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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's Not Always About The Bush!

Needing a bush (hahaha, I know..I know...I said 'bush'") for our front lawn - we almost DIDNT stop at Bromm's Lullaby Farm because we usually get our trees/large garden items from somewhere else. But, we'd used them for sod before and I knew they had a nice selection of plants/flowers - so we decided to swing by Bromm's first, since it was close to our home.
Well, not only did we find the nicest hydrangea bushes VERY reasonably priced, we also found Carolyn and Bootsie.
You see, I'm a newbie at gardening. I ordered seeds from and had grown my own little plants. I put - oh - about 6 tomato plants in a 12 inch container and I asked the lady roaming about the shop if I needed a tomato cage for ALL of them or could I use only one tomato cage for all of them.
Well, she didn't laugh, she didn't call me an idiot (though after talking to Carolyn, I called myself an idiot!) and she spent at least 20 minutes talking to me about growing tomatoes and gave us other very practical useful info about gardening that we'd never known.
While she was talking, a sweet darling cat came from out of no where and followed me around. "Bootsie" is the cat of the farm and I couldn't resist showering him (her?) with some seriously love.
Anyway, Bromm's has everything! From flowers to herbs to trees and bushes, we will be using them as our #1 go to gardening shop. I picked up some pineapple sage that, every time I smell it, I think of pineapple upside down cake! They have some really interesting herbs that I've never heard of before, as well as the usual suspects.
We got our bush (as a matter of fact, we bought 2) - and the selection of plants was just amazing - even though it's a big factor is us returning - it's  not always about the bush...
The kindness and knowledge and time that Carolyn spent with us, however, is the one thing that sticks out in my mind. It's employees like Carolyn that will make customers spread the word and keep them coming back.
We need more Carolyns.
And I need more tomato cages!

5125 Rt. 313
Fountainville, PA 18923
(215) 345-4804

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