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Friday, February 25, 2011

Kindle Community's Nancy Ellen's Spaghetti Sauce

In the Amazon Kindle Community is a thread called "What Made Your Day Today." This is my favorite place to go because it always lifts my spirits. I've "met" some really awesome people who inspire me and remind me it's often the little things in life that bring so much happiness. Nancy Ellen lives in Colorado and is an author of adult "spicy" fiction. She has wonderful husband who agreed that dusty pink carpeting was a fine choice for the living room. She often talks about her spaghetti sauce recipe and has generously shared it with us:

Nancy Ellen's Spaghetti Sauce:

Olive oil
hamburger - brown until hamburger crackles
tomato juice
tomato puree
tomato paste
chili peppers
green olives -

Heat olive oil, brown onion and garlic
remove after sauteed
Brown hamburger until it crackles--I season the meat with salt and pepper.
In large pot, heat tomato juice, tomato puree, tomato paste, add onions, garlic, hamburger mixing together, add salt, pepper, sugar, chili peppers, green olives. Stir together and let simmer for a few hours, stirring now and then.

I use lots of onions and garlic, I use as much of the ingredients as I need for the amount I'm making. I add the seasoning to taste. I put in lots of chili peppers at first, then as the sauce gets spicier, I remove some so it doesn't get too hot. You want to make sure you take out all the peppers before serving, and I warn that there could be some I missed.

Nancy Ellen
If you like "spicy" adult fiction Please check out Nancy's eBooks on Amazon ~ very affordable at .99cents!
A Woman of Moderate Decadence
Dellie's Room 

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