The only thing I take seriously is my Freedom. And Bacon.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Dear Santa; Bring Bacon!

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday To Me!!
Some girls love shoes - I love bacon!

And luckily, I'm blessed to live near some bacon enthusiasts who truly make awesome bacon. Regular flavor is so good, but they also have flavors like Bloody Mary, Cherry Bomb, and Volcano (to name a few!).

When Bespoke Bacon first came on the scene - I wrote about them in: "Covert Bacon Operations: The Pig Is In"

So I was really excited to see they are selling a gift pack of bacon which includes beer bacon jam and free shipping and promptly bought it as a gift to myself; but will be shared with family and friends (if they happen to be around when I fry it up!).

Seriously, this is a great deal that would make a great present for the bacon lovers in your life!

Get three pounds of our most popular flavors of bacon, plus a special jar of Bespoke Bacon Beer Bacon Jam, featuring Insana Stout beer from our friends over at Prism Brewing in North Wales, PA.
With shipping included, $50!