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Monday, December 12, 2011

Lance A. Lewsader

Lance A Lewsader works - claims to be Shellie's brother. 

UPDATE: Shellie is still in jail and waiting extradition to Ohio. I'm really hoping Zach and his father get the back child support they are owed and it will be a great Christmas for them.

On Lance - several concerned people have contacted me about his "threats" on his Twitter account @Gdogg007 and the other things he has been saying about me. (A few days after his company was made away that he was tweeting while at work, he made his Twitter account private.)

I appreciate your concern - but it is being handled - I don't respond to him not because  I'm 'afraid' - but because I was advised not to.

For those of you who don't know the story, Lance A. Lewsader claims to be Shellie's brother,( if so, there is yet another secret life Shellie is harboring because no one seems to know anything about her having ANY brothers or sisters) who valiantly tries to defend a mother who abandoned her children and owes 50,000 back child support - this remind me of the sayings:
 Show me who your friends are, and I'll tell you who you are - and - Birds of a feather flock together...

If I should die horribly in a violent accident, please note that Shellie Ross's "brother" posted this on - he goes by the name Lance A. Lewsader and the handle: GDogg007 and works at EMC Corporation in Arkansas (as he mentions in his Linkedin profile AND on his Myspace page and on Google Circles) (this thread was since removed - but I still have all the screen shots - and I mean ALL of them - too numerous to post here)

From his post, I learned that DIAF - means "Die In A Fire."

In a few of the responses he received, someone called "thaorleanyte" suggested DDOS - Dirt Digging - I had no idea what that meant either, but have since been taught it means "denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) or distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS attack) is an attempt to make a computer resource unavailable to its intended users." Which is a crime. 

And also, just in *case* I do wind up in a horrible accident (or die in a fire) I do have screen shots and copies of what Lance and his  fine upstanding citizens suggested in order to make me 'go away.'

Since it seems Lance can't spell correctly and obviously doesn't comprehend things very well, I'll say this one more time: Shellie was on her cell phone Tweeting when she should have been watching Bryson -that's why he drowned. Then she blamed it on her older son, saying he was supposed to be watching him. Shellie owes back child support - over 50,000 for a son that she abandoned when he was 6 years old, a son that she has completely ignored and not even bothered telling her new husband about. She was arrested because she owes that money. Shellie lives in a half million dollar house (which SHE proudly posted pictures of all over the internet) - yet still refuses to pay her back child support.

 Shellie Ross's "brother" Lance A. Lewsader (GDogg007) wrote this on

"So this chick named Laura Freed in New Jersey can DIAF. She has made it her personal crusade to harass my older sister and make sure her personal life is made as public as humanly possible. Even has gone so far as to post up pictures of her home and the inside of her home. (Be careful when ya list your home if ya ever do. Those pictures don't go away.)

The reason this bitch has done this? Because 2 years ago my nephew drowned in a pool. She was on twitter after it happened asking for family and friends to pray for Bryson. (I see nothing wrong with that.) However this bitch went on Nancy Grace (that bitch can DIAF too) and blasted my sister as irresponsible.

Long long story short Laura Free is a useless wart on the ass of society who needs to die horribly in a violent accident." 

And then one of the replies: 
From gsf1200R

"do I need to drive somewhere and make someone shit their pants again?"

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