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Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Hot Night Drenched in Honey

Though I say I am a foodie, I am a novice, picky, foodie at best. I am not quite as adventurous as say, Anthony Bourdain (eat cow asshole? I'll pass). I do love 'quirky' food - or food that is unique (to me, anyway).Which is why I love Honey Restaurant in Doylestown, Pa.It's small, intimate,
 but at the same time, there is no snob/elitist factor (as I've found in small, intimate, foodie places).I'd like to share what a night at Honey was like recently - I'll try to make it as brief as possible...but I do hope when you get the chance, you'll give Honey a try!
June 7th - I am treating 'the beast' to a night at Honey because we bet that Donald Trump would announce he was running for president on the last show of Celebrity Apprentice (I said he would, I lost).
To start with, I had a drink called "Eastern Standard Thyme" that is herb infused Bluecoat Gin, Lemoncello, Muddled Sour Apple, Lemon Thyme, Tonic. It was delish.To start with we were served this small seafood cake (a present from the Chef) - I skipped it because I don't like seafood - but John tells me it was fabulous.
Guests are also given a small bowl of spicy popcorn to munch on between meals (it ROCKS - I can't fking figure out what spices make it up but it is soooooo damn good) .
Now, one of the things I like best isthat the servings are small and meant to be shared. So it's usually suggested that each person order 3 plates and everyone share. It works out very well for us.
My next drink was a black cherry mojito. Black Seal Dark Rum, spiced cherry puree, mint, lime, Wishniak Cherry Soda. YUM!
We started with lobster tacos and Sweet Pea bruschetta. The sweet pea bruschetta was our favorite dish of the night and had we been wearing socks, it would have knocked them off. It's described on the menu as 'baby golden carrots, spring herbs, Buckingham honey, crushedpistachios, whipped feta, grilled focaccia' - the combination of flavors just POPPED. Wow.

Next up we had the special of the night - veal

cheek taco. I rarely eat veal, but it sounded appealing and it was very good. We also had
Angry Fries - fries with spicy Wagyu oxtail gravy, queso fresco, and
green onions.
chicken flatbread - smoked Amish chicken, asparagus, melted leeks, preserved lemon, Shellbark Farms goat cheese
  fresh mozzarella, and black truffle oil.

My other favorite dish (I loved all of the dishes, but I LOVED the bruschetta and
...) Porcini-Parmesan Risotto
Cakes. OH. Little balls of heaven! A lemon vanilla emulsion, black garlic puree, and crushed hazelnuts.
We were also served a small offering of grapefruit 'ice' in between plates to clean our palette.hazelnuts and argulua sprouts! I didn't even want to share these with John.

Dessert: Caliebaut Chocolate Cheesecake and Espresso Creme Brulee (I could have licked the plate - it was so fabulous!).

So - all this

AMAZING food, amazing drinks, and the bill came to 139.00. Well worth it and honestly, for such a great food experience, a bargain. Oh, waittt, I forgot to mention the awesome spicy popcorn they bring out to snack on while you're waiting for your food. It's fabulous!

Woah! We're stuffed & re--laxed!
They do serve lunch, also,
on Friday and Saturday.

Long live HONEY!

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  1. Long live Honey, indeed!

    And please, don't ever be brief. :)