction" - The narrative that cops are stupid.  And that the second amendment is outdated/harmful.
 (but certainly, the main characters have no qualms using guns (or anything else for that matter) to kill people who they believe deserve to die.
Liberals have two opinions of cops: They are either too eager to investigate, or they ignore everything.
And then in the end, when Tanya (Nora) discovers her highschool lover is actually her brother (which any smart reader will have figured out from the beginning), she is not horrified that she's been having sex with him/was in love with him.
Another crappy fiction book littered with jabs at the Constitution, white men, and rich people. All cliche, no creativity.