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Monday, January 31, 2011

January Wonder Diet Wrap Up

After a week of the Belly Fat Cure -the promise was lose up to 8 pounds in 7 days - that did NOT happen for me. I lost 2 pounds in the first 2 days, but certainly no where near the 8 pounds advertised. I figured this might be because I'm not "technically" over weight.  I switched to the Slow Carb diet as advocated by Tim Ferriss  . I felt great, tons of energy, and could go at LEAST 3 hours w/o feeling hungry. Didn't seem to crave sugar. Lost 2 pounds in a week. The last 2 weeks of the month, it was really a free for all. Didn't follow any diet or do any fitness (snow snow snow snow). Didn't do much of anything but shovel snow and make homemade soups (winter comfort food).

As of this writing, I've only lost 1 pound. But seeing as the last 2 weeks I didn't follow any plan - I'll take it:>)
 I'm @ 134 pounds.

Belly Fat Cure - Probably good for people who need to lose over 20 pounds or more or who eat a-lot of processed food. For me?  No so good. Maybe good if you're incredibly overweight, but according to BMI, I'm not. I already eat relatively healthy, so I didn't see any huge changes worth noting.While I enjoyed the ease of the book/plan - the PRO's:  it made me aware of how much SUGAR exists in food. I photocopied the chart in the book. Instead of counting calories, you simply keep track by checking off the circles (allowed 15 grams of sugar, 6 grams of carbs). Very easy to do.  Con - the promise of losing 8 pounds in 7 days did not work for me. You are told NOT to keep track of calories and this to me, seems counterproductive. Cheese has 532 calories in a cup of cheddar cheese. No sugar. 2 grams of carbs. Um, if you don't count calories, you might think, "Hey, no sugar and little carbs - I could eat 4 more cups of cheese!" But this would put you at over 2,000 calories! Doesn't seem wise to me.  I'd give it a D.

Tim Ferris The 4 Hour Body Slow Carb - While I only did this for a week, found it easy to follow, had lots of energy, lost 2 pounds, and this might be something I want to consider following (or at least trying for a full month). I'd give it an A!

Todd Durkin - Impact Body Plan -The Impact Body Plan (for fitness) - didn't stick with it after the second week. I'd list the excuses but that's all they are. So will restart Feb 1st. However, the first 2 weeks I did enjoy, but because I didn't really stick with it, I can't comment over all.

Feb 1st (actually starting Jan 31 since it's a Monday) I've read Veganist by Kathy Freston and am going Vegan for the next 29 days. I'm still going to try to keep my sugar intake low. After reading Veganist, I don't know that I'll ever be able to eat an egg again. SIGH. My friends said, "How are you going to live without bacon? Butter? Chocolate?" Well, it IS only 29 days. I'm excited to test how I'll feel as much as how it will affect my weight.  There is also the animal thing.

I've thought about going on a cooking contest reality show many times, but I have to admit, when it comes to preparing raw meat, I freak out a little (except for bacon, it doesn't bother me). I have no problem eating meat if I don't have to prepare it (unless I think about the excerpt I read in Skinny Bitch about the worker at  meat packing plant who abused animals horribly and about the many horrible things that happen to those animals). If I had to debone an chicken or gut a fish, I'd never be able to do it. If I was on Survivor and got to know a 'chicken' and then we had to kill it for food - I KNOW I wouldn't be able to eat it. I hate that I'm weak like that, and people tell me that in a time of extreme hunger, I 'd eat anything, but I don't know that I  would.

In my perfect world, I'd have a garden and grow as many vegetables as I could. I'd have a cow for milk products and chicken for eggs (uh, if I ever get over what I read about them in the book, which I probably will). I don't think I could eat a pig or cow that I'd gotten to know. I mean, maybe, I could eventually rationalize it.

It's so easy to eat if you don't *think* about where that slice of bacon came from (it's much easier for me to eat if I know it was raised on a kind farm).

I'm really excited to start on this 29 day Veganist journey. And thank God wine is made from grapes!


  1. I wish I had your willpower!

    I don't think it's weak to be freaked out by raw meat or fish or chicken. There's a reason there's a food chain and slaughtering animals for food is a job for people who know what they are doing.

    That being said, I spend a fortune on organic meat and eggs in the hopes that my money is going to a better quality of life and death for my meal. I've also cut down on the amount of meat we consume because it's really intended to be a side dish, not the star of the meal. Unless, of course, it's bacon.

    I think your vegan foray is much more sincere and admirable than Oprah's and I'm interested in following you. I can highly recommend Isa Chandra Moskowitz's books, some of which are available at the libraries. I have her most recent "Appetite for Reduction" and enjoyed "Veganomicon" for great ideas. Here is her Amazon link:

    Sorry so long in commenting. Good luck!

  2. Lisa - I have Isa Chandra's Vegan Cupcake book. I love her. She has such spunk and attitude. Yesterday I did a whole lot of researching on locally raised meat/chicken and found great resources at I'm sure I won't continue the Vegan lifestyle after my month is up... but any meat I buy from now on, I plan on knowing EXACTLY where it came from!
    Thanks for your comment!